Myself and a bunch of other Mums from Ethan’s school recently got chatting about school uniforms. And in particular, the varying quality of school uniforms. Typically, if I can get away with it (growth spurts aside 🙄) I like to do one big shop for the upcoming year’s uniform around now (when the offers are on). The following sentence is probably the most ‘mum’ thing I have ever typed on the internet… I want to get the wear out of them. I want to know which pieces make up the best school uniform and are least likely to fade, stain, stretch or bobble. 

Ethan’s uniforms get washed ALOT and he wears them 5 out of 7 days so they need to be able to withstand some abuse. From experience, and certainly from talking to the other Mums, we have collectively found that paying more does not necessarily mean you’re getting the best piece of clothing for the job. 

So from the expertise of a gaggle of real-life school Mums and the team here at RMLtd, here are our findings…


The Best School Uniforms (And Some Fails Too)

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This whole conversation was actually sparked because M&S have launched their 20% off promotion for kids uniforms. This post isn’t sponsored by M&S, it’s just a highlight on the school Mum’s calendar as a reminder that it’s the dreaded time of year to get the uniforms in! M&S are by far the favourite for most items amongst not just my Mum pals at school but the RMS team. The quality of the core M&S uniform pieces seems to be undisputed! Boys trousers with their adjustable waists and double hem seem to last all year like new. Same applies to the girl’s pinafore range. Wash after wash and they’re so easy to iron. I also really rate their Stain Resistant polo shirts. I know a few Mums who choose to save on polo shirts but I find that after the whole year Ethan’s have both stayed super white (and we don’t use any whitening washing powder) and retained their shape.

There are two M&S products though that haven’t worked for us and I think it’s important to share those too. The unisex cotton v-neck jumper has been reeeeallly hard to get stains out of and completely faded in the wash. Likewise with the unisex joggers. Only worn on occasion throughout the year, but super faded and I found the waist incredibly tight (strange considering I had to tighten the waist of his other M&S trousers of the same size). Those two aside though the general consensus is that M&S do excellent uniform pieces. And with 20% off until 2nd July, now is the time to stock up. 

George At ASDA

I highly rate the George Colour Lasting Knitwear for school jumpers (available in a range of colours). We have the option to buy Ethan’s from the school uniform shop with the logo but with prices starting at £10 per jumper… And the inevitability that they’ll all end up with grease marks and paint on… I just can’t justify it. Especially when the George ones are excellent quality, warm and the colour doesn’t fade one bit. Not to mention they start at £4 for a pack of 2!! On the flipside, I’m not such a huge fan of their polo shirts. I find the collars a bit flimsy and they grey and bobble (which the M&S ones don’t). But the price point is excellent and the reviews online are great, so what do I know?

Nutmeg at Morrisons

I am endlessly frustrated that the Morrisons Nutmeg range isn’t available online. We’ve had a few clothes bought as gifts for the boys from here and every single piece has been excellent quality. The t-shirts are so thick and wash like a dream! My friends also tell me that it’s a great shop for kids P.E. gear and girls black leggings. I think I’m going to try them out for a better replacement for Ethan’s joggers too, as apparently, the girl’s leggings don’t fade or lose their shape, so I’m hoping the joggers won’t either. 

A Few Others

Becky is a huge fan of the Tesco F&F trousers for Leo. They have a skinny fit version which is perfect for his build and they wash really well too. School skirts from Debenhams are a favourite of Amy’s for her daughter Meade, along with these insanely cute girls knee socks with ribbon bow detail! Tights from Sainsburys were also raved about by a few folk (although Charlotte hasn’t had a great experience with the pinafores). And I’ve seen lots of girls wearing this adorable gingham summer playsuit from John Lewis. Super comfy looking and a great alternative to summer dresses. 
So now we turn it over to you lot. What have been your best and worst uniform purchases? All the recommendations are based on our own experiences, so we haven’t covered every possible uniform piece, but maybe you can help us fill in the gaps? School uniforms can be an expensive outlay so it’s nice that we can all help each other decide what’s best to spend on and what’s best to save on.