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Author: Lauren Coleman

Anyone watching the terribly good Netflix drama, ‘The Crown’ can’t have failed to notice Claire Foy’s clear skin. I am in awe every single time I watch the programme. It’s well, so peachy.
I’ve never had ‘good skin’. I’ve mentioned before how a bout of acne during my teens left me with scarring and I often struggle with dry patches, open pores and oil spills as a result of having a combination skin type.
18 months ago I cut down on processed food and ditched caffeine from my diet. I’ve never been a fizzy drink fan and fruit drinks are too sweet for me so water is the only soft drink I sip on. (Don’t worry I don’t polish my halo as I like to knock back prosecco and gin too). I can’t say I manage to drink two litres a day though. It’s undoubtedly had an effect on my epidermis but given the fact I have a half decent skincare regime too I was half hoping to look like Jennifer Aniston or the lovely Claire by now.

In the morning I use a wash off cleanser or a scrub followed by Sukin Mattifying Moisturiser. This is a recent addition to my regimen and I love how it’s absorbs really quickly into my skin so I can put my war-paint on soon after. It’s gentle on my skin and immediately creates a more matte base. Only problemo? No SPF so I’ll have to switch in the summer.

In the evening I’m a big fan of hot cloth cleaners and have a massive stack of flannels so I can use a new one every evening to take off the day. I used to use Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish but actually find Lush Ultrabland is more suited to my skin. If you’re not familiar with the product it’s a butter like balm infused with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey which you smear over your face and rub in circular motions. It’s a greasy formulation but the act of rubbing releases all the gunk which I wipe away with a hot cloth leaving none of the oily residue behind. I top off with a moisturiser and am just about to order the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream after a recommendation from Charlotte.

Despite the daily routine I’m still plagued by blackheads and open pores. Yuk. Blackheads. Shouldn’t they be restricted to 14 year old boys? It would appear not. Anyway I was sorely tempted by Laura’s Clinique recommendation but ended up with five minutes to spare and a tiny Boots store so grabbed the first exfoliator I could find, and flipping heck was I impressed. After applying the grainy formulation of No 7 Microdermabrasion Exfoliator in circular motions my skin was smoother with a noticeable reduction in my pore size and blackheads. Four days later I tried it again and the results were the same especially over the bridge of my nose where I often find it to be dry and flakey. I met Charlotte for brunch and she commented on how ‘fresh’ I looked. Praise indeed. The only thing is it’s not advisable to use more than twice a week and after three days I started to see the dry patches return.

Whether or not 2017 is the year of good skin remains to be seen but I’m going to give it a go. First up, more water and then any recommendations you lovely ladies can give me for my combination skin? Particularly ones that keep the blackheads at bay?

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  1. Morning Lauren, I was felt a fairly good hand on the skin situ so I can’t complain I get the odd big red ones still – who said spots were for teens?? And a few black heads in random places – mainly my chin which people say relates to what you eat so probably my own fault.
    I have for years used simple cleanser and moisturiser every morning, I’ve tried changing but find most products have some sort of fruit base hint in them and that’s brings on painful spots so I’ve stuck with it. I do have benefit face moisturiser which I do like – I generally have a shiny face so I don’t use moisturiser every day. And I also have their eye cream which is good first thing espesh if in the fridge.
    I remember pal Karen is comments her regular scrubbed her face with a fresh flannel every night on the run up to her wedding and she said her skin was the best it could be – no special products just dedication to the cause!
    On a side I recently purchased an allergy and intolerance test kit online – you just send some hair to them to test – it was about £45 I need to send it away today. But there could be something that is perhaps impacting your skin you don’t realise?
    I too big fan of drinking water – it’s delish from the tap here in a north Scotland – better than highland spring bottled. They say you should drink what you need the 2L being just a guide. Definitely makes a difference to my skin.

    1. Hi Sarah, the intolerance kit is really interesting and something I’ll take a look at.
      Sounds as though you have a tried and tested routine, and I must have more water! x

  2. Hi Lauren. My skin is generally very good and everyone says it’s so clear but I wish it was more even, it looks ok with foundation on but it’s red and uneven. I also have the worst blue under my eyes no matter what I do. Think I’m going to get the Bobbi corrector because I keep watching this video and I want to look like this!

