Just as Charlotte was concerned that she had lost her summer style mojo, I’m feeling like I have recently had a crisis of confidence when it comes to my interior design choices. And it’s all because of one feature wall.

We’ve been in our new-build house for over a year now and we were lucky enough to be the first owners so when we moved in there were a lot of white walls and blank spaces to prettify. I’ve done so using Ikea ribba picture ledges (excellent moving-in present from Mrs O’Shea) and wallpaper. Oh how I love what wallpaper can do. Just one wall covered in the perfect wallpaper and ta-da, your room is transformed.

In the lounge I used Cole and Son’s ‘Woods and Pears’ wallpaper in charcoal/gold/linen which I love. It’s the iconic Woods design but with subtle gold pears. In our bedroom I went for Cole and Son again, this time their ‘Palm Jungle’ wallpaper in soft grey on white, as featured in my palm print post. Again, I adore it. It’s like snuggling down every night in a little slice of paradise. And for the downstairs cloakroom I used a flamingo print wallpaper by…yep you guessed it…Cole and Son. It’s quirky and fun and I don’t think I could get away with it any other room but for a downstairs loo it is perfection.

So when it came to creating a feature wall in the living-room-slash-dining-room-slash-open-plan-kitchen I thought I had this wallpaper malarkey downpat. It took me ages to pick a wallpaper because I wanted one that would go with a framed map of France that is on an adjacent wall, and also with our cream kitchen. I was torn between Albany’s ‘Geometric Wood Panelling’ and Sanderson’s ‘Swallows’.

I finally decided on the Geometric Wood Panelling which was an absolute bargain at £I5.98 a roll. I was very much swayed by a room makeover by Sophie Robinson (the photographs from this are the ones in the header image above). I roped in my lovely father in law to give me a hand with the wallpapering and away we went. The finished result looks like this:

At first I liked it. But now I’m not so sure. I swear it has made the room darker and it just doesn’t go with the rest of the house. I think it looks great in other spaces such as the aforementioned room makeover, and with blush accents like the third image in the header above, but it just doesn’t work for me. I definitely haven’t mastered the rustic/industrial look I was hoping for – possibly because to do so I would need to bring in some more black and grey vases, prints and nick-nacks – and even if I was to do so, the other end of the room is a cream country kitchen with shaker style cupboards so it’s just a bit of a mish-mash of styles. I’m not a massive fan of using black or cream in the house – I much prefer greys and whites – so I’m not sure how this happened. HELP!

Am I being ridiculous? Should I just embrace the black and upcycle my tripod lamp so it looks a bit like this one, and maybe add in some more black framed prints and pictures to create a gallery wall around the vintage map? Or should I bite the bullet and strip it and start afresh? Has anyone ever stripped wallpaper before and is it an absolute nightmare?