Thanks for all the fabulous suggestions on my Norfolk post yesterday, and for all the Instagram comments too. As mentioned on the post, today’s family feature is all about travelling with littles.
We had a reader request from Catherine which I thought would make a great discussion and that you ladies would be super helpful with the advice too.

Over to new mum Catherine.

“When is a good time to go on holiday with a baby? We’ve just done Copenhagen with a 10 week old and it could not have been simpler! Lots of walking with the pram, breastfeeding when he was hungry and otherwise he slept while we saw the sights! We’ve come back confident and want to book another trip before the fear creeps in!

Now thinking about a beach holiday October / November time and by then he’ll be six months old so weaning and more mobile. Would the team (and readers) recommend a hotel, and if so, all inclusive so we don’t have to worry about getting out and about to eat? A self-catered apartment? Or a mix of hotel room with kitchenette? Or perhaps we’re overthinking how difficult his eating habits will be then? By then I hope (pray!) we’ll have a sleep routine so am conscious we’ll need to stay close to the accommodation during the day to keep to nap times.” 

I am in awe of you Catherine. I have to say I would never have thought of being able to take a 10 week old abroad. I’m wondering if I’ll have even been able to leave the house by then! My first foreign holiday was to Germany when I was nine (on a 16 hour coach journey) and I didn’t sit on a plane until I was fifteen. We did a lot of travelling while we were there, and had fun and frolicked around. I had heard that the architecture there was splendid, and had rented a car which had that umweltsticker because we needed to do quite a bit of touring around the city. The family holidays as a child were spent in Devon, Cornwall or Wales which are all gorgeous places but I hope we’ll be inspired to travel a little further afield with our baby.

Our very own Fern is a big fan of travelling before babies get on their feet; “I think another trip before he can walk is a good time, once they can walk they literally run away from you constantly and don’t want to be in the buggy/carrier”

And Charlotte’s advice would be to get yourself booking a trip! ‘Definitely make the most of them not crawling/walking as then you have to have eyes in the back of your head. Bedruthen is a good family hotel with all the facilities you would need (Cornwall) Sani (Greece) is the ultimate (all inclusive) family holiday but uber expensive.”

Lisa did a post earlier this year on Travelling with Kids with lots of handy advice on hand and hold luggage but let’s get back to Catherine about her request. What type of accommodation would you suggest for holidaying when you’re weaning? Any locations you think would work well for a new family?