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What TV To Watch In January

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I say TV. But isn’t even that becoming an old school phrase? What I mean is, what to watch on whichever type of screen you choose, on whichever channel you subscribe to. Be it Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky…..or yes, even basic terrestrial.

If you haven’t seen it yet I (and the rest of the team) highly recommend The SINNER. It stars Jessica Biel (wife of Justin Trousersnake) and is a psychological thriller which is like nothing else I’ve ever seen before. I found it had just enough twists to keep you guessing without being ridiculous or confusing, and even though some scenes were quite disturbing (I tend to squint a bit as if this is going to prevent me from seeing the whole picture – I know, how useless – just don’t watch!)….I accept these were necessary for the story/plot. I was even satisfied with the conclusion. Biel is immense in it. As is Bill Pullman.

At the very beginning of January we binge watched The Tunnel: Vengeance, series three of the British/French crime drama. I might go as far to say it is one of the best programmes I have ever seen – we watched it from the very beginning when series 1 was originally launched in 2013. As per The Sinner it is like nothing I have ever seen before or since, is completely all-encompassing (as in – you watch it and you WATCH It, escapism at it’s finest) with an incredible female lead – Clemence Poésey is phenomenal. The ending was shocking but very very brave in terms of…will there even be another The Tunnel?!.

Please make sure you watch every series if you’ve not started it already rather than jumping in at a later point, I promise it’ll be worth it.

We’ve also just finished Goliath on Amazon, starring Billy Bob Thornton as a disgraced lawyer who reluctantly agrees to take on a wrongful death lawsuit against a huge weapons company that is represented by his old law firm. I LOVE a legal drama me. This one is produced by David E. Kelly (he of Ally McBeal and Big Little Lies fame amongst many other popular shows) and the characters are fascinating. Every single one. Billy Bob is great in particular, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him in anything of note before. I just recall he was once married to Angelina Jolie.

Last night we watched the first episode of Hard Sun, a pre-aplocolyptic crime drama written by the creator of Luther. I was gripped. But my goodness it was so…..violent. Is it me or do shows seemingly have more shocking scenes than ever these days? Sometimes I think it completely takes over from the script, I hope Hard Sun strikes a balance somehow.

I’m also considering watching Channel 4’s Kiri, starring Sarah Lancashire, I’m sure it will be a compelling drama, I’m just not sure how the whole missing child plot line sits with me, particular at the moment – I’m not convinced my pregnancy hormones can deal with the horror, and it may prove more upsetting than entertaining.

I could go on but thought I’d leave it up to you lovely readers to share your latest series/boxset favourites so we can all compile a list of fabulous things to watch during January. Do let us know what you’re currently watching in the comments box below.

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42 thoughts on “What TV To Watch In January

  1. We’ve just finished Desginated Survivor on Netflix and have to say it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever watched!! Would 100% recommend. I’m looking forward to everyone’s suggestions. I’m currently pregnant too, and we binge watch prison break when Edie was born to get us through the (seemingly endless) sleepless nights so no doubt I’ll be needing something for round 2! The Sinner sounds good, might store that one up! Xx

    1. Danielle we’re up to date on Designated Survivor too, I really like Keifer. And the ending on the last series?!!!! I wasn’t expecting that!

  2. I like the sound of the sinner. We just finished stranger things which we loved even though neither of us are particularly into sci-fi. We really enjoyed designated survivor for the first series but gave up on series too as it was a bit too Americana/save the world/we’re the best nation. I find there is so much on Netflix I don’t know where to start so keen to see other recommendations (we don’t have sky or amazon prime) x

  3. Oh The Sinner was just great wasn’t it??

    I binged on Feud over Christmas too, on BBC iPlayer. I’m a huge fan of old Hollywood so to see Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange teaming up to play Bette Davis and Joan Crawford was music to my ears, absolute icons! The whole thing is stylishly put together by the team behind American Horror Story and was really compelling! Definitely worth a watch.

    I’ll be honest, I’m feeling the same as you regarding Kiri – Philippa and I were talking about this the other day, it’s not going to be a comfortable watch for any of us, and I expect I might struggle with some of the circumstances, but I think I’ll give it a go!

    I say all this, but coming years and years late to the party, Suits is my life now. I can’t remember a time anymore when Lee and I didn’t settle down at the end of the day and throw a couple of episodes on. All hail Duchess Meghan!

  4. I too love legal/crime the most – We’re currently binge watching Suits at Karen and Charlie’s recommendation and its getting better and better with each season. I can’t decide if I’m more in love with Harvey Specter or the Manhattan backdrop and have created a fantasy life for myself featuring both. Sigh.