    Anyway back in Nov I finally went to Aldi to try their skin cream. I absolutely love their serum, it’s £2.99 and I’ve been slapping it on and down my neck too – I’m worried I have been ignoring my neck till now (I’m 32), and don’t want to have a young face and an old scraggy neck! Also been using the day cream and went back to get the night cream and eye gel last week. I can really recommend it all and I bought 3 serum, night cream and eye gel for £17!

    I also use Liz Earle cloth cleanser, the No 7 exfoliate you mentioned and Simple eye make up remover because it feels like water but does a really good job.

    1. I have the corrector but haven’t mastered it. I need to follow this tutorial!
      £2.99 for a serum? How do Aldi do it?! Such a good point on the neck – I often forget that area.
      I always use my mum’s simple products when I’m at home as they are so gentle though at home I’m a huge advocate of coconut oil as an eye make-up remover x

  3. I’m an advocate of Aldi products too Claire, have you tried their Caviar range? Apparently, the formulation that was used by la prairie and creme de la mer years ago was released to the open market a couple of years ago. Last year when Aldi launched it they sold out in an instant but I managed to get a set of Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream, Night Cream and two tiny serums for £12.99 this year and love it, just hope I can restock when I’ve run out. A lot of the beauty bloggers were singing its praises last year, better than paying over £300 for la prairie!

  4. Hi, I bought a Clarsonic cleansing brush a few months ago and it has transformed my skin. It was £120 but worth every penny. Also just started with fruit scid facial peels at a salon – not as scary as they sound. I’ve had three now, one every six weeks, Amazing! I’m 43 and my skin is better now than it was 5 years ago.

  5. I started reading Caroline Hirons blog after she was mentioned on here and its completely changed my skincare routine…..I am obsessed with her!
    I’m gradually upping my regime and am super pleased with the results.
    I also really rate the l’oreal clay detox mask, as I sometimes get a few blackheads on my chin/nose and this gets rid of them, but since I have swapped up my skincare efforts, they are much less frequent.

    1. Caroline Hirons is the ultimate skincare guru isn’t she? I must take a look at her again.
      Will have a gander at the detox max too. Thanks Jane.

  6. I would give an acid toner a try. I like Pixi Glow Tonic. It sounds scary but it’s a great way to exfoliate every day and really makes skin brighter. I have really sensitive skin and haven’t had any problems. You can get it in Marks x

  7. This post is definitely up my street! I apologise now if I go on a bit…

    For my 10th Birthday my Mum bought me Clinique’s 3-Step and straight away got into the routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day. I never strayed far from Clinique and the discipline (combined with the products) meant that I only got the odd spot as a teen. Perfect! When I was about 21/22, I realised that I had to move away from Clinique – despite going from a 3 down to 2, I felt that it was tearing my skin up and I’d started to suffer from dry, flakey patches and excessive redness. I still thought it would be a good idea to stick with one brand, so I moved onto Elemis. Moving on several years, I’ve almost become obsessed! I don’t stick to one brand and I love nothing more than finding a bargain at TK Maxx. And I love a flannel – I took Charlotte’s advice years ago and have around 50 of the IKEA ones from the kids section. I use two a day, and have a special bin in the bathroom to keep the dirty ones in so they don’t make my washing basket mouldy.

    So, in a nutshell, this is what I do.
    AM – Cleanse (Currently Temple Spa ‘In The Beginning’), Acid (Pixi Glow Tonic or Clarins Brightening), Hydrating Spritz, Eye Cream (I have lots, but mainly sample tubes), Serum (at the moment I’m using a La Roche Posay daytime Retinoid cream) , Moisturiser.
    PM – Bobbi Brown Oil Cleanser (removed all traces of make up), Emma Hardie Morninga Cleanser, Acid (Nip&Fab Extreme Pads/Alpha H/Pixi Glow Tonic/Pixi Pads), Hydrating Spritz (Le Roche Posay’s Serozinc is great and is for problem skin), Eye Cream, Serum/Oil, Moisturiser. I also have various Peels/Treatments that I use two/three times a week.

    I probably don’t spend any more than 10 minutes a day in total doing all this.

    Niod is a company I’m getting more and more into. I’ve just ordered the 2% Retinoid treatment to try when I’ve finished LRP and it’s only £8! M&S is great for skincare – They don’t really have samples (I don’t really like buying anything unless I’ve tried it first), but they’re happy for you to bring your own bottles/pots and take some away with. I also got the M&S Beauty advent calendar which had so many good things in it. I already had quite a few, but can use the small sizes for travelling.

