I’m not normally one to get overly excited by makeup but this bad boy has changed all that. It would therefore be wrong of me to keep it to myself.

As most of you probably know I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Most days I am au naturel although I am well aware that I look a million times better with a spot of the good stuff on my face. I am pretty lucky that I don’t need to wear a lot of makeup as my skin is good. I like to keep to minimal makeup as I find it can irritate my eyes by the end of the day. My normal makeup consists of a a dab of under eye concealer (on that note you really should try the Bobbi Brown Serum one), a neutral eyeshadow, a slick of mascara and a quick brush of blusher. I have never worn a lot except maybe during my teenage years when blue glittery eyeshadow was all the rage. I was so on trend.

I do love perusing makeup though and it was during one of said perusals that the makeup queen Mrs Charlotte O’Shea told me I really should try the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator. I was slightly dubious as I wasn’t sure I needed shimmer but, MY GOD, this stuff is like magic. Honestly, she knows her stuff and who am I to argue.

I instantly felt a bit more put together and the subtle glow it gave my cheeks was great. Obviously I purchased the powder and it now forms part of my regular makeup. Even when I’m not really wearing much makeup a sweep of this across my cheekbones just gives me that extra glow. I’ve got it in Indiscretion and it is the prettiest shade, a soft goldy tone with all the sparkle. I am also tempted by the rosey hue of the Devotion powder.

The powder is really light and feels super silky and smooth on my skin. It is nowhere near as heavy as some bronzers can be and gives a lovely natural looking glow. I don’t find it too shiny and having never used a highlighter before I’m a definite convert.

I’m no makeup expert so I tend to just sweep it across my cheeks over the top of my blusher. It is looking extra lovely now I’m sporting more of a tan and less of Casper the friendly ghost. I lightly dust on and build it up depending on the look I want, upping the amount when I’m dressing up more (it does happen occasionally!). A little dusting over the decleotage also works wonders.

As I’m sure most of you can relate to I spend a lot of my time looking rather tired. I dab a little of the highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes to look instantly more awake.

To be honest I’d love any top tips you have for using a highlighter/illuminator. My knowledge is limited at best.

So there you have it, my new favourite makeup purchase. You probably need it if you want to look instantly more glowy.