I’ve noticed that in the comments section of some beauty posts we often begin discussing prettifying bits and pieces from alternative brands that are not necessarily included in the feature. I love this about Rock My Style – the diversity means everyone gets to read about “real” recommendations and tried and tested products that actually work.

I thought I’d try out a new kind of make-up post this week, it’s where I pick out my favourite items from a well known brand and you folks can all tell me yours. Yes this may be a tad ahem selfish (is it obvious I’d really like to try some new stuff from my favourite cosmetics houses?!) but I hope between us we’ll be able to highlight and review some perhaps more long-standing “obvious” raves as well as some hidden gems.

Ever since I was 16 I’ve had a soft spot for MAC. My Mum went on a shopping trip to London (such a far away glamorous destination to a teenage girl from Warwickshire) and treated me to a lipstick in “Twig” an eyeshadow in “Brule” and a Studio Fix compact powder. I don’t use any of these products now but I was immediately wowed by the high level of pigment, smooth application and longevity of wear.

Ever since then I find it difficult to avoid purchasing at least one piece from every limited edition line (some which I fall in love with and immediately buy “back ups”) as the advertising campaigns and new product launches are just so damn clever. And unique. I have no clue how or who comes up with the concepts continually but they are genius.

Lipstick in Sunny Seoul £15.50

You would have heard me sing the praises of the shade “Flamingo” in my summer must-haves feature and I do have several other pretty shades that I wear from time to time, Sunny Seoul however is fast becoming my “go to” pick for every day wear. It’s kind of a light warm pink that’s almost…frosted? sounds terribly 80’s I know but it’s dead sexy. The colour really brightens up my sallow complexion and the creamsheen finish makes your lips all pouty and stuff.

Mineralize Skin Finish Natural £22.00

Usually I just apply a bit of concealer and Chanel pressed powder but if I’m in need of more coverage or to feel and look a little more “done” this is like magic in a compact. I use the shade “Medium Golden” which admittedly is a little more tan than what I would normally choose but I apply a light dusting to areas I would normally “catch the sun” and then blend over the rest of my face. It’s so sheer it’s difficult to get it wrong and wields a flattering glow rather than a typical flat matt finish.

Lots of popular beauty blogger types use it to set foundation as apparently it keeps a base in place without appearing cake-y.

Prep & Prime Lip £13.00

I only use primer on my face for special occasions/where it’s important for my make-up to stay on and look polished, this clever little stick however goes on nearly every day. My lips are super dry, I put balm on every morning and every night before bed and frequently exfoliate yet I still suffer from the flakes. This somehow keeps lipstick looking “fresh”, stops it from seeping into creases and prevents that weird smeary look I sometimes find myself partaking in quite by accident, particularly in warmer climes. The waxy formula also somehow glides over flakes and helps to make them less obvious.

If you want to wear a really bright shade this with the addition of lipliner makes your pout fade and smudge proof. Promise.

Powder Blusher Well Dressed £18.00

I honestly don’t know of a brand that harbours such a wide range of hues and textures as MAC, you can’t fail to find a blush that suits your complexion (in my humble opinion). I naturally have um…several shades but the one where I regularly hit pan is “Well Dressed”, it’s kind of a pale-ish pink with subtle shimmer and a slightly mauve undertone. It works with my general yellowish-ness to make me look less jaundice, it’s also super sheer so is difficult to over-do (I am a sucker for “healthy” cheeks though and can be known to apply it a tad heavy-handed….and end up looking sunburnt.)

I also rate “Pink Swoon” (clean bright pink) and “Pinch O’Peach (warm peach)

Extended Play Lash £14.50

I tend to use this on my bottom lashes only, it doesn’t smudge or flake when the rest of your make-up feels all melty, it’s a nice glossy black too. It makes lashes super long but isn’t “buildable” as such hence why I don’t use it on the top, however, if you are a one/two coat kind of gal then by all means give this a whirl. The brush is tapered and skinny which I like – it reaches those really awkward bits.

Apparently one of the Pixiwoo sisters also uses this on her bottom lash line which makes me feel very cool and in the know….sort of.

You can purchase MAC in loads of places but I tend to order mine from Selfridges as they always seem to have lots of stock, plus I can treat myself to several other nice things at the same time….

So then folks, what MAC products would you recommend?

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