In our last home we didn’t have space in the master bedroom for a bedside table next to ‘my’ side of the TV bed with storage. I’m not quite sure how I got by without a lamp, clock and book all within arm’s reach, but I did!

If you’re struggling for space in your bedroom, or need a bedside table but haven’t got the pennies at the moment to splash out on one, or you’re wanting to get a bit creative and re-purpose an existing item in your house to use as a bedside table, then hopefully some of these ideas will provide a little inspiration.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Bar Cart}

One of my favourite items of furniture in our house is this bar cart which I use as a side table in our lounge. (Unfortunately, Lyra and Jenson also love it. Jenson likes to use it as a baby walker and Lyra wheels it around serving up imaginary cakes). I’d happily use it to prop my glasses and book on every night.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Chair}

I think I’ve mentioned on the blog before that #ihavethisthingwithchairs, so this was always going to be an entry. The only risk is that your other half will see it for what it is (i.e. a chair, rather than a bedside table), and pile up his/her clothes on there *insert exasperated emoji face here*.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Peg Board}

I had a very exciting delivery last week in the form of a Peg and Board pegboard which I cannot wait to put together. I’ll be using my pegboard next to my desk to store notepads and stationery, but I thought the idea of having one hung next to your bed as an alternative bedside table was a genius one.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Stepladder}

You know those fancy tiered shelving units that are all the rage? Well you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to get the look. Just grab yourself a £13 step stool from Ikea. This is one of my favourite looks and it’s got brill Ikea hack potential – I’d be tempted to dip the bottom half of the steps in white paint.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Pile of Books/Magazines}

Definitely not the most practical solution, and it’s never going to last very long if you’ve got littles, but how stylish does it look?! It also means you have a never-ending supply of bedtime reading material at your fingertips.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Floating Shelf}

Floating shelves work brilliantly in a small room. Because they’ve got no legs/bulky boxy bit at the bottom, it creates the illusion of more space. If you’re in the market for a floating shelf then La Redoute is your man.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Ledge Behind the Bed}

If you’re seriously pushed for space then using a picture ledge with clamp-on lights above the bed is a brill alternative to trying to squeeze in a table. It frames the bed and adds a bit of interest to that big expanse of wall above the bed. If you get a narrow enough picture ledge then you won’t need to worry about banging your head on it.

Alternative Bedside Tables {The Suspended Lamp}

Ok, so this isn’t a TABLE but it IS a clever, space-saving way to make sure you’ve got ambient light in the bedroom. Our very own Amy is renovating her abode and she has wrapped a pendant light from a single shelf bracket either side of her bed. Perfect for all you minimalists and ideal if you’ve only got a slither of space next to your bed. You could also use Muuto dots or industrial piping instead of shelf brackets.

Does anyone else have a thing for chairs?
Have you come up with an ingenious alternative to a bedside table?

  • Normann Copenhagen Bar Cart
  • La Redoute Floating Bedside Table
  • La Redoute Floating Bedside Drawer
  • Wayfair Milking Stool
  • Swoon Editions Bar Cart
  • Amara Pendant Lamp