What do you think of make-up that is designed to “suit all complexions and skin tones”? For the most part I think it’s drivel. What suits my friends doesn’t necessarily suit me – in terms of colour, application or texture.

But then you see there are a few absolute gems. Products that I recommend to all my cosmetics loving girl pals that end up becoming a staple in their daily beautification routine.

Last week we styled various articles for your viewing pleasure, during which time I produced my current “magic three” items and asked Miranda and Lauren if they would be willing for me to experiment.

They looked afraid. VERY afraid.

But look how pretty they look in the pictures?! See, told you I knew what I was talking about.

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Christian Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush | £30.50

This is actually marketed as “one shade suits all” and the pigments (or something) adapt to your own special-ness in order for everyone who sweeps it across there cheeks to be left with well….a rosy glow. It looks scary it the pan. I think that’s why Miranda and Lauren had the “fear” – kind of a luminous bubblegum meets pale mauve. Weird.

But y’know what? It’s really quite subtle, and brightens up your face beautifully. Plus it is very finely milled and doesn’t contain any obvious sparkle so doesn’t leave that slightly odd chalky look or enhance fine lines like some blushers can. Christian Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush can be purchased from John Lewis.

Chanel Poudre Universaille Libre | £36.00

Chanel’s loose powder is by no means a new discovery for me, I always always go back to it, it has just the right amount of tint-of-colour translucence so you don’t walk around exhibiting some peculiar white-ish cast , mattifying qualities whilst still yielding that “lit from within” glow and a pot lasts bloody ages. I used the shade “naturel” on both Lauren’s english rose complexion and Miranda’s golden hue and it worked perfectly. Chanel Poudre Universaille Libre can be purchased from Selfridges.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in PK355 | £19.00

It was my sister who persuaded me to buy this after trying it on in store, it was my first adventure with a somewhat “bright” lip. It’s sheer enough so it isn’t too much if you’re used to nudes but you can build up the colour to a more opaque (and show stopping) finish.

Unlike most sheer lipsticks that last all of ten minutes or migrate half-way down your chin after a sandwich, this one leaves a cute stain and lasts a decent couple of hours before a touch up is required. It’s also very moisturising and doesn’t highlight flakes. I’m actually wearing this shade on our about page (practice what you preach and all that.) Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited is available at Space NK.


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{Top Tips}

Bronzer is not my friend, I don’t care how many products are recommended they always look muddy or orange on me.

Then I discovered just using a tinted translucent powder but in a few shades darker than my complexion worked a treat. So sheer – so natural.

I use Chanel Poudre Universaille Libre as recommended in this feature but in the shade Dore, just a little applied with a big fluffy brush where your face catches the sun.

I use the compact powder version as it’s more convenient to carry around, plus I find this is enough for skin (with a smidgen of concealer) during the warmer months.



Suits All

Are there any products you would recommend that might “suit all?” Do you use any of the featured items already? Please do let us know in the comments box below whether you think this type of “make-up on real people” recommendation type feature is useful and we’ll keep ’em coming.