The catalogue of memes hitting my WhatsApp groups has ramped right up lately. My favourite so far (aside from all the hilarious European self-isolation videos) has been “What a year this week has been”. I mean really guys… Have you ever known anything like the last seven days? 
Well throughout the news announcements, self-isolation, illness and major business decisions that have occurred behind the scenes this week, the Rock My team have been working HARD. So allow me to explain to you some of the changes that have happened in the business in this last week(!) because there’s one in particular that I think you’re going to love…

Rock My Wedding

Let’s start with our bread and butter. As most of you will know, our big sister Rock My Wedding is a giant wedding resource for planning couples. So what happens when you have a global pandemic and couples are freaking out about whether or not their wedding will go ahead? First we wrote an informative post to help out, but Charlotte and Adam weren’t going to stop at that. We had brides and grooms talking to each other on our socials to try to get and give some semblance of support. So Adam, in the space of 48 hours, built a free online forum so that couples had a safe, supportive and encouraging space to talk about the intimate details of their weddings and how it’s being affected by the current global goings-on. Within that, he also created a wedding suppliers and venues forum, so that our suppliers could share information and navigate this unprecedented time together too. Oh and that’s as well as continuing to share daily wedding inspiration so we can all take a breather and look at something beautiful. 

Rock My Family

Are you ready for it? A few days ago Charlotte came into the office and told the team “I’m going to throw a massive curveball”. And that she did. There is a huge (yet completely justified) strain that’s about to be put on families up and down the country. Whether you are a keyworker or not, childcare, schooling, social stimulation, finances and more are about to rapidly change. Never in our lifetime have parents been put under so much pressure to ‘make it work’. And whilst there are many forums online for a bit of parenting… advice(?)… Charlotte and Adam decided to create (or rather, Charlotte decided and Adam created) an online community space for parents to talk to each other about all of this. To share homeschooling tips, activities, mental health advice, budgeting tips and absolutely everything in between. Yes, that’s right… Rock My Family is being relaunched and there is now a Rock My Family community forum

You can read Charlotte’s announcement post here.

The Rock My Family forum is going to be a free, safe place to share the naturally intimate nature of having a family and running a household. We are vigilant about this being a place that is kind, positive and encouraging. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that anyone who tries to disrupt that space with bullying or nasty comments will be promptly deleted and blocked. Without a second thought. Because there’s enough of that online. And we want no part in it.
We want a space where we (and by we, I mean, you can guarantee that myself, Charlotte, Becky and the rest of the team will be in there chatting away) can all be together through this, supporting our families to face the challenge ahead together, to laugh about stupid kid stories and to find out how to cope when all you want to do is hide in a cupboard and eat Nutella from the jar.


Rock My Style

And finally, the very platform you’re on. I’m sure you can see that the team are working their pants off right now. And so, content over here will continue as normal. In terms of a forum, a Rock My Style one is not on the horizon, however, any and all of you are most certainly welcome to join the Rock My Family forum. Yes, there are plenty of kids categories, but you definitely don’t need to hang out there. There are also non-kid related categories for House and Organisation, Health & Wellbeing and Finances. And you’re probably going to find Charlotte in the Health & Wellbeing section a lot talking about skincare and makeup. 
So that’s your lot. Will you be joining us over on the Rock My Family forum?