My collection of grey nail polish is becoming increasingly large, in fact, it might almost be on a par with my embarrassingly vast array of nude lipsticks. I think I may have a problem.

The thing is, grey is just so versatile – much like a french manicure, you don’t have to worry about whether your fingertips will clash with your handbag. Of course there are literally thousands of different hues and brands available, believe me I should know – I’ve pretty much tried them all at one time or another.

Some are inevitably better that others, although I wouldn’t necessarily say an increase in price equals an increase in quality, how they perform also depends largely on the state of your nails (mine – mainly crap, flaky, brittle and dry) and how long you take to apply them/can afford to wait around whilst they dry (me – not long, I get bored after five minutes, often end up with smudges.)

In the slider above I’ve shared my current top five, please do share yours with me in case there’s one or two that I’ve missed out on that might change my life.
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Chanel. Frenzy | £18.00

There is lots of love for this “Greige” shade, I’ve even bought it as gifts for friends. I find Chanel varnish a bit on the thin side if I’m honest so you definitely need a couple of coats for an even finish. But it is Chanel. And it just feels exclusive and luxe even wearing it, you know? £18.00 at John Lewis

Autograph. Mink | £5.00

The lazy girls choice. I LOVE this stuff. Brush is wide and easy to use, it dries in a jiffy, you can get away with one coat and it’s the shade I get complimented on and asked about the most. Does it last? no not really, two days if you are lucky. But is’s so easy and speedy to use I don’t care. Whip it on and whip it off I say. Autograph also often have 3 for 2 offers on so you can stock up for cheap. £5.00 at Marks and Spencer

Essie. Chinchilly | £8.00

What I would call a slightly “blueish” grey, quite edgy. Nice finish, average drying time, lasts a few days with a topcoat. £8.00 at Boots.

Mavala. Chrome | £5.00

Ok so I’m cheating (a bit) as this is kind of a metallic silver rather than a grey. I need to wear a base coat and a topcoat with this otherwise it chips like hell. However, the colour is gorgeous for a special occasion and the finish is very smooth once you get the hang of it. £5.00 at John Lewis

Nails Inc. Porchester Square | £11.00

A “nude” grey – bit of beige/pink in it. This truly does go with EVERYTHING fashion wise and the one I reach for the most as it lasts the longest (at least on me – they now do a gel version which is super durable) £11.00 at John Lewis


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{Top Tip}

I use OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat over practically all of my nail polishes, I’d say it prolongs wear for an extra 48 hours and genuinely makes your fingertips touch dry within a few minutes.

Wait 60 seconds after applying varnish before you add it on top.