The M&S Homeware Event Edit {Part II}

Author: Lisa Soeno

You guys loved our first M&S Homeware Event Edit. So I’m chuffed to bits that we’re partnering up with M&S again to chat about their latest 20% off homeware and up to 50% off furniture event. Here are my favourite home décor pieces from their current collection.

Salt and Pepper Throw

Let’s start with my favourite of the lot: this salt and pepper throw. Pom poms? Tick. Grey and beige tones that will complement any sofa/armchair/bed? Tick. The softest, snuggliest material? Tick. I’d like to curl up underneath it all winter, please.

Copper Globe

M&S are killing it with their globes at the moment. This small but perfectly formed copper number is a mere £15.70. It’s described as a desk accessory but I reckon it would look beaut in any room – I’m pretty happy with how it looks in my kitchen for example.

Capri Table Lamp

I have been searching for a simple but sweet lamp for the hallway for absolutely ages. The Capri fits the space perfectly. I was torn between the mocha, the grey and the duck egg, but I finally settled on grey as it goes with anything.

Grey Knitted Pouffe

A cosy but cute pouffe to prop up your feet whilst you’re watching Saturday night TV is an absolute essential. It also doubles up as a handy extra seat, and for anyone with kids or pets, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s hardy enough to withstand being rolled around the living room by a three year old.

Metal Edge Mirror

I’ve got a soft spot for mirrors. I love the way they bounce light around, making the teeniest of spaces seem bigger. However they tend to be on the pricey side so when I spotted this one for just over fifteen quid I was sold. At that price it would also make an excellent present.

Fox Doorstop

One of my friends has a little girl who is OBSESSED with foxes. This little guy will be going straight into her Christmas stocking.

Freya Cushion and Herringbone Cushion

Rich may disagree but I truly believe that a beautiful cushion is a worthwhile investment. These Freya cushions are a prime example: they make me happy every time I walk past our spare room and spot a glimpse of them. I love the way they bring a gorgeous splash of colour into the space. I’ve teamed them with some herringbone cushions which are the softest ones we own.

Do you love an M&S 20% off homeware event as much as me? What have you got your eye on?

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This is a sponsored post but we’d never chat about products we didn’t love.

  • Salt & Pepper Throw
  • Copper Globe
  • Metal Edge Mirror
  • Herringbone Cushion
  • Freya Cushion
  • Capri Table Lamp
  • Knitted Pouffe
  • Fox Doorstop

Images by Adam Crohill

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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21 thoughts on “The M&S Homeware Event Edit {Part II}

  1. Hands up! I love an M&S homeware event 🙋

    Some lovely picks there Lisa. I’ve already got the kids winter parka and a navy, velvet Christmas dress in my basket, so I think the little copper globe needs to go in there at the very least.

    In a complete derail… did you hear Philip Pullman on 6Music on Sunday? 😍

    1. Thanks lovely. The globe is a proper cutie. Your picks sound fab too, let us have the links please!

      I didn’t hear him, do I need to get it on catch up? I bet you can guess what I ordered this week and am picking up today… x

      1. Aaaah I haven’t bought mine yet! Day off tomorrow, so I think I need a trip to Waterstones.

        Here’s little E’s M&S winter picks… You can’t beat a bit of navy velvet for Christmas.

        1. Both gorgeous Karen! I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be a navy velvet dress for you or for E. Maybe you need one too 😛 x

  2. The M&S stuff is great….but what I’d really like to know is where the wooden shutter type thing behind your bed in the last photo was from?!

  3. I love all these picks – they look great Lisa! Love the screen in the bedroom too – is it the same one that Charlotte used to have? I remember a feature on her bedroom ages ago and loved the screen in that (we’ve just moved and master bedroom decoration is next on list after kitchen so I’m all about the details!)

  4. Good post Lisa as I have to say I probably wouldn’t of known M&S did all this nice stuff, always bought lingerie from there but not much home stuff. Really nice picks 🙂 Can I ask where your rug in your sitting room is from? I can’t find one similar and have been looking for ages.

    1. They do lovely home stuff don’t they. There’s a massive M&S Home store in Cheltenham and I could spend hours in there! The rug is from Dunelm. x

  5. I’m having a love hate relationship with M & S at the minute. Their baby girl stuff is great but their pre-school stuff is DIRE. Their Baby Boy stuff is rocking my socks.

    I miss their 20% days though – I used to spend THOUSANDS on work stuff in just one big bulk order and now I can’t be faffed with all this Sparks business.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Great post, love the globe and the mirror, and so reasonably priced as well!
    I hope you don’t mind me asking but where did you get your kitchen shelving from? I’ve been looking for something like that for a while.

  7. Hi Lisa,
    Your living room is looking great! I especially love your television table, can I ask where it’s from? We’re looking for something without legs so your unit would be perfect! Thanks 🙂

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