Around October last year the delicate skin around my eyes became itchy and inflamed. I’m not sure if it was an allergic reaction to a new mascara or the result of stress but either way taking off my eye make-up became painful and I was left with red rings around my eyes which turned to dry, flaky patches the next day. Super attractive.

I tried everything to get rid of what my husband kindly referred to as ‘dinosaur eyes’ and spent a small fortune on various lotions and potions. Nothing worked.

Thankfully I was reading Charlotte’s post on eye creams and saw loads of reader recommendations for coconut oil and thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m a big fan of Lucy Bee or Groovy Food Coconut Oil for cooking but I also had a jar from Boots in my beauty cupboard. So many of you had mentioned it many months before on a beauty improvisation post but it had slipped my mind to try.

Literally overnight the dry patches disappeared and my skin returned to normal. This, my friends, is a wonder product. If you’re not in the know you need to get yourself a jar. This multi-tasker can be used as a moisturiser, hair mask, skin serum, lip balm, heel cream, cuticle softener, and if you fancy a bit of oil pulling, it’s also great for your gums. The list is absolutely endless and all for a few quid. I use the bog standard coconut oil in a small jar from Boots which costs just £2.54.

However I have to say I find it very tricky to apply. At the moment I take a cotton wool pad and smear it in the jar to take out a blob of the oil. I then apply the pad to my eyelid leaving for a few moments to melt before sweeping off the eye. Am I doing it right?! How do you get the solidified oil out of the jar? Am I missing a trick? What do you use coconut oil for and what’s your favourite brand to use?