I wish this feature was jam packed with product recommendations and that I could tell you that I am well on my way to a bathroom cabinet that is houses considerably less chemicals and preservatives.

The truth is I am yet to find that many “natural” cosmetics which I would whole heartedly suggest you purchase for yourself. Those I have reviewed either fell short on performance or actually had a negative effect – some containing ill advised essential oils and often well known irritants (“natural” in origin or otherwise).

I first became hyper aware of what I was slapping on my face and body when I was pregnant with my daughter Mabel. I had a positive experience with Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil that I used religiously across my chest and expanding torso. I didn’t gain any stretch marks and my skin was supple and smooth which made a change from my usual flaky patches and eczema outbreaks.

Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m not going to be giving up Charlotte Tilbury lipstick anytime soon, what I am doing though is endeavouring to use less chemicals where feasibly possible. Baby steps. I just don’t like the thought of putting so much unknown crap on my epidermis where the genuine long term effects are somewhat unknown. And after a series of confidence knocking breakouts recently, I’m more determined than ever to follow the “less is more” rule. i.e., the less I mess about with overloading my skin with goodness knows what, the less likely I am to suffer from rosacea, blocked pores and weird bumpy rashes.

My main win when it comes to make-up is the brand RMS Beauty (and no, unfortunately it doesn’t belong to Rock My Style). The entire range promises to be chemical free with “nourishing” formulations that are sheer and enhancing rather than heavy and potentially comedogenic. The lip2cheek that comes in a pot and imparts a believable sheeny glow on yes you guessed it, both lips and cheeks. I know I will wear it religiously throughout the warmer months. I have the shade “Demure” a rose pink but there are various other hues available. I also rate their “Un” cover-up concealer (I use shade number 11) which is super blendable and works a treat on the aforementioned rosacea. I pat it on with my finger around my nose (currently redder than a sunburnt lobster – thanks hayfever you complete arse) and on blotchy bits, I then blend it in seamlessly with my beauty blender. I also use it around my eyes for easy breezy light coverage and buff it out with my Bobbi Brown full coverage touch up brush.

For those of you that don’t like the matt finish of powder but require something to “set” your make-up in place and increase longevity then I highly recommend the RMS beauty “un-powder”. It seems to take away an overtly greasy shine yet still manages to leave a distinctly non-powdery healthy sheen. Clever.

On the subject of powder I am currently enjoying Jane Iredale Powder Me SPF dry sunscreen. It has an SPF 30 and the shade “golden” gives me a touch of much needed colour. I’m hoping as my skin clears that when we go on holiday in June I will simply brush this on with a bit of concealer on dark circles and I’ll be good to go. I bought mine from allbeauty.com as they currently have 20% off. Jane Iredale is renowned as a non-irritating mineral make-up range that is recommended by dermatologists for all sorts of skin conditions from acne to psoriasis as it doesn’t contain the usual assortment of preservatives and pore clogging ingredients often found in popular foundations, sunscreens and powders.

Natural skincare wise I’ll have to get back to you – I’m still trialling various products as I type. I have however found an amazing shampoo. Yes you read that correctly shampoo. It’s called Olsson Scandinavia Shampoo Sensitive for normal/dry hair and it’s the bomb. Seriously – no colourants, preservatives and fragrance (in fact, it doesn’t really contain that many ingredients at all) and leaves your barnet as swingy as a kilt. The brand also manufacturer various other styling products that I am keen to try.

Are you trying to use more natural beauty products? Any you would like to recommend? Please do leave links to things I need in the comments box below. Thanks in advance, yours Charlotte (slightly less chemically overloaded than last year) O’Shea