It’s Saturday, hooray! And today marks the return of Links We Like, double hooray! Here’s our round up of links for you to peruse whilst snuggled up in bed/hiding from the kids {delete as applicable}.

  • Queen of boho Sienna Miller has recently teamed up with Lindex, a Swedish brand that hasn’t previously been on my radar but will be from now on…this tunic will be perfect for the summer, and at under £30 it won’t break the bank.
  • Were you one of the readers that was a little bit sad when you discovered that the launch of our new blog, Rock My Pet, was just an April Fools? If so then you HAVE to check out Emma Chichester Clark’s blog about her whippet/Jack Russell/poodle cross, Plumdog. If you’re a dog owner I guarantee you will love it. The images are beautiful and Plumdog is the silliest, sweetest thing. I’ve even recently bought Plumdog the book for myself my two year old daughter Lyra.
  • So in Lolly’s post this week she may have hinted that cacti are the new pineapple, however I still enjoy a good pineapple lamp/candle/trinket box. So I was happy to read this article which looks at why having pineapples in your abode may bring good fortune, and other home superstitions.
  • My boyfriend Rich makes a mean broccoli soup (which he insists on calling ‘pottage’). However I think this vegan broccoli soup with curried chickpeas over on Feed Me Phoebe could give him a run for his money.
  • When they mentioned Old Loves on the HBO series Girls, I knew immediately that it would be a link I liked. It’s basically a blog that reminisces about celebrities who used to date each other. Gwyneth and Ben anyone…?
  • If I could get my skin and hair to look like make up artist Violette’s then I would be a very happy bunny. She shares her beauty secrets here.

Have a good weekend, folks x