If you read my summer fashion post you will know that I managed to forget nearly all of my holiday make-up when we went to Greece a few weeks ago.

Luckily I had my bronzing compact in my handbag but apart from that, all of my usual warmer-weather cosmetics got left behind.

One of the things I missed the most was a bright lipstick, who knew nude could look so drab when there’s blue skies and it’s 30 degrees? well it certainly did on me. I opted for my favourite “Pillow Talk” lip liner topped with Chanel lip balm most evenings instead.

Since returning home and there being quite the the lovely weather in the UK (the hottest June since the 70’s apparently) I’ve been making up for lost time by piling on ALL the products. Admittedly I may have overdone it on the highlighter a few times (I find it difficult to get the right balance between looking like you have any on at all and resembling a disco ball) but I’m loving a coral/peach blush right now. My favourite is Malice by Chanel, it’s spendy but a Chanel blush lasts me ages – the pigment is amazing.

Lipstick wise I’m a long term fan of MAC’s Sunny Seoul, it’s a fairly subtle coral/pink in a light sheeny non-opaque finish so perfect for daywear. Gloss wise I’m loving Clinique’s chubby plump and shine in “portly peach” – it’s not at all sticky and I like the application method. It’s one of those items you can literally throw in your bag and it’s on hand to make you feel a little more…”done”.

And last but not least, my favourite recent discovery of all (I feel here I should be bringing out some kind of drum roll/cheerleading team/a sequin confetti shower..) is Charlotte Tilbury’s Cochella Coral. Literally one swipe and it brightens up my entire (often sleep deprived) face. The formulation is one of the best (I have various Tilbury lipsticks for their smooth/cream finish and excellent moisturising abilities) and the colour is kind of magic. It pulls red/coral on me which is new, normally I favour a pink or orange hue but this makes your teeth whiter, your lips plumper and everything that little bit more made-an-effort. What’s not to love?

Do let me know your summer make-up switch up item/s of choice or indeed anything peach or coral that I probably need in the comments box below!

  • Mac Sunny Seoul
  • Cochella Coral
  • Clinique Portly peach
  • Pillow Talk Lipliner
  • Chanel Malice blush