Party Make-up for Christmas and the festive season from Bobbi Brown and glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy
Bauble face
Bauble face
Party Make-up for Christmas and the festive season from Bobbi Brown and glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy
Party Make-up for Christmas and the festive season from Bobbi Brown and glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy

Shine Bright Like A Bauble

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

During the festive season I like to get my sheen on. Perhaps I’m inspired by the abundance of tinsel, the constellation of fairy lights around every department store corner or some kind of nostalgia for my theatrical youth when I played the Fairy Godmother in my dance school’s production of Cinderella. (There was a ribbon covered wand and wings with feathers, who needs slippers and a Prince Charming?!). I like to think I shimmer and glitter like I mean it. Because I do. Christmas is for fun, friends and dressing-up related frolics. Shine bright like a (really fancy) bauble I say, life’s too short not to.

And if you share your most loved get-your-glow-on product in the comments box below before midnight on the 30th November you could be in with a chance of winning the rather fabulous Bobbi Brown compact featured in the post. You’re Welcome.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Liner £3.99

Let’s start with the basics. This nude pencil on your lower lid waterline erases redness and opens your up your peepers like nothing else. I’m a sensitive soul and this doesn’t irritate one iota, plus it’s waterproof so stays put for hours.

You can purchase this magic pencil at Boots.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Or Blanc £19

Apologies in advance, this is limited edition and it’s AWESOME. The perfect pale champagne gold for swooshing underneath your lower lashes and the inner corners of your eyes to really make them pop. Extraordinarily pretty. I’ve bought two already and may have to continue to stock up at the rate I’m using it (every day since I handed over the plastic and sauntered off with my iconic black and white gift bag.)

They are selling out EVERYWHERE but as I write this review they still appear to have some left at John Lewis online plus it’s 10% off, making it a snip (!) at £17.10.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Eyeliner Midnight Cowboy £14.00

Bloody hell I love this stuff. I buy a new one every year, it’s just so beautiful. The effect is quite subtle in terms of creating an almost imperceptible glimmer where ever you choose to swipe it on (I like to layer it on top of the Chanel liner) but don’t be fooled by it’s seemingly innocent appearance. This stuff means business. Party way past your bedtime business.

I’ve looked everywhere and as per the Chanel, except for John Lewis everywhere is currently out of stock. No so much a secret weapon of mine after all.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Copper Diamond £35.00

I succumbed to the shimmer brick folks. I can’t believe how many uses this has, eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer…this holiday collection shade is particularly covetable and the hues are so workable and diverse. Well, that was my excuse for buying one anyway. Plus the packaging is super posh, which is always nice.

When you purchase your Chanel liner and the Urban Decay glitter you can also add this to your virtual basket at John Lewis. They call me the enabler.

Christian Dior Couture Colour Lipstick Mazette £26.00

I went for dinner with my best friend a few weeks ago (flawless fair skin, luscious strawberry blonde locks) and the first thing I said to her was not “How are you” but “What is that lipstick?!!!” it was such a fab yet unique shade of hot salmon-y pink with a hint of… orange? Anyway it was this one. I tried it on and LOVED it. I dutifully bought a tube for myself and wore it to a recent meeting, Rock My Style’s Lauren subsequently announced her appreciation of the shade. Winner.

The texture is lovely and moisturising without being in any way goopy. Like a balm only with depth. This is fast replacing every other lipstick in my repertoire.

You can buy one for yourself from House Of Fraser.

The second image in the slider is of me actually wearing all of the products above, excuse Adam and I’s slightly bleary appearance – that’ll be the over consumption of cocktails. Thanks so much to all of you that may have voted for us to win Best Wedding Blog 2014 at The Perfect Wedding Awards for our big sister blog Rock My Wedding.

So folks, what floats your sheen loving cosmetics boat?

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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67 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like A Bauble

      1. Yes I do always tend to wear it with a base even if it’s just a BB cream. I find it gives a subtle sheen rather than some of the other highlighters I’ve tried.

          1. I’ve tried it over powder foundation, over a BB cream and over tinted moistuiser (with the later two I then powder to set as I look to control where I have my sheen). I apply with a stipling brush for daytime use and with my finger in the evening when I want more (which is what the application tips on the product website say to do) on my cheek and brow bones and occasionally down the centre of my face.

  1. Ooh some of these might be added to my Christmas list! I recently bought a bobbi brown cream eye shadow stick, it’s subtly sparkly, really easy to put on and lasts ages unlike other cream eye shadows I’ve tried. I wear the golden pink all the time as it makes my eyes look brighter, but want lots of the other shades!

  2. Oh lordy I’m going to have to buy that Chanel quickly before they sell out.. one for me, one for my mum…

    I quite like the Benefit High Beam for a smattering of sheen along the browbone and cheeks. Eyeshadow wise I love Bobbi Brown’s Sand Dollar, a sort of grey sandy shiney one.