    I also loved The Sinner so will check out The Tunnel if it has that similar feel. Although is it subtitled? I really struggle with with subtitles as I’m obsessive about absorbing the tiniest details so if I have to read subtitles I get anxious I might inadvertently miss something visual in the drama. Ridiculous I know but it’s a thing with me.

    My favourite recently has been Ozark. The characterisation and dialogue is so compelling and I just love storylines when otherwise relatively ordinary people find themselves in completely extraordinary circumstances like The Sinner and Breaking Bad. I cannot wait for the next season.

    I’m also looking forward to the next season of Better Call Saul. This really took me by surprise, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much, I thought it might be a bit ott after Breaking Bad but I found it much more complex and nuanced than I’d thought. And better than BB for that.

    I also thought Kiri looked interesting, Charlotte but wasn’t sure if I could stomach the harrowing subject matter. But it’s by the writer of National Treasure, another drama I had reservations about due to the horrific nature of the subject matter covered in that but I became completely absorbed in, so if it’s anything like that it will be amazing.

    Looking forward to checking out everyone else’s suggestions!

    1. We loved Ozark Philipa, I can’t wait for the second series. Another one where the last episode was an OMG moment. The Tunnel isn’t subtitled – a similar ish feel to the sinner, I wouldn’t say it’s a comfortable watch at times but so absorbing. x

      1. Ha ha ha one of my friends Hannah is in love with Harvey Spector, he is her ultimate dream boat! I can’t say I feel the same at all, my favourite man in the show is Lewis Lit! Ha hahahahaha

  5. We’ve been having this chat at work.

    We’ve recently watched the detectorists and Motherland on the BBC Iplayer. Both are brilliantly witty. Shorter at half an hour so better midweek. Don’t want to be all partied out on a school night. Not after the 8 hour Breaking Bad marathon which goes down as the most stupid thing we’ve ever done.

    For light escapism we’ve been watching The Good Place – it’s more of a Monday to Thursday series.

    Slightly more dramatic we’ve watched Stranger Things which is great. Total binge watch over one weekend. We do love a Scandi drama – Borgen is good if you like the West Wing and The Bridge which was the original before the tunnel. We didn’t really watch the Tunnel before because we were sniffy about it not being the Bridge but I’ve heard really good things so we might.

    So January to March is going to be
    (1) Peaky Blinders
    (2) Sinner
    (3) Tunnel

    Job done.

    Do you think people actually SPOKE to their husbands before Iplayer and Netflix?

  6. I’m not one for the psycho thriller shows, but like Karen I’ve really got into Suits recently. Can’t watch Meghan Markle without realising she’s the next princess though.
    My absolute box set recommendation is Line of Duty – all of it is on iPlayer at the moment and if not, the first 3 seasons are on Netflix. Even though I saw it on tv last year, I can’t help watching it all over again – so many extra details I missed the first time round!

  7. The Tunnel is the best series I have ever watched…the two leading detectives are a match made in heaven Like you say Charlotte..Clemence Poesey is a star …watched all three series over xmas.miss it now so much …a lot on at the mo started watching McMafia a bit hard to understand at the beginning but starting to look promising.On a lighter programme Girlfriends is also good xx

  8. I’m sooo late to the party as we’ve only just started watching The Crown. Wow it’s amazing and the best bit, I can wiki the bits of the plot or characters I can’t follow! We’ve watched almost all two series in less than two weeks!

  9. Deutschland 83 wowee. Coming of age spy drama from the point of view of East of the Berlin wall. Had me completely hooked.

    The sequel Deutschland 86 is wrapped and coming out soon but as it’s on Amazon prime we’ll have to wait for it come out on another medium. We’ve not used Amazon in years due to their tax issues and treatment of staff. Only now am I wanting it just for Deutschland!

  10. Master of None (all excellent but persevere for S2, particularly the thanksgiving episode) and Easy on Netflix and Fleabag on iPlayer (a darkly funny comedy). Also just binged watched Lovesick on Netflix during night baby feeds – a good gentle time waster!

  11. The Sinner was just incredible! Absolutely loved it. We are watching Peaky Blinders at the moment which I am really enjoying and Cillian Murphy just gets more handsome each episode! I feel like the boxset game is really strong at the moment, there are so many I want to watch. I am going to have to add The Tunnel and Line of Duty to my list now I think. Also on there is, season 2 of The Crown, Dark, Mindhunter and Alias Grace – WOW I have a lot to get on with!!

    1. Oh and can we please appreciate all episodes of Friends are now on Netflix!! This made my 2018 haha. I have started watching them from series 1 again and oh the nostalgia, I just love it!

  12. Has anyone watched The Tunnel after watching the original The Bridge? It looks like the story line is identical just set in the UK/France and different actors. The bridge had so many twists and I was in love with Saga Norten that I’m not sure if I’d enjoy a copycat?

