Fresh flowers are one of my weekly splurges. Unfortunately the nearest florist to where I live is both ridiculously over-priced and the blooms always seem a little close to “over”, therefore I tend to buy most of my bunches from either M&S or whatever supermarket I happen to be shopping in at the time.

I like to have flowers in virtually every room and tend to opt for single stem vases so as to spread the cost. On a weekend at a craft centre down the road there has fairly-recently been a market trader who has begun selling seasonal florals that are beautiful and seem to last at least a week or more. You never know quite what you are going to get from one week to the next and I love the variety. Right now there are pink lithianthus in the studio and bathroom, white roses in the master bedroom, peachy-hued hypericum in the living room and bright coral tulips in the kitchen.

Above all flowers make me happy, and they really help to style and dress a home. As you might know from my previous interior decor inspiration feature I am a fan of blogger Holly Becker and her book “Decorate”, along with photographer and product designer Leslie Shewring, Holly has recently launched Decorate with Flowers: Creative ideas for flowers and containers around the home

This is a truly beautiful bundle of pages, lovely to look at and full of useful tricks and tips on how to do all sorts of fancy things with your florals on a budget. There are also various clever DIY projects (that I actually want to do!) and useful general advice on care and colour combining.

The styling aspect is divided into eight main sections, Natural, Pastels and Neons, Market, Happy brights, Coastal, Neutral Pop, Girly Glam and Black and White… yes quite a few! But definitely something for everyone.

If you are planning on adding blooms to any special occasion yourself from a wedding, to a baby shower, to a birthday party I’d say this is an absolute must-buy. I’m thinking of throwing some kind of bash just so I can make “chalky pastel jam jars” and do amazing things with dahlias.

Decorate With Flowers is available via Amazon but we also have a copy to give away, just leave a note in the comment section by Friday 11th April about how you incorporate blooms into the home.