  3. Like Carley I’m another Illusion D’Ombre by Chanel fan – Fantasme is my ultimate favourite as I find it so versatile, you can wear it quite like to add some sparkle to your cheek bones, or glam up another eyeshadow, or on it’s own. It’s brill.

    I love me a bit of sparkle and wear it fairly often!

  4. I heart Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturiser. Although you do need to be careful not to be too heavy handed otherwise you risk looking a tad twilight-esque & shimmery vampire isn’t the best look at a 9am meeting.

  5. If I’m going out I use mac eyeshadow in a browney bronzey with a slight shimmer to it (antiqued or woodwinked I think??). If you layer it can look really dramatic with black liquid eyeliner. Can I have the bobbi brown now pleeeeeeeeeease x

  6. Might have cheekily just ordered a pot of Midnight Cowboy… I can’t live without MAC Strobe Cream which gives a gorgeous refreshing creamy glowy effect to skin (use it as a primer) and the bargainous (not sure that’s a word!) Topshop Glow Highlighter in Gleam, an ever-lasting pot of rose gold sparkle. What’s not to like?!

  7. When my husband and I were on our honeymoon we spent 3 days in Vegas as part of the trip. I won $100 on a slot machine and immediately took my winnings off to Sephora! I purchased the Marc Jacobs eye palette in Lolita, a Tonight Lights Glitter Dust and a Love Marc Lip Gel in Have We Met. All of these have now become my stable shimmery go tos. The palette has some lovely neutral shimmery colours which are great for doing a sparkly eye without going OTT (if I want to do a dramatic lip to go with it). The glitter dust is less subtle and amazingly shimmery. And the lipstick is a lovely sparkly pink. Unfortunately Marc Jacobs is not currently available in the UK but I have just been to Paris for the weekend and stocked up! For products that are easier to obtain on these shores I go to MAC pigment pots – my preferred colours being Blonde’s Gold and Vanilla – unbelievable colour and sparkly but careful with them or you can end up with a very sparkly carpet!

    1. Bryony, does this mean I will have to go to Paris or Vegas ASAP to invest in some Marc Jacobs? Oh well, if I must…


  8. Gutted that the Chanel eyeliner is sold out! 🙁 I love MAC pigment in vanilla to sweep over my cheek bones and just below my eyebrows. I also used their Prep+Prime Highlighter on my wedding day which was more subtle.

    1. Gosh so sorry Rose! I literally checked at 11pm last night and they still had some 🙁

      I’m just looking now for others x

          1. No, think they have gone there too. 🙁 Please keep an eye out for me, desperate for one for all the Christmas parties!

  9. Like Victoria, I’m a big fan of benefit high beam. I put some of that on my cheekbones and then straight away put Bobbi Brown shimmer block on afterwards. Really helps cheekbones in photos! I also love the bobbi brown eye shadow sticks. I have one at the moment (in shadow) and have a few more in my christmas list. My favourite product for this time of year is actually the shimmer eyeshadow from body shop. I have it in green and if you put their black liquid eyeliner on with it, the eyeliner takes a deep green shimmery shade. Lush. You’re right Charlotte – this is the time for fun and frolics. Bring on December! X

    1. Quite, bring on December! I have never actually tried High Beam even though I know it’s a long term favourite of folks. I think the pinkness puts me off as I usually go for golden undertones. Must give it a whirl though x

  10. Glitter, glitter, glitter!
    Love any eye make up that is predominantly made from glitter! Although it does invariably end up everywhere!!!

    Looking fab Charlotte!
    How on earth do you get your hair to look so darn fabulous?!!! I can never get mine to do anything I want it to! haha

    1. Grips peach, lots of grips! I kind of “pin” it into a bouff (with back combing too) and it makes it stay – looks a tad messy at the back but I quite like it that way x

  11. Oh my goodness, I simply cannot handle all the sparkle on RMS right now.

    I’m currently LOVING Lord and Berry’s luminizer stick. It gives me the fresh but contoured look that works perfectly when it’s this chilly outside. I’m currently sporting golden eyes (No.7 True Gold). I also used to have the most perfect golden eyeshadow mousse by Rimmel but it’s long gone and I’m desperately trying to find another. I’ve just bought a smudge pot from ELF in the hope that it will be my new go-to..!

    That lipstick is perfect, not what you’d expect at all for winter but I LOVE it. *Adds to basket*… xxx

    1. Hi Sian! I saw a big Lord & Berry counter at Westfield at the weekend, didn’t have time to look though really which was a bummer – love the sound of the stick!

      The lipstick is not something I would have necessarily “picked up” myself – it was because I saw it look so fab on someone else, love it! x

      1. Definitely pop along and grab some Lord and Berry – they have beautiful brushes too!

        I often find that’s the best way of picking make-up, at least you know it looks good on a real person as opposed to an airbrushed advert!

        Can’t wait to get my sparkle on for Christmas. xxx

  12. I love MAC mineralize skinfinish in lightscapade – a powder that you can swirl on with a big brush lightly for an almost imperceptible ‘healthy sheen’ or build it up for that lovely ‘bauble’ effect!

