It’s probably the one time of year when your Instagram feed, usually dominated by muted colours and pastel hues, goes a bit, well, orange. It’s all fields of pumpkins, coppery gold leaves, and beautifully styled groups of gourds. I love it – it makes me want to pull my wellies on and go for long rambling walks through mountains of leaves, conker-collecting and pumpkin-picking.

And how to artfully arrange those humble orange vegetables? Well here’s some ideas that I have been busily squirreling away on my Pinterest boards.

Fall Hallway

Show your guests that you are fully embracing hygge as soon as they walk in your house. Pop pumpkins on console tables, in wicker baskets and on storage benches, and piled prettily by your wellies.

Fireplace fodder

Stack ‘em up haphazardly in the hearth, or dot some mini pumpkins neatly across your mantelpiece, mixed in amongst foliage and candles.

Pretty Pumpkin Centrepieces

Now this is a whole Rock My Wedding piece in itself. I’m helping a friend to decorate her wedding venue next weekend and pumpkins are going to take pride of place. There are so many ways to use them as centrepieces: around flowers, instead of flowers, carved and with flowers popped inside…Hopefully the bride will let me take some home the next day so I can use them on my dining table.

Black Magic

The little white gourds are my favourites, and they look fab styled with other monochrome accessories. If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party then you might want to invest in some chalkboard paint or black spray paint to coat those pumpkins in and recreate this dark arts-y vibe.

Charmed Kitchen

Put those gorgeous gourds on display in dressers and on open shelves, amongst your crockery and enamelware. I recently sold my vintage kitchen scales on eBay and am now kicking myself because they would have looked perfect with a pumpkin propped on top.

Will you be decorating your homes with pumpkins this autumn? I would love to hear all about it. Finally our little sister blog Rock My Family is one year old today! Do pop over to wish them a Happy Birthday.