As much as I love a shiny expensive case and a satisfying fancy “click” of a luxe cosmetic product, nothing makes me go all make-up junkie quite as much as a trip to Boots. Especially when I discover a bargain product that really delivers.

First up we need to talk about the Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline. You probably know by now I’m a slave to my Max Factor Clump Defy Lash Extensions but the Maybelline is £4 cheaper AND it builds a volumous false-effect lash quicker. The formula takes some getting used to – don’t let it dry too much in-between coats or you will get clumps (too wet and it doesn’t separate enough) but once you’ve got the hang of it…”Hello mahoosive lashes”

The pale pink tube is a hit with many a beauty blogger apparently. And it holds a curl VERY well. I witnessed no droop all day. And I like the curved brush – you can really get to the roots and it doesn’t overload the tips.

As Maybelline always has an offer on, on the day I bought the mascara it was buy one item, buy another half price (there is currently a 3 for 2 on at Superdrug) on a whim I grabbed their Studio powder blusher in “Cosmopolitan” a medium pinky peach with a very slight shimmer. I am uber impressed with the sheer-ness of it (I find cheap blush is usually too powdery and doesn’t blend well) and it’s really buildable, from barely-there to brisk-walk-in-the-park. It’s great quality for £4.49.

Also I must tell you about NYX, a hugely popular drugstore brand in the States, it’s now winged it’s monochrome way over to the British Isles. The lipsticks, particularly the matte formulation and the lip cream sell out all the time. The shade in the header image is “Whipped Caviar” which apparently, is a dupe for Kylie Jenner’s regular hue du jour. It looks ruddy awful with my colouring if I’m honest but I’m very conscious I tend to share only pink or coral…so here’s a very “on trend” alternative. You’re welcome.

If you happen to be planning a trip to London’s Covent Garden then you should definitely make time to visit the new make-up mecca that is 3INA pronounced “Mina”. Founded and lead by all sorts of well established cosmetic industry types, the brand is very competitively priced and offers over 450 products in it’s range. Team Rock My Style discovered it by accident on a client trip and didn’t know where to start. Seriously – you can fill a whole basket full of goodies for thirty quid. I am particularly impressed with the highlighting pen and the “basic” lipstick – I have shade 120 “Paradise Pink” (yes you guessed it, a bright summery orange/pink coral!) that gives a few of my designer versions a run for their coverage and longevity, and all for under a fiver.

Last but not least, my latest hero in the nail department. I recently went on a trip to Glasgow to celebrate my birthday with friends and had grand plans to paint my fingertips with my favourite Smith & Cult Stockholm Syndrome whilst on the plane, complete with top coat and perfect filing. And then I managed to forget my entire nail kit. So there I was, new dress, an evening of cocktails ahead and bare, scruffy mitts.

EPIC fail.

On the afternoon we arrived (Ahem, on the way from a bar to peruse the knitwear collections at All Saints) I popped into Boots and grabbed a bottle of Barry M’S Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in “Freestyle”, a kind of beige/ballet pink. I wasn’t expecting miracles for £3.99 and I ended up giving myself a manicure in a pub under the influence of two glasses of Prosecco and a plastic bashing high but…..Wow. What a pleasant surprise! In two coats I had a lovely matt tippex-ish look and the colour was gorgeous. Does it last very long before chipping? No. I’d say a max of 36 hours if you don’t bother with a base or topcoat (I didn’t). But if it’s super quick application and a professional-esque finish you are after then it’s worth a go. I especially liked the brush – the perfect width.

Do let me know your recent budget beauty bargains and what I should buy next time I find myself in a pharmacy. Which is probably like tomorrow. Or maybe you know, even today.

P.S The Colour Essence Eye Pencil from H&M? Oh to the M of the G. Goes on like butter, shimmers like sequins and doesn’t budge until you choose to take it off. I have it in “Grand Cru” a kind of taupe/bronze/gold. And now I want ALL the colours.