    If you really need a new enabler, look out for Caroline Hirons; plus her cheat sheets are really handy. Sali Hughes has a column on The Telegraph website which has write ups of products at various price points.

    Okay, I think we get the point that I love skincare! My top tip – get friendly with the ladies on the counters – the more you chat to them and show an interest, the more samples you get. I haven’t actually bought any Elemis day or night creams in 18 months; I spent half an hour talking to them about different acids and walked away with 500ml worth of creams!

  8. This is exactly the post I need right now! I have always had fairly ok skin, but over the last 6 months I keep having repeated problems with spots reappearing in the same place continually that I can’t get rid of, and dull patchy skin.

    Someone recommended these to me: and when used with this to combat the spots first: it has definitely helped with the clear skin. But I still feel like it needs a bit more glow, so I am making a list of some of the recommendations here and in the comments so that I can work my way through them! And I am definitely going to get myself to ikea for a big pack of flannels! xx

    1. Hi Emma, do let us know how you get on.
      Daily cloth and flannel changes made such a difference for me. You really do feel like you’re taking the day off! x

  9. I love hearing about other people’s beauty regimes! I am a fan of a mattifying moisturiser, particularly in the summer months. Last summer I went on a quest for one with a high SPF for holiday, as I also have sensitive eyes and I find the greasier sunscreen formulations irritate them. I bought this one and it was AWESOME. Really mattifying, long lasting and actually better than a lot of primers I’ve had. I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for something with sun protection. It is factor 50 though so you wouldn’t need to be looking to get any kind of a tan!

    Exfoliation. I recently read that it might be pointless. However, I think it makes my skin feel and look better. The absolute best one I’ve used is Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub. It has AHAs as well as fine grit (for want of a better word) and it makes my skin so smooth. I’ve recommended it to a few people and they all agree. They also do little daily cleansing pads infused with the magic glycolic stuff. I use them after I’ve washed my face at night and I think they definitely brighten my skin.

    Also, Claire Foy is gorge. Did you see her at the Golden Globes? Lush. x

    1. Thanks so much for the moisturiser recommendation. I recently tried La Roche Posay recently (the facial wash) but found it gave me enlarged pores after a couple of weeks 🙁
      Interesting point about exfoliation – it’s definitely doing something for me!
      Claire Foy at the Golden Globes – so chic! x

      1. Oh no Lauren! Not what you want from a facial wash. Hopefully the moisturiser wouldn’t do that – I actually found it had the opposite effect and I’d be prone to enlarged pores around my nose. Incidentally, the best facial wash I’ve ever used is by First Aid Beauty I read on a US website that it was recommended by a dermatologist to someone with sensitive skin as the best on the market. I’ve used it ever since and can’t find anything that compares.

        I’m seeing a lot of love for Nip+Fab here today too!

  10. Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing Oil is amazing, I have combination skin, and after reading Caroline Hirons Blog she said the best way to treat oily skin is with oil, its a winner, a little goes a long way and your skin feels so soft afterwards x I also cannot praise dermalogica products enough, there skin soothing moisturiser is divine, and pre cleanse and scrub really make your fave feel clean. You can buy mini skin kits to trial the products first and they last ages

    1. Seconding the tip on treating oily, spotty skin with oil. But use a dry one – Trilogy Rosehip oil has done wonders for my skin, though when I had a face like an oil slick I used Dr Hauschka’s facial oil (it’s the only one of their products that I like) which is great for oil control but doesn’t work for me so much now that my skin is dry.

    2. Thanks Laura and Ali, I’ve always veered away from oils so thanks for this – must do a bit more research x

  11. After spending tons on scrubs etc, the one that worked best? Clinique men’s face scrub. Thanks husband for leaving that one in the shower! I’ve had far less breakouts since using that, I use it every other day and my skin is heaps better.

