One of the best things about the Rock My community is not only the support and advice, but the EXCELLENT product recommendations we receive in the comments section.

My latest cleanser discovery was one such reader rave, and I completely agree that Superdrug’s Clean Melting Gel Cleanser (From the B. range) is gentle, effective and an absolute bargain.

Lauren will tell you that double cleansing has made a significant positive change to her complexion, and I’ll tell you the same. First I remove make-up and surface grime with Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Lotion £1.99 (luxe I am not!), then I apply about a 5p pence size dollop of the gel cleanser all over my face, massaging it in sweeping motions and making sure I don’t forget all of the nooks and crannies such as around my nose and underneath my chin. I then remove it with a warm flannel for a thorough clean/mild exfoliation and do a final rinse with tepid water.

My epidermis is clearer and less red/blotchy as a result. And for under seven quid, I don’t think you can ask for much more than that. Both of the cleansers I use contain mineral oil, which I appreciate gets a bad rap on many a beauty blogger website. I have always got on really well with it, and have had allergic reactions to many “natural oils” and “plant extracts” that are often used as an alternative. Not one size/ingredient suits all skin types. Obviously.

I wouldn’t recommend this for very oily skin necessarily, there are not any blemish fighting ingredients or exfoliating acids included which I know are very popular at the moment. I do however find it quite “balancing” so might be worth a whirl for a combination skin type. And for dry/sensitive souls I would definitely recommend you try it for yourself. At the moment you can buy one get one free on various skincare products from the Superdrug B. range.

Do you double cleanse? I’ve heard that Caroline Hirons has essentially endeavoured to coin the term as her own (there was some hoo ha with Neutrogena over using the expression “double cleanse” in a recent advertising campaign) but I’m not sure anyone can say such a potentially generic phrase is their “own”, can they? I’m not an expert obviously, I just find the whole thing interesting.

Please do feel free to review or recommend your favourite cleansers in the comments box below.