Slight change to the schedule this morning! Family taking the early spot and we’ll hopefully have style for you this afternoon!

Folks, I am officially on maternity leave! Break out the trumpets (and the chocolate). You’ll still see me hanging around here, but I have officially wrapped up my part-time marketing gig for the next nine months. I stopped at 36 weeks pregnant and man was I ready… Desk jobs and the third trimester just didn’t go well with me and the ole pelvis pain.

I’m now 37 weeks pregnant which feels like a milestone because most babies born from this stage forward don’t need medical support. Although I will admit that I am kind of wishing away the rest of the pregnancy. I’m just eager to meet our little peach and also a bit fed up of heartburn, night time leg cramps (the pain!) and lugging myself around in a waddling manner.

We’ve booked in for a RCS (repeat caesarean section) at the end of the month. So with two and a bit weeks left of this pregnancy I thought I’d chat about the things currently on my mind.

Hospital Bag

I’ve still not properly packed this. I know, I know, I’m a hot mess. But the older I get, the more I dislike packing and this time is no different. I have made a list using this post which has been super helpful (although I’ve adapted it slightly for a c-section stay) and I think I’ve bought most things. I just need to get it all organised and into a bag. I’m pretty sure my bag was fully packed at 32 weeks with Ethan, so I must be feeling more relaxed this time.

Boy or Girl?

Honestly, aside from hearing that healthy newborn first cry (oh God I’m welling up just thinking of it) and hoping that all is well, the main thing taking up my thoughts is whether or not I’ll have a son or a daughter. I genuinely feel delighted at the thought of both. But not one single person around me has guessed a boy. All I hear from everyone is ‘girl’. I’m not sure if this is just because people are hoping I’ll have one of each, or if there’s something in it. But if it’s a boy, I think I’ll be quite surprised. My gut tells me girl, so watch this space.

Postnatal Anxiety

After I had Ethan, the baby blues didn’t quite go away after day four. I struggled with bouts of postnatal anxiety for most of that first year. Sleep deprivation and the lifestyle change of being a parent left me on a jangly nerve and I did find that whole experience hard. Naturally, there’s a little worry there that this time will be the same and that the dread will creep in once baby is born. I know that having a cry or a panic attack in front of a 4 year old is not a option this time so I’m placing my hope on the fact that I’m more aware and objective about my emotions and thoughts. I’m also better at tackling the dread with breathing techniques and recognise that fresh air and exercise are the two best cures I have in my tool belt. I’ll be honest about how this unfolds after baby, although I’m very much hoping it doesn’t.

From One to Two

The amount of people who have told me that having one is a breeze compared to two, has me a little nervous. I’m a bit unsure of how routines, attention and behaviour management is going to go with two. For instance, last night Ethan had a full on meltdown over getting a bath (the child is a soap dodger). This rarely happens these days, but he was particularly worked up and it took quite a lot of willpower from Gavin and I not to lose the rag. However, add a screaming baby into the mix? I feel like my head might explode or I might just start crying too. It’s inevitable that we’ll encounter these moments. And getting out the door in the morning might be hard work too. But I’m hopeful we’ll find a groove. Give me all your tips please. I feel I’ll need them.


The love of my life. I’m excited to see him as a big brother. I’ve been showing him some Instastories of people who have had new babies so he can see what newborns are like and every time I’m met with “Awwww! I can’t wait until our baby is here”. He’s such a kind, loving soul. I am also wary that the reality can be a shock to some kids though, so I’m keen to see how it plays out. His little world is going to change soon. But at the moment, I’m just soaking up the time I have alone with him. The time in which he’s my only baby. Before everything changes and our family grows.

I’d love to hear in the comments how you’re chugging along with your pregnancies or newborns? What’s currently on your mind?