I recently went cold turkey on having Bio Gel i.e. an incredibly long-lasting manicure that meant I had to do precisely nothing at all to my nails. The lazy girl’s choice, and the spendy girl’s choice if you will. Over the years the price just seems to have gone up and up and, as well as costing a small fortune, I can’t help but feel I’m missing out on shades I covet because the selection of gels is somewhat limited.

Yay – check me out all grown up and making considered monthly savings. Ahem. Except I haven’t at all and instead have just gone a bit crazy on the varnish purchasing front.

Oh well. At least that means I get to review and share my favourite Spring hues with you fancy finger-tipped types, silver-lining and all that.

This time we’ve painted an actual real life person’s digits so you can see what they look like “on” as it were. Do let us know if this is helpful in your quest to find the perfect coral/mint/pink etc. However, please please DON’T whatever you do share with me your most recent polish hauls.* I can’t be held responsible for what might happen on my next visit to Boots.

Chanel “May” £18.00

This is one of my all time favourite pinks, soft, pretty and goes-with-everything. You need two coats for decent coverage and it lasts reasonably well – about three days before chipping.

Also no one beats Chanel in terms of packaging. Call me shallow.

You can purchase “May” at House Of Fraser.

Clinique “Fizzy” £12.00

A beige-y nude with shimmer, Clinique bought out their polish range a few months ago especially for sensitive-skinned lovelies so obviously I was going to give it a whirl.

If you just want something to “tidy up” your nails quickly this gives a subtle-yet-polished tint with just one coat.

Available at Boots.

Essie “Cute As A Button” £8.00

Everyone compliments me on this shade and everyone immediately wants to go and and purchase – it’s that lovely. A beautiful sheeny-coral that lasts super-well and I LOVE the wide brush element. Essie is fast becoming my go-to brand when I have the time to do a “proper job” and achieve a manicure that lasts over a week.

You can find entire Essie counters at larger Superdrug stores but please be aware you will leave with more than one bottle, the choice is AMAZE.

nails inc “Haymarket” £11.00

This is such a fun minty-verging-on-turquoise green, it’s quite a statement colour and I like to wear it when I know my wardrobe is going to consist of mainly black and grey (which would be most of the time then).

The finish is rich and glossy but doesn’t last particularly well on me without a topcoat.

nails inc is available at John Lewis.

Rimmel 60 Seconds “Pillow Talk” £3.69

I bought this on a bit of a whim, I liked the soft pastel blue (with slight grey undertones) as it reminded me of a Hard Candy varnish I used to have YEARS ago called “Sky” (does anyone remember Hard Candy?!)

Rock My Style’s Miranda really rates Rimmel 60 seconds as you can literally do your nails in a few minutes. You need a minimum of two coats for this colour and it only lasts 48 hours (if you’re lucky) but it’s so cheap and so quick to apply and dry, who cares?

Rimmel 60 seconds is available at Boots.

*liar liar panties on fire…

Of COURSE I want you to tell me all about your Spring mani must-have shades, I was only fibbing for fear of actually bashing my plastic more than I did on gel manicures in the first place.