  12. I’ve had problem skin since I was a teenager and still suffering at 33! I have resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never have great skin, but I know that my lifestyle and general health, diet, hydration, hormones etc affect my skin more than what I put on it. Life’s been a bit stresssfull since Christmas and I am currently battling with two ginormous whoppers of spots on my chin! I am dousing them in witch hazel – not great for the skin or recommended, I’m sure, as it’s so drying, but that’s exactly why I’m using it on the spots! I can be quite confidence sapping. My favourite cleanser is Peaches and Clean by Soap & Glory. It’s incredibly gentle but melts away all makeup including eye makeup and feels like a really deep cleanse. You just rub it on and wash it off. I use a hot flannel with it. I also use Serozinc by La Roche Posay, which someone else here recommends, and also their Effaclar Duo. If you have oily skin that works fine without a moisturiser but I like to use an additional moisturiser – at the moment, Organic Pharmacy’s Double Rose Day Cream, which gives a lovely glow (I was converted by a free magazine sample). I was given a Magnatone battery operated exfoliating/toning brush thingy for Christmas and the jury’s out on that one. It does leave you feeling super cleansed but they do warn that your skin can flare up a bit before it improves so I wonder whether that’s contributed to my breakout! Does anyone else have one? I also suffer from occasional breakouts on my back (especially when going to the gym a lot and getting sweaty) so I use Neutrogena Clear Body Wash, ordered from Amazon as I don’t know of any shops that stock it. Does anyone else have any recommendations? Would also love to know if anyone can recommend a good, affordable foundation for spot prone skin. X P.S. Totally agree re Clare Foy’s skin. I’m always admiring other people’s lovely skin, especially on the tube!

    1. Hi Lauren, hope life eases for you soon.
      On the foundation front I had been using NARS but about nine months ago switched to Boots 17 Tinted moisturiser to let my skin breathe. I still get twelve hour coverage but it’s much lighter x

      1. Thanks Lauren. The words ‘tinted moisturiser’ make me nervous as I automatically think ‘not enough coverage’! But I’ll have a look at NARS. X

  13. Echoing the comments above about acids – I swear by the bravura at home acid treatments. They aren’t as scary as they sound and the salycilic acid one is great for blackheads
    Also the wonderful Amanda can advise you on your own skincare routine. I highly recommend, it’s made a massive difference to me to alternate salycilic with lactic acid once a week each.

    1. Ooh alternating is such a good idea – I do it with shampoo so why not face?
      Thanks for the recommendation Carrie

  14. I love a skincare post. I think you can’t go wrong with lots and lots of water it really does make all the different. Similar to a few girls above, I got into Caroline Hirons blog and haven’t looked back. My main recommendation would be to start using an acid toner it completely changed my skin and made it much more glowy even with the sleep deprivation of a very young baby. I use Pixi Glow toner and Alpha H Liquid Gold. I also started double cleansing in the evening after reading Caroline’s blog and use either coconut oil or when I’m splashing out Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing balm; I take these off with a hot flannel then follow with Dermologica dermal clay cleanser which I’ve used for years and am now a bit scared of changing. I had awful acne as a teenager so I’ve become a bit obsessed with skin care as I’ve got older! I also LOVE the exfoliator you mentioned. Serum and moisturiser wise I’ve always gone back to No.7 protect and perfect. I’ve tried lots of others but I always go back to these.

  15. Hi Lauren – echoing many of the comments above to check out Caroline Hirons’ blog. I was also lucky enough to have a consultation with her a few years ago and my skin is so much better. I have combo skin and used to have loads of small blackheads on my nose that when I ever had the occasional facial would take ages to extract! Now my nose is nice and clear! An acid toner would def help – I use Pixi Glow which is really gentle. And I use an oil in the evening which has balanced out my skin. I have a few but a refine rosehip oil is a good bet – I find some of the cheaper ones clog my skin but Ole Henriksen’s truth oil is amazing. Neal’s Yard Beauty Balm is another balm to oil that is great for using a few nights a week and a pot lasts ages. If prone to congestion would avoid any moisturisers with shea butter in as this tends to clog pores.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I’m looking forward to a good read of Caroline Hiron’s blog this evening. How fab to have a consultation with her.

  16. Hi Lauren, my skin sounds similar to yours and I have never looked back since I started using acids on my skin. It sounds scary but they make my skin smooth, soft and more able to absorb products.
    I follow Caroline Hirons blog and she is a huge fan and uses lots of different types, however I’ve found the best one for me is from Avon as it’s not as strong as some of them. They’re pretty much always on offer too Nip & Fab also do a good one.

