This is a post about spendy beauty products. Just incase you really don’t want to be encouraged to part with your hard earned cash on cosmetics I’m warning you in advance.

Nothing wrecks havoc on my skin like lack of sleep and stress. Not even a poor diet or extreme climates. I’ve been looking like absolute sh*t lately. And I’m not angling for compliments or exaggerating. I just haven’t been sleeping properly. And I’m stressed because I’m not sleeping. And I’m not sleeping because I’m stressed. And then it’s just one massive dodgy grey-skinned merry-go round of perpetual doom.

There are too many ideas in my head and too many things on the to-do list. Don’t worry I’ll be fine soon – I have a few weeks off in April for some much needed rest and recuperation.

In the meantime, no amount of fancy serums, paint-stripper scented liquid exfoliators or vitamin enriched creams are going to make my epidermis glow. At times like this the only thing for it is to fake it with magical make-up. At the moment therefore I’m using more products than I perhaps normally would, but at least I’ve got the confidence to face the world without wearing a paper bag.

Let’s start with the most expensive shall we? The Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder Morning Aura is AMAZING. SO much so that it was limited edition and they bought it back. Because folks DEMANDED they do. It’s basically a sheeny pearlised primer that adds a subtle lustre.

I put on a thin layer over moisturiser and look distinctly less knackered. It’s £68 from Selfridges. Apologies in advance.

On top of the Aura I’ve been applying Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in 02 “Champagne”. It’s got a slight yellow/golden tint to it that evens out your skin tone yet looks like nothing at all. I fluff a bit of loose powder on top to “finish”. The base also comes in “Rose” (a more pinky shade) and a more bronze-y “Peach”. I like it because it is neither greasy nor drying. And it doesn’t settle into fine lines or emphasise pores.

On the subject of Clarins, I’ve also been reaching for their Instant Concealer which is illuminating yet medium coverage. It’s raved about on social media frequently by beauty bloggers and vloggers alike and I can see why. A little goes a very long way and you get 15ml in a tube compared to 5ml which is the standard for most of the clicky pen type alternatives – so it’s actually really good value. I pat it on gently with my ring finger and it does a super job of hiding stubborn blue/purple tones.

I’ve developed a rather clever method (even if I do say so myself) of enhancing my lips using Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Pillow Talk and her new lipstick in the pink/beige shade “Valentine“. I generally think lip liner is a faff but I have to say, this particular pencil is soft, subtle and quick to apply and really does make a noticeable difference to both shape and longevity.

A pretty pout isn’t going to make me look less like death per se but I figure it will at least take the emphasis away from my dark circles and recent bout of rosacea. Winner.

Last but not least my last recommendation is admittedly, slightly ridiculous. But life is short so…..WEAR THE EYE FOIL. Yep you heard that right. Not only is Mrs Beckham enhancing your mug with her aforementioned wake-up call that is Morning Aura, she is also adding a glinty twinkle to your lids with a tube of liquid shimmer. I have the shade 02 “Blonde Gold” which is surprisingly natural yet ever so slightly disco.

Selfridges are only allowing you to purchase three at a time due to the limited availability (!) – I wouldn’t suggest buying multiples just yet but I can promise you it will be product lust at first application.

Do let me know if you own any of these items or if you’ve recently purchased something that will take away the grey in the comments box below.