As we’re full pelt into the summer season, most of us are hopefully going to get some form of break in over the next few months. Regardless if you’re travelling by plane, train or automobile then comfort is the name of the game isn’t it?

I remember getting all dolled up when we went on our megamoon in the hopes of getting an upgrade. We didn’t and I spent the whole flight feeling very constricted in a blazer. I had also accidentally thrown a G&T all over me whilst grappling with the seat in front of me trying to cross my legs which further heightened my level of uncomfortableness. Never again.

Some general things I try to remember.

Wear Your Heaviest Items

I went to Iceland wearing a faux fur coat under a ski jacket so I didn’t have to sacrifice any luggage allowance, and it also meant I had a nice bit of outerwear to don when we were going out for a fancy meal rather than some borrowed ski attire. Same goes for shoes, I usually wear my converse rather than flip-flops to take up less room in the case and they’re easy to slip on and off going through security.

Layer Up

I love a to take a scarf of some description for a flight or car journey. I’ve been known to wear a cotton sarong around my neck before when there’s been an unexpected air con blast. It also doubles as a cushion. I’m also fond of a cardigan too which makes an even cosier cushion.

Warm Socks

I detest having cold feet and so often take my White Company Cashmere Socks on a flight with me. They’re super soft, hardly take up any room and keep my toes toasty which means I might just get some shut eye.

Avoid Belts

I love a belt as much as the next person but how annoying is it when you have to take it off to go through airport metal detectors? Same goes for a long car journey, I feel like I’ve been cut in half if I’m wearing one for too long. Oh and kirby grips too. Metal detectors go wild for them.

Lounge Bra

Having recently moved over to wireless bras, I have to say what a revelation! I’ve bought a load of the £5 Primarni lounge bras and they’re so flipping comfy and supportive. The cross over back means the straps don’t dig under my arms like standard bras do in my new size. M&S have some similar ones which arr far more comfortable than their wired counterparts especially when you’re contorted into a confined space!.

Comfy Bottoms

Thank the lord for the ath leisure trend. I can still fit in my cashmere joggers but I have to say I’ve never worn them to travel in as they feel a little bit too casual for me. I usually opt for a trouser with loads of stretch in them like a pair I’ve had for many moons from H&M.

Refillable Bottle

It used to be frowned open to take your water bottle and ask for a top up in a restaurant but no more. There are also water fountains when you get through to the ‘other side’. My niece has a collapsible bottle that I’ve had my eye on which she slips into her back and then pops up to fill with water and stay hydrated.

Neck Pillow

I’m a big fan of my blow-up pillow from the pound shop. It stops my head lolling about and takes up hardly any room. I do like those fancy ones with microfibre beads but figure they take up a lot of space.

What are your essentials for travelling? Does anyone get an upgrade these days? Any tech bits and pieces you like to take with you. My other half took noise-cancelling headphones on a long haul flight recently and said they’re a game changer.

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