    It’s definitely worth reading up on the benefits of using an acid after cleansing, I was sceptical and a bit scared but, like I said, it’s the best thing I ever did for my skin. X

    1. Doh – just read the comments above – Caroline Hirons is looking a popular choice!! Sorry for repeating everyone else!

  17. I have near identical skin type so am definitely going to try that exfoliator. The only things that works for me is a hot cloth cleanser, a whizzy brush thing, and then a home made face cream of sudocrem and coconut oil blended together. Everything else either breaks me out or dries me out or both.

  18. Hi!

    Caroline Hirons fan all the way here too. I have combination skin that is dehydrated, especially in winter (its important to figure out if your dry patches are dry or dehydrated skin Lauren, as you can treat them differently). My skin can be sensitive occasionally, but the following products have given me no problems:

    My night-time routine:

    First Cleanse: Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm.

    Second Cleanse: Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil.

    [both taken off with a warm, wet flannel – not too hot!]

    Acid Tone: Pixi Glow Tonic and once a week for extra oompf I use either Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner or Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

    Serum: HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase or for a less spendy but almost as effective version I have Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum.

    Moisturiser: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa

    I love skincare!


  19. Hi Lauren. I think your skin is missing acid exfoliation and hydration. Definitely Pixi glow Tonic is needed, plus a retinol at night, a hydrating serum such as Vichy Aqualia Thermal as suggested by Katie above and try Alpha H Liquid gold 3 times per week at night too. I use an oil under my moisturiser every day in the winter which helps too! Caroline Hirons is QUEEN!

  20. I switched to Tropic skin care 2 years ago and have never looked back! I love the way it makes my skin feel and it smell amazing too. I have combination skin so in the winter a add a little of their face oil to my moisturiser to keep the dry skin at bay!

  21. Skincare is an absolute minefield! I always find the more skincare I use the worse my skin gets! I recently spent a fortune on products, cleaners, oils, serums, moisturisers (including the Pixiglow tonic – but it was way too harsh for my skin) and my skin ended up looking worse. I do have very sensitive dry skin though and recently I have stripped it back to basics, a gentle cleanser and my trusty Aveeno moisturiser and my skin has felt a lot better.

    Also can we appreciate Claire Foy’s amazing lipstick choices in The Crown too, I am obsessed. I have googled for hours but cannot seem to find the shade she wears. Its the perfect shade for pale skinned peeps like me! If anyone knows, please tell me!! xx

  22. Ha ha! But you did look SO fresh!

    I am trying all sorts of things at the moment – I have secrets to share on RMS soon 🙂

    Just getting into Caroline Hirons (Bit behind I know) and introducing a few new items into my routine. I am terribly lazy (and time poor) when it comes to taking care of my skin but I am determined to sort it out for 2017.

    Going to make a cup of tea later and read through all of these recommendations x

    1. Our readers are so ruddy helpful. Looking forward to reporting back soon on how I hopefully have skin like Claire Foy.

  23. Like others, I’ve followed Caroline Hirons for a number of years, but always been too busy/lazy to invest in the products! However, with some over indulgence over Christmas resulting in more breakouts than usual from my combination skin, I decided to put some of her recommendations into practice and added Emma Hardie Morninga Cleansing Creme and Pixi Glow Tonic to my (ahem!) limited skincare routine.
    A couple of weeks in and I’m receiving comments about how ‘glowy’ I look which I’ve never received before. My skin is smoother and my breakouts are noticeably becoming less. Well worth the extra 5mins a day – I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! x

  24. Since Charlotte wrote a post about using flannels I have also used them. I can’t believe how soft they leave my skin. I don’t have the time I did in my twenties to sit at my dressing table and cleanse my skin so I am all for a good face wash. The Lush Ultrabland is now on my shopping list!

  25. I’ve only started to stick to a proper skincare routine, but even so it’s fairly simple. I use Superdrug’s B range for a day moisturiser (with SPF 15) and Nivea for night time (can’t remember the name – but it’s super hydrating which I like).

    I use micellar water (Garnier one for sensitive skin) to remove make up and then wash my face using Superdrug’s Tea Tree Oil foaming wash, followed by a toner of the same brand. I’ve tried exfoliating washes in the past but never really noticed a difference. Using toner made a huge difference though.

    Also using a flannel is amazing – it gets off all the grime I miss with the micellar.

