I actually have cream blusher recommendations for a few different skin tones and types within this feature, I’m conscious that what I personally review and recommend (i.e. suitable for pale yellow dry-ish skin and very blonde hair combo) isn’t necessarily going to work for everyone.

Talking of dry-ish, at the moment my epidermis is just DRY. And really quite sensitive. The cold weather and central heating doesn’t help, neither does my aversion to drinking water during the chilly winter months (I like tea! and coffee! and hot chocolate!) This basically means most of my powder based products have to go into hibernation for a while (sad face) and I have to embrace all things uber moisturising.

I used to have a love/hate relationship with cream and liquid blushers, I love the initial “fresh glow” they bestow on one’s cheeks and the general longevity of wear but would often find they went decidedly patchy as the day progressed. I’m pleased to report it seems there are several “new generation” formulations that no longer have the latter issue. Hooray.

Givenchy Blush Memoire Rose Extravaganza £26.00

Let’s start with my favourite, I’d read about the amazingness of the texture in all sorts of magazines so thought I must absolutely give it a whirl. This pot of virtually “hot pink” watery gelee looks kind of scary, I won’t lie. But it blends like a dream and a little goes a long LONG way. It may be spendy but I swear it’ll last you a year – even if you wear it every day. The colour is universal in that it is a natural “flush”, it feels refreshing and light on the skin and appears as though you are not wearing anything apart from the remnants of a brisk walk or a tumble in the hay.

I’ve been wearing it on its own and also underneath my regular powder blush for extra staying power – which is excellent by the way. This would work as well for oilier skin as it does for dehydrated.

You can buy this pot of lushness from Debenhams.

Stila Convertible Colour £16.00

An oldie but a goodie. This is super creamy (dare I say a wee bit greasy) which is excellent for flaky faces. It is also very buildable so you can go from sheer to colour pop depending on how much you layer up. The colour choice is excellent, my favourite is petunia – a bright peachy coral. Lillium is a great “nude” delicate shade for very pale skins (I have a redhead friend who wears it and it looks beaut) and the red-ish shade “Poppy” is a cult favourite with celeb types apparently.

You can also wear it on your lips. Bonus.

You can find Stila in larger Boots stores.

Rimmel Stay Blushed £4.49

A reader actually mentioned this in the comments section of another beauty feature of mine and for the grand total of £4.49 it was worth a go. I have “pop of pink” which I would say pulls more peach but very pretty nevertheless. Billed as “Ultra Lightweight” this applies smoothly if not a little on the barley noticeable side for yours truly. You can build colour if you are careful though and for the price it’s a bargain.

You can purchase Rimmel at Boots.

Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour £20.50

This is a favourite of Rock My Wedding Editor Lolly (fair complexion, dark hair and eyes) – she wears “Oleander” a soft dusty rose-pink. I also have this shade, it is the best for perking things up when I am looking particularly pale and wan. I always used to take it on ski/snow boarding holidays in my jacket pocket for slope to bar touch ups. It’s lovely and soft on chilly cheeks, lasts well and you could also use it on your lips. The compact is cute and dinky with a useful mirror so it very travel friendly.

Laura Mercier is available at House Of Fraser.

Topshop Cream Blush £7.00

This is a firm favourite of my friend Perfect Kelly (looks like Pocahontas only in real life.)

Kelly has an oiler dark olive skin with very dark hair and eyes and recommends the shade “flush” – a coral pink. The formulation has super staying power and it very VERY natural looking. I need to admit something about the image above though folks…you see, when I went over to Kelly’s to borrow said blusher to photograph the compact was completely battered and there was hardly any product left at all. Turns out Kelly’s 4 year old daughter Grace had decided to use it as face paint. The version pictured is actually their powder blush which I also rate.

Sorry that it’s kind of cheating.

The shade “afternoon Tea” is my personal favourite from the range.

I’ve recently seen that Topshop now do a cheek jelly of their own?! I wonder if it’s as good as the Givenchy……..

Do share your liquid/cream blush favourites in the comments box below lovely people!