I don’t know about you but I change up my make-up quite a bit during the warmer months, I always have. My skin behaves differently – less dry, sometimes more irritated than usual from heat/sun and whatnot and I definitely opt for altogether more sheeny “lighter” products. However, I certainly do not desire a melty face, the nature of these sheerer products is that as lovely as they look when first applied, they fall off by the time you’ve finished your first glass of sangria.

Having tried and tested LOTS of items. And I mean possibly hundreds I’ve put together my beauty lust list for 2015. Some pieces you may recognise from last year (if it ain’t broke and all that – if I don’t find something better then I won’t bother talking about it) and where I’ve gone all out spendy I’ll try and recommend a more purse friendly alternative.

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YSL Huile Volupte Tint-in-oil £23.50

As a rule I’m not a gloss kind of girl (bleach blonde locks stuck to your lips is not a good look)..but this really is something else. It’s not in anyway sticky – more slide-y if anything but not in a greasy way. Just very pleasant, light and moisturising. Plus the tint it leaves behind lasts FOREVER. I have shade number 4 “I rose you” a soft pink, but there are loads of colours to choose from. You can purchase yours at John Lewis.

Stila Mile High Lashes Mascara £13.68

I know! A new mascara I can recommend! how exciting! Seriously though, this stuff is the BOMB. I think it might officially be the best curling and lengthening mascara in the world.

Having worn it whilst embarking on a particularly energetic Tracy Anderson workout DVD (I take this testing lark VERY seriously) I can confirm there wasn’t a smudge or flake in sight. Now then, the brush and formula take some getting used to, I apply it with a gentle, steady hand and literally “lift” my lashes from root to tip, concentrating more at the root for volume. I also use a lash comb – some may find this a faff but I think you need it for ultimate lash separation.

It’s currently £13.60 at Feelunique.com (usually £16)

Christian Dior Lipstick “Mazette” £26.50

Quite a few of you have mentioned you’ve invested in one of these tubes of red/orange/pink coral (!) perfection already and that makes me VERY happy indeed. As for the rest of you, what are you waiting for?

This is your summer face in a single fancy shiny case. It often sells out but John Lewis currently have some in stock.

Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Make-up Base SPF 40 in “Mimosa”

I stumbled on this by accident in Selfridges about a month ago. I love anything with built in sunscreen, all things illuminating and pretty much everything Chanel so…it’s a winner.

The bummer is they only sell this in a few of the actual stores (I looked online but can’t find it) as it’s quite a limited line. It is worth the trip though I bloody LOVE this stuff. It makes you look wide awake, glowy and not at all “done”. I use it on it’s own with a sweep of powder and blush.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick “Flamingo” £6.99

I also have a MAC lipstick with the same name (also gorgeous but completely different in hue). This is a soft girly pretty pink with a slight shimmer, it’s cute for daytime and the creamy balm like consistency is as luxe as any of the more expensive brands. It’s fairly perfume-y though so don’t invest unless you are ok with your kisses tasting like old fashioned draw liners.

You can currently purchase L’Oreal on 3 for 2 at Boots

Bareminerals Sunscreen Powder SPF 30

This is one of my absolute must-haves for sunshine filled days. I wrote about it’s merits in quite some detail here.

Ideal for those who don’t get on with goopy sunscreen creams/lotions. I buy mine at John Lewis.

Kevin Aucoin The Creamy Glow “Pravella” £22.50

The problem I find with cream blushes when it’s hot is they can get quite…sweaty. This one however does not. Sheer yet with super duper pigment and considerable longevity it’s one of my favourites. The shade I wear is a natural beige/pink but there is quite a variety of colours to choose from. I bought mine from Space NK.

For a cheaper alternative I recommend the Bourjois “Healthy Glow” in “Rose Tender”, they are £7.99 from Boots.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick £20

I use this nearly every day, it’s an amazing base for every powder shadow out there. In summer it makes your eyes up in half a second, covers redness/blue veins etc and doesn’t budge. In fact, so effective is its staying power you do have to use a soaked-with-cleanser cotton pad and leave it pressed against your lids for 10 seconds to ensure gentle yet effective removal.

I use “sun-lit gold” which is a pale champagne, there are some stunning smoky hues available in the line too. As a cheaper alternative Marks & Spencer offer the Ultimate Wear Cream Shadow Stick as part of their Autograph range. It really is on a par in terms of quality with the Bobbi Brown.

Stila Say All Day Liquid Eyeliner

There are a couple of liquid liners I rate, but it’s the Stila that has the right dry-ish (yet non draggy) consistency you need for humid days. i.e. balmy evenings when your liquid liner is literally sliding off as you attempt to apply it. It’s black black with two coats and the nib is thin and soft to draw a neat budge-proof line.

Almost always out of stock you can now purchase Stila at Marks & Spencer.

Lancome Long-Lasting Softening Concealer SPF 12 £22.00

An oldie but a goody. I ‘ve used this on and off for years and years. Great for extra coverage when you need it and especially awesome for around the eye area when the sun puts his hat on – it stays on really well, has the added bonus of an SPF 12 and doesn’t irritate my sensitive peepers.

I use the 02 shade and often buy mine with advantage points I save at Boots.

Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paint “Sugar Apple” £3.99

Last summer I was all about the bright coral, this year I am in love with this richly pigmented shiny minty/turquoise green. It’s truly beautiful.

You can currently purchase Barry M “buy one get one half price” at Boots.

That’s all folks! Actually no, not all. We’ve created a handy “refer to it when you need to” pin to your right. Apologies in advance for any enabling that may occur following this feature.

Do let me know any non-melty make-up items that you swear by. I’m sure there must be a few more I need before I jet off to Portugal next week right?!


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