The first trimester has been and gone and I’ve safely made it to almost the end of the second trimester. I am so bloody grateful for this. I’ve always found the build up to the first two scans to be fraught with worry but thankfully, so far, so good. The baby is the size of an aubergine, according to my Ovia App, but for 24 weeks I am a very large woman. I’ve had three strangers ask me already “Aw, how long have you got left?” When I replied 4 months, they either gasped or tried (and failed) not to look completely shocked.

One of these occasions occurred on a shopping outing whilst I tried in vain to find clothes that didn’t make me feel like a whale. I’m a rather thick-skinned girl and can turn jibes into banter with the best of them. But I admit to feeling a little bit disheartened everytime someone mentions my size. The fact that my bosoms have exploded from a DD to a G cup also does not help.

At my 22 week scan, the baby was measuring beautifully normal, but the ultrasound lady did mention that having an anterior placenta (it’s basically stuck to the front of my belly behind my belly button) contributes to me ‘presenting rather large for my gestation’.

Size aside, I’ve been feeling largely blissed out this trimester. I’ve enjoyed feeling the flutters turn into full-on kicks and loved watching Gavin and Ethan’s faces as they felt the baby kick for the first time. Ethan is coping remarkably well so far, taking time each day to talk to my belly and coming out with a sincere “Awwww it’s so tiny and cute!” when I show him clothes we’re buying in for the new baby.

Preparation-wise, we’ve been ridiculously relaxed. Perhaps too relaxed. I have a grand total of four items of clothing gathered in and haven’t even entertained a list of other bits we’ll need yet. It’s something I’d like to begin this week to avoid having to panic buy the likes of a car seat and breast pads as the due date sneaks up on us.

There have been a few less than glamorous second trimester experiences that are perhaps worth sharing. I warn you that some are rather intimate, but in the spirit of joint womanly experiences, I’ll share them with you here.


I had this with Ethan and man it can be a serious pain in the ass. The difference this time, is that I feel like I’ve got a better handle on it. During my first pregnancy I was less concerned about natural remedies and was not only popping prescription antiacids like smarties, but I also had a large bottle of Gaviscon by my bedside that I glugged at every opportunity. This time, I decided to heed a friends advice and take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (with the mother), washed down with a few gulps of water. The initial feeling is, well… swallowing acid, but after 10 seconds, I swear it works better than Gaviscon ever did for me. I am a total convert. Gavin and I have also swapped sides of the bed so I can sleep comfortably on my left-hand side, which seriously helps the acid from bubbling up at night.

Pelvic Pain

For most of yesterday, I felt like someone had set about the inside of my pelvis with a hammer. If any of you have experienced pregnancy-related pelvic pain, you’ll understand my plight. But I copped on that the pain is massively worse when I do one of two things… Wear heels (even teeny teeny tiny ones) or sit down/walk for a large chunk of the day. So I’ve discarded all heeled shoes from my wardrobe for the next few months (it makes office dressing slightly tougher but worth it) and I’ve set several alarms on my phone to remind me to get up and stretch during the day. I’ve even found a few spots in my office that I can move my laptop to for a bit of a standing desk option. Variety in movement is key and I’m trying to listen to my body more.


I told you it would get glamorous. I hate constipation. I hate it more than having the runs. But unfortunately for me, it seems to go hand in hand with pregnancy. I’m terrified of the prospect of ending up with haemorrhoids (I know quite a few pregnant friends who have them) and so I’m doing everything in my power to stay ahem… regular. I guess everyone’s constitution is different, but for me, I’ve been relying on a few things. Namely porridge, green smoothies, sauerkraut and tons and tons of water. The greatest difference I find is hydration. If I don’t drink enough water, let’s just say that I end up binge drinking the stuff like crazy for the days following. (Then I forget again).

So there you have it. My second trimester… and likely more than you really wanted to know about it. Sending love to all of you going through your own conception journeys and pregnancies (sexy side effects included).