    1. Yes, I have. I think The Bridge is better – Elise (The Tunnel) is no match for Saga Norten. The Bridge is great though and I would recommend but it’s not as good as the original.

  13. Give ‘Witnesses, a Frozen Death’ on BBC Four a try. You’ll need to pay attention to the subtitles, unless you speak French, but I really liked this one and at only 8 episodes long – the binging can’t last too long.

    I haven’t tried The Tunnel as thought it was a rip off of The Bridge – which I liked, maybe I’ll give it a go as keep hearing good things. Mindhunters was good and if you haven’t caught-u on Bloodline then lucky you – you have 2 seasons to work through in 1 go!

    Tales by the Light are short, 20 min, docs that follow various photographers and captures them capturing their chosen subjects – really fascinating and a change to the usual.

    I was going to try and not watch TV in Jan and spend time on reading etc. BUT frankly, what is January for if not TV on the sofa 🙂

    1. Nicola I was all geared up for more reading too! But the required concentration just seems to much sometimes. TV it is x

  14. We don’t have Netflix or Sky, just Freesat and Amazon Prime so I have to say I am waaaaaay behind on most things. However, addicted to McMafia on BBC that has just started, definitely recommend that (although squinting may be required)! And I got Big Little Lies on DVD for Christmas as everyone I know has been raving about that (I think it is a Netflix one?). Been loving watching the old episodes of Line of Duty on iPlayer that I never saw the first time too (although we did watch the most recent series). Is Wolf Hall coming out soon? I’m sure they were filming but I haven’t heard anything since, I loved the first series. Also ditto on Motherland, that was hilarious and definitely worth catching up on if you missed it. Loving the recommendations!!

  15. I can’t believe no one has mentioned This Is Us! It’s one of the most popular shows in the US at the moment and a real favourite of mine. It’s a family drama (triplets) about the trials and tribulations of marriage and parenthood. Google it! Just been nominated for a few Golden Globes. I’ve heard good things about Mindhunter but haven’t watched it yet.

      1. Charlotte I would also say This Is Us, it’s just so lovely and best thing I’ve watched in ages and husband loved it too! It’s on Prime. Going to look up Goliath, sounds great x

    1. I came on to say This Is Us!!! Absolutely loved the first series and am very impatiently waiting for season two!!!

  16. These are my top netflix pics-
    Haters back off
    D Day
    Hello my twenties
    The top 2 are american – not sure how to catagorize Love…romantic kinda comedy but not in a bridget jones way..bit quirky
    Haters back off is comedy genious and deserves more promo
    The last 2 are south korean drama series- their tv style is so different to ours and i am HOOKED- d day is a hospital drama with loads of twists and turns with an over the top comedic head of hospital. Hello my twenties tricks you into thinking its super light hearted but then pulls dark storylines from no where!
    Deutschland 83 is one of my all time faves too- as mentioned above 🙂

  17. Definitely mindhunter, Peaky Blinders, Friday Night Lights (old but really good), loved Sinner. There’s a comedy that was on BBC 2 at the end of last year called Motherland, really funny and an easy watch. Very relatable as well!

  18. Our favourites are This Is Us (see above) and the Blacklist (season 5 has just started, but they all seem to be on Now TV at the moment) – they are the two that we HAVE to watch as soon as they’re available!!
    We’re also loving The Good Doctor at the moment – very interesting programme about a guy with autism training to be a surgeon – it stars Freddie Highmore (I think he was just golden globe nominated for the role) and Toby from The West Wing as his mentor. It has kind of Sherlock-esque moments that explain his thought processes, which we find fascinating, and I think it really resonates with my husband, who has adhd.
    Lastly, for a quick half hour, we are really enjoying the new season of Modern Family – it’s back to it’s laugh out loud best in my opinion!!!

  19. LOVED the handmaids tale – quite dark but so addictive and Elizabeth Moss just won a golden globe – deservedly so. Big little lies is my favourite this year.
    I loved some of the BBC dramas which have been on over the years – London Spy, The Night manager we’re good ones all brilliantly cast.
    We are yet to get into Peaky blinders and the crown. Can’t wait! Love these recommendations keep them coming!

    1. O I loved The Affair as well which was on Sky. Again brilliantly casting and very similar to big little lies!

  20. I second The Affair (sky) which was so addictive and quite dark. Also modern family for quick easy hilarious watching !

  21. How haven’t you included McMafia? Like the Nightmanger before it I think it’s the best thing on at the moment. Oh and you can’t beat Silent Witness either.

    UNabomber on Netflix is another favourite amongst colleagues.

  22. I concur re: Big Little Lies. A family member lent me the box set and I watched it in no time. You’d have to pay for it on Amazon Prime, but it’s fantastic!

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