Not a day goes past in the RMLtd Towers where we talk about the same thing twice. From X to X, we’re not backwards in coming forwards and our opinions change from one person to the next.
Except when it comes to podcast recommendations. We can all confirm that we LOVE them and every other day one of us is mentioning a new one. I know we’re not the only ones! According to a study conducted by Ofcom, the number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years – from 3.2m in 2013 to 5.9m in 2018.

There are honestly SO many but here are my latest podcast loves:

Society and Culture (For when you want to listen to cool people doing impressive things)

How I Built This With Guy Raz
Charlotte and Adam introduced me to this and I find it SO interesting. How I Built This features entrepreneurs who have created some of the most popular brands we use every day from Bobbi Brown to AirBnB and Whole Foods. Please don’t blame us if you listen to this and want to quit your day job.

David Tennant Does a Podcast With…
As yet, I’ve only listened to one of these because it’s brand new but the first episode was Olivia Coleman and it was a dream to listen to. They obviously get on so well and, as we can all agree, Olivia Coleman is the Queen of Everything.

The Rewatchables
This is one that I don’t listen to all the time because it’s not always relevant but when it is, it really is. It’s essentially a super geeky podcast with a couple of film buffs talking about cult films. We’re talking Clueless, My Best Friends Wedding (among other ‘cooler’ titles such as True Romance and Good Will Hunting) If, like me, you go straight onto ‘trivia’ on IMDB after watching a film, this podcast is for you.

Lifestyle/Interviews (For when you want to fill your house with friendly chatter)

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
I love this podcast because it gives you the alternative side of some fabulous people’s lives. Elizabeth Day is a brilliant author in her own right but in this podcast she delves into what wrong went, why, and how it was actually all okay.

Love Stories with Dolly Alderton
I’ll hold my hands up – I love Dolly. Again, this has been a hot topic in the Rock My Towers but I think she’s relatable and I adore how much she loves love. Love Stories is Dolly interviewing a mixture of authors, actors and writers to specifically talk about first loves, lust and forever loves. Marian Keyes and Ruth Jones are two of my favourites.

Rock My Wedding – The Podcast
I absolutely couldn’t mention podcasts without talking about our very own! Our founder Charlotte and Graphic Designer Becky talk all things weddings in a relatable but incredibly helpful way. It’s like two of your best friends chatting about your favourite subject. And yes, they actually are that lovely in real life.

Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd
My brother first sent me a Grief Cast episode, featuring our absolute favourite Adam Buxton. As a family who have dealt with loss unfortunately a great deal, I really love the concept of this podcast – funny people talking about death and grief. It’ll make you laugh but also cry, like a good dose of therapy.

What new podcasts are you listening to? We’re all friends here, so we’d love to hear your recommendations.
If you missed it and you’re new to the world of podcasts, lovely Lauren wrote this blog post last year. So now you have lots to catch up on!