RMS Reader Lynsey knows a thing or two about make-up. We love reading Lynsey’s comments on our posts so much we invited her to share all her beauty secrets and let us have a peek at her bathroom cupboard. Allow me to hand over to today’s intrepid cosmetics reporter…

About Me

{Skin type} Normal, dry in Winter. 

{Hair} Lots and lots of straight, fine hair.

When the lovely bunch at RMS asked if i’d like to write a post about my beauty bits my first thought was – YES, closely followed by – this has the potential to get very expensive when I see what you lovely lot recommend in the comments!
I’ll preface this post by saying that my beauty routine has changed massively since becoming a mumma. I no longer have time to faff with a whole arsenal of products so I’ve spent the last 12 months tracking down products that actually work.

The Face

I’m a simple soul when it comes to skincare, favouring good old soap and water. If things get a bit dry I like a good scrub with a hot flannel. If things get a bit dull then I bust out the big guns in the form of Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Soak a cotton pad, swipe it over your face before bed and wake up to skin that’s magically brighter and plumper. WIN. Liquid Gold is quite tingly so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with particularly sensitive skin.

The Hair

I’ve got almost-waist-length hair which is 90% dry shampoo and 10% hair most days. Blow drying it is a huge effort so I’m constantly on the hunt for products that help me go longer between shampoos. That makes me sound like a right minger! Once a week I use Phyto Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo. This is a French shampoo that removes build up and products in a way that an everyday shampoo just can’t. I use a tiny amount, work it into my hair (it doesn’t really produce a lather) and rinse as normal. When I’m blow drying I use the Style Extender Spray by Living Proof. I may have fallen entirely for the Jennifer Aniston marketing campaign here but this spray manages to repel both dirt and oil without weighing your hair down. Work it in to towel dried hair, blow dry as normal and have a great hair day until your next shampoo. I don’t know what kind of science / voodoo / magic causes this to work but it does.

The Make-Up

I feel like my monthly make-up purchases could become a whole post in itself so I’ll try and limit this to the products I reach for on a daily basis. I’ve been on a quest to get super glowy skin sans glitter. I’m talking about that lit-from-within glow that gives other people skin envy. A recent discovery in this quest is NIOD’s Photography Fluid. Not something for cleaning your camera with but rather a magical cream that’s basically an Instagram filter for your face. RMS Living Luminizer is another glow giver that I’ve been reaching for on the daily.
I really don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner. Ok so it’s £30 for a teeny tiny pot but you only need to use a teeny tiny bit. It’s contains about 4 ingredients, all organic so it should work for all skin types. If the pot was big enough, I’d literally stick my whole face in it. I love it that much.
I don’t really wear foundation on a daily basis, preferring to use concealer as and when I need it. I bought Antipodes Mineral Foundation on a whim and so far I’m really liking it. It’s light, so light that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. I wear the shade Light Pink and it very much makes a difference to my overall complexion.
I’ve waxed lyrical about Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Mascara many a time in the comments on this here blog. If you are looking for length and volume minus the clumpy bits, this is your guy.
I like to sweep on some Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow to add some life to my face. If I need a lot of life adding, I opt for Tom Ford in Flush. I run some Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe through my non-existent eyebrows and add a bit of definition to my eyes by lining with Tom Ford’s Eye Defining Pen. It has a thin brush on one end and a thick brush on the other making winged eyeliner a doddle.
I finish with MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm in Coral Reef on my lips (which will set you back the princely sum of £2!) and it’s job done.


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