Elle’s Mid-Century Style Home | Downstairs

Author: Lisa Soeno

I was so excited when I stumbled across Elle’s Instagram account. Elle’s interior design style is right up my street: crisp white walls, house plants galore, a mix of high street furniture and vintage pieces, and an abundance of texture provided by the wall hangings and cushions that she creates for her website, Bamaluz Home. But best of all, it’s so relatable and achievable: she has managed to transform an ordinary three bed semi into a cozy, eclectic and boho home that would not look out of place in LA.

Over to Elle.

We moved into our renovated Victorian house just over three years ago when we weren’t actually looking to move (husband being nosey on Rightmove!). We instantly fell in love with the open plan kitchen, dining area and gorgeous views. No other house viewings needed, this was our new home to start our family in. There were a few bumps along the way of course, as we were mid planning our wedding and I had been made redundant from my job. But I’m a firm believer in fate, which led me to my dream job at our wedding venue and now a backdrop for my own home décor business.

So fast forward to me being seven months pregnant, I had this overwhelming urge to nest and nurture, everything needed to change! The magnolia walls were replaced with white Dulux wipe clean paint. Quick decisions are made when you have a baby coming in two months! Picture shelves were put up, two sofas bought and beautiful shutters made for our front room to add privacy. I then began to create home décor whilst trying to keep myself entertained with pregnancy safe projects. This is also when I got my first plant, I now have 46 and still counting.

Living Room

All of our mid-century furniture has been passed down to us, except our Ercol sofa which was a cracking Ebay find! Our original 1965 Fritz Hansen Egg chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen, was found in my uncle’s loft and gifted to us for our wedding. It was in a terrible state, disintegrated right through to the fibreglass shell. After six months of research we finally found an upholsterer in London who would take on the challenge of fully restoring the foam and sourcing the original orange Hallingdal fabric, they did an amazing job!

The shelving unit belonged to my grandparents, I’ve never seen another one and all I know is it was made in Japan in 1964. Our sofa is a very comfortable sofa-bed from Habitat as we forfeited our spare room for my creative room. I was desperate for one of these large round mirrors, but being thrifty this one was from eBay and I just spray painted the edge black.

Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Room

This is the heart of our home. It started with quite a minimalistic Scandinavian feel, but has evolved and grown into a more relaxed bohemian style as I craved a bit of texture. Our 15 month old has just started walking so the plants and décor seem to be slowly moving higher up the walls! The large sofa in this room is from John Lewis, the shelves and lampshade above the dining room table are Ikea. The Ercol pebble tables were given to us by my husband’s Grandma, we sanded and oiled them so they matched the other pieces. All the other décor, woven cushions, wall tapestries and ‘juju hats’ that you see around the house are made by me, and available on my website Bamaluz Home.

Elle’s place is a beaut, no? Stay tuned to see the upstairs of her home very soon.

  • John Lewis Tortona Sofa
  • Dwell Eiffel Dining Chair
  • Ercol for John Lewis Nest of Tables
  • Bamaluz Home Wall Hanging
  • The White Company Chiltern Mirror
  • Marks & Spencer Planter
  • The White Company Table Lamp
  • John Lewis Gold Pineapple
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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12 thoughts on “Elle’s Mid-Century Style Home | Downstairs

  1. I’m so envious of your houseplants! I feel a houseplant guide might be needed…

    I’ve moved from a country cottage to a city centre apartment and I’m craving green, especially in my bathrooms, but as they’re windowless I don’t know where to start with plants! Any tips?


    1. Thank you so much! There was a little bit of trial and error in our front room as it doesn’t get much light at all. But the ones that seem to have survived the winter are ‘Dracaena’,
      ‘Sansevieria trifasciata’ and
      ‘Calathea rufibarba’. The sansevieria apparently will tolerate anything you throw at them! Xx

  2. This is so beautiful! I love how light and airy the rooms feel.

    Also adore the houseplants but with three dogs, a cat and a toddler, they just wouldn’t survive in our house.

    1. Thank you!! It’s definately bright, I had to shut the blinds to protect my little plants today so they didn’t go into shock with the sun! My little boy is nearly 16months old now so the plants are slowly moving higher and higher! But he’s so delicate with them! Mia the cat isn’t bothered by anything so they’re safe with her 🙂 xx

  3. Love this home- i’m itching to paint over our magnolia walls too- somehow such a depressing colour! I love the look of the white walls with timber and greenery – i’m always drawn to colour but maybe i should try one room in white – see how it works out

    Impressed , and jealous, that you can have so many plants and a cat that doesn’t eat them- i even considered hanging indoor plants to keep the cats away but have fears of one of them jumping up to the planters and ripping the ceiling down in the process

    1. Thank you! We had a few pops of colour in our previous house, but felt like a change! It’s amazing how much of a difference can be made by just going from magnolia to white! And the fact that it’s wipe proof is amazing with a toddler! By the sounds of it we must also have a very lazy cat… She was a nightmare when a kitten but now she’s chilled out. But I did catch her going for my only hanging plant today so I may have spoken too soon! Xx

  4. This style is right up my street – I’m so envious of your inherited furniture!!
    My budget doesn’t quite stretch to Ercol yet, but maybe one day.

    1. We have been super lucky with it all. But the bit we did buy, the 2 seater sofa was £100 from Ebay. You just need to keep a keen eye on there or check out furniture charity shops 🙂 . Getting new cushion covers was a different story though! But I’m sure that can be done cheaper! Xx

      1. Just catching up! Did you sand down the Ercol pebble chair too? We have inherited a couple and I want to renovate them. Love your house! Very inspiring.

        1. Hello! Thank you so much! No we have only sanded down the pebble tables. But if you do sand anything down I can recommend the oil we used afterwards to get the same look 🙂 it’s called Dutch oil…currently looking for the can of it but hubby has hidden it! Xx

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