Love Island: The Show Everybody’s Watching (Except Me)

Author: Miranda Eason

I didn’t even know Love Island – the show about a bunch of singletons trying to find love formerly known as Celebrity Love Island which was axed in the mid-noughties – was back on TV until my sisters started talking about it in our WhatsApp group about two weeks into the current series.

Anna’s addicted. Also, inspired by Caroline Flack who presents the live show, she’s bought a pair of (extremely high, extremely awesome) mule platform clogs from Topshop, sadly now sold out in all but one size. They have been hidden away from my two year old niece, who loves shoes more than I do, for fear she will try to walk in them and injure herself.

Chrissi watched an early episode and opted out. Then opted back in a few weeks later. Things were hotting up apparently.

Talking to Anna over the weekend she summed up the appeal: “It’s great summer the-kids-are-in-bed, brain off, silly entertainment, that’s packed with OMG moments.” Also she’s increasing her vocabulary. For example pied off, which means dumped apparently.

Not long after, in a group email thread between friends in which we were supposed to be organizing a night out talk turned to, you guessed it, Love Island.

One friend had stumbled across it and thought that one of the islanders looked very much like her eldest child’s swimming teacher. Turns out she was right and Lauren (of Love Island fame, not our Lauren, is, or at least was) her child’s swimming teacher. My friend had been wondering where she’d been for the past couple of weeks. Now she knows, in a villa in Mallorca and, most nights of the week, on ITV2.

No one else in the thread had such a close connection with the show but everyone had an opinion. Either, “It’s so bad it’s good,” or, “I watched for five minutes and couldn’t handle it so watched _____ instead.” (Insert something much gentler like Gavin & Stacey or The Great British Bake Off).

Last week I caught up with Charlotte. Turns out she’s been watching too. With James. Mostly behind a cushion because of the high cringe factor.

As Charlotte explains, “When life is particularly manic as it is for us at the moment you need to take some time out every evening and do not a lot of anything. Our downtime is usually for an hour from about 9pm after all the household chores have been finished and Mabel is (hopefully!) asleep. We would have laughed at you if you had suggested that most evenings we would be spending that precious 60 minutes watching a trashy reality show where folks walk around almost naked, falling in and out of love (and in and out of each other’s beds) on a daily basis.”

“Love Island is pure unadulterated escapism for us, we laugh our heads off at the ridiculousness of it and as Miranda mentioned, spend the majority of the time behind a cushion in preparation for the particularly cringey parts. I’m still not exactly sure what the purpose of it is (I think the winning couple win 50K, but possibly hope to gain more than that during their inevitable 15 minutes of fame) but actually I don’t care, it amuses us no end and as they say, laughter is the best medicine, especially when you’ve spent the day juggling various far more serious balls.”

“I’ve never really watched any other reality show and we don’t watch any soaps but there’s something about Love Island that’s very clever – the combination of the perma sun-drenched setting (erm, amazing!), the witty voice overs and, of course, the opportunity to check out The Flack’s on point summer wardrobe.”

With the final tomorrow I fear it’s too late for me to hop on board the Love Island. I would be that person asking all the questions to the annoyance of everyone else in the room who already knows who’s who, who’s pied off who, who’s cracked on with who, who’s mugged off right now and why, and so on.

Who else is watching? Who do you want to win? Anyone else not have a clue what’s going on? What show’s your reality TV weakness? ‘Fess up below!

Born in Yorkshire. Lives in East London. California girl at heart.
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23 thoughts on “Love Island: The Show Everybody’s Watching (Except Me)

  1. Haven’t watched any of Love Island (although I do generally love Caroline Flack), but whilst we’re on the subject of cringe-inducing television…did anyone watch Married at First Sight last week? I couldn’t quite believe what I was watching. Very thought provoking though.

    1. No I haven’t watched this Sian but pretty sure James has recorded it on the planner do dah!

  2. Haha oh this post has made my morning! Glad we’re not the only ones – Love Island has totally become our guilty pleasure and we laugh at how ridiculously into it we are! Secretly gutted it’s almost over! xox

    1. We went to dinner at a friends last night and they admitted they were totally into it too! Ha hahahahaha x

  3. I’ve not seen Love Island but I secretly love a bit of Geordie Shore… I know it’s awful but I can’t help it!

    1. I wanted to hate Geordie Shore but I got into it when I was on maternity leave and I love it now! My favourite was last series when Kyle asked Holly to be his girlfriend: “F*** your past, f*** my past, I want you to be me lass!” which was genuinely the most romantic moment ever on the show. I am actually from Newcastle and feel like I am the last person alive who has never spotted any of the cast out and about!

      1. I thought GS would be rubbish without Vicky but last season was a rollacoaster and I was quite moved with the whole Kyle and Holly storyline, as they say in Made in Chelsea, another guilty pleasure, it was totes emosh

  4. Um yes I’m watching haha! My friend got me into it as I too loved Celebrity Love Island! It’s completely ridiculous, no brain required OMG WTF etc. watching…

    Last night I was on WhatsApp to my friends as I caught up on Sunday’s episode and one of the love islanders didn’t know how many countries made up the United Kingdom … I mean really!

    The voice over dude is hilarious – “Bring in the JONATHAN”

    But the sex noises under sheets are too much! I mean your Mum is watching!!

    Not sure what one will do with oneself when it’s over. Maybe watch some quality telly? haha

    1. Haha! I’m still watching Pretty Little Liars Lynn, but on the quality programme front I just started watching Bloodline on Netflix, it’s from the people behind Damages, enjoying so far!

  5. I’m sure it made the news or something this morning?!! Not watched it but slightly gutted that I’ve missed it now. Thought it would be another Geordie Shore type thing and let it be.

  6. I was at a friends last night for dinner and she was half way through an episode she’d downloaded, so I indulged with her for a few moments, and I literally couldn’t understand what they were talking (arguing) about! Their vocabulary consisted of 20x ‘likes’ coupled with ‘do you know what I mean’ and not a valid point or constructed sentence between them!

    That being said I can certainly see its appeal if I watched more, and we certainly had a good giggle watching it….

  7. I am not watching it although my love for Caroline Flack knows no bounds. Loved her insta post recently where she told people she wasn’t pregnant or fat, she just liked wearing loose shirts.

    However, I have to say that if someone said the phrase ‘piped off’ to me, particularly a man, I would think it meant something TOTALLY different and frankly rather rude.

  8. I will admit to watching one episode after Charlotte told me all about it. Unlike James my hubby would have hated it so good job he was out! I will admit to feeling rather old when I watched it. Theres only so much bed hopping and comparing notes I could take! That said I did love the teenage version of this, Shipwrecked, which used to be on E4 years ago. And I’m a secret MIC fan. Love a bit of trash telly! x

    1. I loved Shipwrecked too Lottie! I’ve never seen MIC. And I’ve only ever watched one episode of TOWIE… x

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