  13. Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes (1&2) are da bomb! They stay put literally all day/night – especially if you use that awesomely clever base that they do as well. They have a mixture of lovely shimmery and more matte colours so will work for day, night, winter and summer. It’s the best.

  14. Crying over sold out Chanel.
    For some serious sparkle face I love using Barry M glitter gel eyeliner in the black version. I scoop a bit out with the brush applicator onto the back of my hand and then with fingertip press it over a finished smokey eye. The result is a glitterised version of my fave dark smokey eye look AND it’s super cheap! Love!

  15. I know I keep harping on about this but MAC Vanilla Pigment is literally the best thing in the world for getting your glow on!

    Mix it with your foundation / moisturiser for a subtle glow. Put it under your brow bone, inner corner of your eyes and on your cupids box for maximum impact. I’ve also been known to stick some down my shins if I’ve got the old legs out.

    (@Charlotte – It’s got a gold undertone so perfect for you love!)

    Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are one of those products I always look at but have never purchased. I’m clearly missing out!

  16. I’ve been loving all those beauty related posts recently but it looks like waiting for my plane over the weekend will be quite an expensive activity… 🙂
    My favourite sparkly product is definitely a Bobbi Brown shimmer wash eyeshadow in heather mauve – it’s a beautiful brownish greyish hue that actually stays in place all day, doesn’t ‘travel’ to any other parts of your face and it’s neutral enough to use it everyday! Xx

  17. My new go-to for a bit of sparkle is Georgio Armani eyeshadow Eyes to Kill in no.8. We have just got an Armani counter in Jollys in Bath and it is FAB! A subtle grown-up sparkle! Oh and I have just reserved a Chanel eyeliner over the phone to pick up tomorrow – thankyou Charlotte for assisting in my Chanel obsession…… And you look AMAZING in that pic; got my eye on the Dior lippy..

  18. Laura Mercier Radiance Primer is my favourite glow giver. It makes you look luminous but is not too much as you can layer foundation over the top. It was my essential for wedding day pictures and I have used it for parties ever since!

  19. Bobbi browns new gel eyeshadows!!! Amazing!! More metallic shimmer than glitter but so pretty! I also love illamasqua gleam in aurora too for an all glowy look! Love the lippie and gonna keep an eye out for a Chanel pencil…trip to Birmingham tomorrow! Xx

  20. My absolute fave for that radiant glow is the aptly named Super Orgasm illuminator by NARS – it gives a gorgeous peachey-gold flush. I’m tempted to try The Multiple; I believe it’s similar but in a handy stick form…

        1. looks like Nicky and I got the last ones, they are out of stock now! Charlotte, you have single handily caused a run on Chanel!!!

  21. I’ve got a gold-y, bronze-y 5 colour thing from Dior in Night Golds which is lush. There’s one super-glittery bronze shade which gets everywhere but is so worth it.

    I like to tap a tiny bit onto my eyelashes after I’ve put mascara on so I have nice sparkly lashes (just a tiny bit mond, we’re not talking drag queen-esque here)

  22. Ooh no-one has mentioned either of my two faves! First is becca shimmering skin perfector – have the liquid version in opal – lasts forever as you can mix it with things or dot along cheekbones. It’s a thing of beauty! Pricy ish @ SpaceNK. Also the Balm Mary-Lou-Manizer powder highlighter is so sheeny, looks glittery in the pan but in photos looks glowy and gorgeous, and it’s a huge sized powder for £16! Feel Unique I think. You MUST try both Charlotte!

  23. I managed to get the Chanel in Debenhams today, inadvertently took today off not realising until last minute that it’s black Friday(!), had to queue for ages at the Chanel counter, mayhem! My favourite glow giver is bobbi btown shimmer wash eye shadow in cement, subtle but looks lush with black eyeliner and a red lip 🙂 x

  24. Vichy Idealia BB Cream or Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow primer. Basically, both of these products make me look not hungover, so they’re going to be on call a lot during the Christmas party season, they’re great at giving my skin a bit of healthy glow. It’s my 30th birthday this Christmas Day so I’m going to need all the glow I can get! 🙂

  25. Charlotte, have been reading RMW and now RMS for about five years now. A big fan of yours-you are the only blogger I STILL enjoy reading 🙂

    I know you have written about dental care a few times, could you direct me to those posts again? Your teeth are so nice and I know y said your Dad was a dentist so I trust your recommendations…I want sparkler gnashers x

  26. Benefit 10 is great for a bit of a glow! It lasts for so long as well so it’s economical 🙂 I tend to use the paler colour juuuuust under my eyebrows too to add a bit of glow around the eyes.

    Smashbox primer is a handy addition as well!

  27. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – an oldie but a goodie! Also love the MAC pigment set in gold and beige but it has sold out online, in my local MAC stores and in the concessions! Some am relying on Santa to bring me one!

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