50 Shades Of Grey is not something I’d put on a recommended reading list. I just about finished the first book in the series but certainly didn’t bother with any sequels. Or indeed the film.

All is not lost however because actually, there is a genuinely lovely item of associated merchandise in the form of this 50 Shades Of Grey OPI nail polish gift set.

Beauty sets of anything are always a bit “blah” to me – there is usually always about 50% that I would never use so I rarely consider them as gifts for friends. This cute selection of varnish minis however is excellent, 6 totally wearable hues in various different finishes and opacities. Choose any shade from palest stone to deepest charcoal, sheeny silver, blue-grey glitter and a very sexy red. They are aptly named: My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved, Dark Side of the Mood, Shine for Me, Cement the Deal and Embrace the Gray….all for the bargain price of £19.99

Most places have sold out but as I write this ASOS still have stock.

What is your favourite OPI nail polish shade? (I was out with some girlfriends recently and we decided that naming cosmetics, specifically OPI varnishes must be one of the most fun jobs IN THE WORLD)

Also, can we discuss 50 shades of Grey the film? Do I need to see it? I am yet to find a single soul who has anything positive to say about it – don’t be afraid to say if you enjoyed it and why though folks, surely there must be someone out there?!

Also, hasn’t the author recently released a book from the perspective of Mr Grey himself? Goodness.