  26. Try the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating cream, it has superfine grains and it’s plastic microbead free, pricey but you only need a little and for 3 x weekly use it lasts forever! If in doubt fake it and use a whole heap of the Chanel illuminating base! It gives you that lovely glowy look xx

  27. I love reading posts like these which in turn makes me go & spend lots of money!
    I’m also a big advocate of if you have great genes, you’re very lucky. I have friends who smoke, have crap diets, never drink any water, don’t exercise and don’t bother too much with skin regimes…….and they have the most perfect clear glowing skin!!!
    Grrrrr!!! So annoying
    Lauren – for the record, I think you are gorgeous with most beautiful smile that glows from within

  28. I really rate Kiehls. I ran out of the ultra facial cleanser and got a different brand and noticed my skin went so dry. Love thier tumeriec and cranberry seed mask for a weekly treat and use their recovery oil every night. Well most nights. I really notice when I forget to do it! Their ultra facial moisturiser also really good and spf 30. SPF first thing I look for in a moisturiser and surprised so many don’t have it! x

      1. I use a separate SPF – I think there’s a reason why there aren’t many good moisturisers that are also good SPFs. I don’t want to spend my pennies on a posh hydrating or anti-aging moisturiser for example that has SPF shoved in it – I just think the ingredients must be doing different things and that whatever gives a cream sun protection will take over the expensive plumping/hydrating ingredients in my moisturiser. If that makes sense?!… I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere anyway!

        Great post btw RMS. Second time I’ve commented on it! x

  29. I can only use natural organic products so having a bit of product envy with this post! But I’m also super tight and won’t spend money on something unless it works and lasts!
    I use coconut oil (£4) to cleanse eye make up. Then I have an orange flower cleansing wash (£14) – forget who it’s by poss neals yard. To add extra oomph I add a tea spoon of bicarb of soda twice a week as an exfoliant. To moisturise I use camilia oil or rose hip oil (although it smells a bit salady!) (£14)I get that at Fushi which I can recommend – I love their stuff! I use rose water (£3) or witch hazel (£3) to tone.
    I do plenty of yoga to get the blood flowing and drink loads of water – I found the more I drank the more I wanted and it became so much easier to get to 2 litres a day. I also have one of those fruit infusers which makes it a bit more interesting.
    My awful oily skin is now clear and looking much younger ! I couldn’t live without hot cloths tho!

  30. I have (had) similar skin, but since my new routine my skin is dramatically different – my Mum even commented on my make up when I wasnt even wearing any!

    Lush ultrabland morning and evening
    La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Soothing Moisturiser
    3 times a week liquid gold Alpha H
    And Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream from m&s on the opposite liquid gold nights….dream skin for me!

  31. I only wash my face with warm water, cleanse occasionally but always use a clean flannel and I ALWAYS change my pillow case every other day because I figure why use a clean flannel but then rub dirty cells and dribble on my skin for 10 hours a day. I don’t wear make up as it clogs my skin so I’m really just washing off daily grime from the street and dry skin which probably helps. I find even moisturiser messes with the PH balance of my skin and dries it out.

    I’m 34 and it might bite me on the arse when I’m 40 and covered in wrinkles from lack of product.

  32. There is SO much dirty enabling in this post. It’s filthy. So ironic.

    Just bought the Pixie acid glow toner, because from the comments it seems genuinely negligent not to. And because I had to order at least $40 worth of stuff to get free delivery on ASOS, I also added the Nip + Fab cleanser. So I guess I’m joining the Caroline Hirons double cleanse bandwagon!

  33. Oooh I love a skincare post! I’m currently not so happy with my skin, but I bet it’s due to the recent sleepless nights (baby was sick) and that I think I’m soon getting my period after having my little boy one year ago. I’m really grateful for all the great recommendations. Especially the Pixi Glow Tonic since I got a trial size in my advent calendar!

  34. Hi Lauren,
    Have you tried excluding milk from your diet?
    I have recently done this and it has made a HUGE difference to my skin! I honestly think my skin is the best it’s ever been 🙂
    I’ve done it gradually, first swapping my milk in tea, coffee and on cereal for unsweetened almond milk and now I’ve gone completely milk to see how good my skin can get before I get married in August!
    I also use, and really recommend skincare by Face Theory (from and Dynaspot by Eve Lom 🙂

    1. Hi Rachael, this is really interesting. By switching cereals to smoothies and cutting out caffeine I’ve inadvertently drastically reduced my milk intake.
      Will check out your recommendations, and big congrats on your August wedding!

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