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Lord & Berry Giveaway

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I like discovering a new cosmetics brand. I like discovering a new cosmetics brand where I actually like the packaging, the quality is super AND you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil just so you can afford an eyeliner (Yes, I’m looking at you Tom Ford.)

Lord & Berry first appeared on my radar a couple of months ago when I was perusing the beauty section of ASOS one lunch break, I liked the look of the chunky lip crayons in particular. And most unlike me, I actually refrained from clicking the “add to your basket” button for a product that was essentially unseen/untested. (Been there, made a few HUGE mistakes.)

On a London shopping trip some weeks later with my friend Perfect Kelly (looks like Pocahontas, but in real life) I recognised the contemporary monochrome font in the Oxford Street Next store whilst looking for some leather trimmed gloves I had seen in a magazine.

Yes in Next, who knew they even stocked make-up?!

Anyway I digress. Completely fell in love with a lip crayon in the shade “Lust” – a bright coral-ish hue, promptly bought it and have been wearing on a frequent basis ever since.

And here’s the thing, I don’t usually do a bright lip, it’s a fairly recent update to my staple nude pout. At first it was a bit scary – catching my reflection with something so obvious. But now I can really appreciate how a look-at-me vibrant colour really brightens up your entire face.

Apparently I’m about two years late to the party and a deep scarlet is actually where it’s at right now, and frankly that is one step too far for yours truly, I worry what with my pale skin and even paler hair I would resemble something from the walking dead.

Lord & Berry very kindly sent us their new limited edition “Cupid” lipstick which is a very sexy aforementioned deep scarlet shade. This works perfectly with their “Seduction” lip liner. Are you detecting a theme here? Yep, it’s aimed at Valentines folks.

In case (like me) the thought of such a statement lip brings you out in a cold sweat they also sent us some wearable and natural versions of their crayon in “Earth” and “Nudo”, these work well with their pretty “Blush” liner – a neutral pink.

And guess what? We’re giving away all of the products above to one lucky winner.

All we ask is that you leave us whether you are a nude, bright or deep scarlet type of lip person in the comments box below, we’ll pick a winner by Friday the 7th.

Ever heard of Lord & Berry? Discovered your very own “statement but not scary” pout recently? Do tell.

{Win The Products}

Do you like a nude, bright or deep scarlet hue?

Let us know which look you prefer in our comments box below for a chance to win all of the Lord & Berry products featured in this post.

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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99 thoughts on “Lord & Berry Giveaway

  1. I used to be too shy about wearing a red lipstick whereas it looks great on my Mum! However I found out that her shades of red just didn’t suit me, but I found one that did! I’m still a bit shy about it and tend to stick to nude colours but every now and then I let the Snow White in me roam free πŸ˜‰

    1. Ooooh what shade is it Anja? I feel I need quite a bright “clean” red without any blue or orange undertones in it to work (yet to find!)

      1. Hi, I’ve just started looking in to this brand myself as I saw it on someone and it looked amazing! I’m after a nude and saw online a colour called Muse but I don’t know which is the best lip pencil to match with it. I’d love to try them out but a bit nervous

  2. Usually I am a nude/pink lipped lady but my lovely hubby bought me a set of nars velvet matte pencils which are great for experimenting on the bright side! Would love to try some lord and berry products, I’ve heard good things about the lip pencils! X

  3. I love nude shades to style up my work look…they make me feel a little bit more human when I have had an early wake-up call, without going over the top. But in the evenings / at weekends I like to go bright!! Statement lips are something that I never dared venture into until recently but now I am totally hooked. These look lovely! Next on my must try list, I am sure πŸ™‚ xx

  4. I’m a nude person during the day – blonde hair, pale skin etc. However I do like to vamp it up a bit at night, nothing better than a bold lip to brighten up your fizzog πŸ˜‰

  5. Like Fiona P, I’m a nude during the day – but do like a good colour pop on an evening. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll go red, but I’m still a bit scared of such a statement colour. x

  6. Always was a lip balm rather than lipstick person until I got married when I wanted something a bit more exciting than shiny lips with my long hair sticking to them (gross). So I went with Bobbi Brown rose petal which is soooo lovely (and a weddingy name to boot).
    But I love the idea of the crayon so would love to try these and be even more braver!

  7. Charlotte – we sound very similar – I used to be terrified of a bold lip but over the last year or so I have been trying to be a lot braver. I still mainly do nudish pink at work as I can’t be bothered with the maintenance – however I have been trying to go for something with a little more colour so have recently been wearing Bareminerals ‘The One’ which is a lovely pink. Evenings and weekends is when I go for the red lip which I am now loving – it can make jeans and a jumper feel so much more glam!

    1. Ooh ‘The One” sounds lush! and I know what you mean about the glam thing, for me it’s a well tailored blazer and a bright lip, I feel “dressed up” without having made too much effort x

  8. Definately a nude lip person – like Charlotte was orginally, I am some what scared of a bright lip. I would love to try some Lord & Berry products x

  9. I’m usually a rosy Vaseline girl during the day, and a Bobbi Brown ‘Italian Rose’ seductress at night (in my dreams), but I want to start trying a proper nude look. I’ve not heard of Lord & Berry but I’d love to try! X

  10. I’m dreadful with lipstick day to day but if I’m going out in the evening I’ll always put bright red lipstick on – it instantly makes me feel glammed up, no matter what I’m wearing.

  11. Oooo that scarlet looks gorgeous!
    I really, really want to find a nice scarlet that will suit my pale skin πŸ™‚

    Until recently I was ALWAYS a lip gloss girl, unassuming and easy to maintain the lip gloss was my best friend. But then last year after huge amounts of time spent trawling through Pinterest for wedding make-up ideas I decided that I NEEDED to have red lips!
    From the moment I had my make-up trial I was hooked!!!
    Now whenever I’m off on a big night out I nearly always go for the red lippy!! (currently that’s a lovely little Rimmel number I picked up at some awesome PrettyNaughty party I attended! πŸ˜‰ )

  12. I was always a nude lip kind of person until I wore all black to my cousins wedding & got talked into MAC’s ‘Brave Red’ by my sister-in-law. This encouraged me to try more ‘brave’ colours, my current favourite being MAC’s ‘Morange’, it’s full on. I still love a nude lip, it’s much less maintenance but it’s surprising how it changes you when you have a full on lip. I’m yet to try Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘Emeraldo’ green lipstick … it could be a step too far x

  13. Definitely nude for me, especially at work. I spent long and hard trying to find a red, as I love the look, and did splurge on one from Mac, but I just felt too much like Coco the clown and have hardly worn it. Sadly just doesn’t go with my pale English freckles.

    By the way, loving your blog guys, I always preferred the more ‘lifestyle’ type posts on RMW and now we get some every day! Fab!! xx

  14. I have yet to veer away from the nudey pink lip shade (and still to find the perfect shade of that!) I tend to wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara so I always think a red lip could be ott….but I’ve never even tried it!

    Ps, I love this blog! I was an avid reader on yayw and as much as I love RMW, it’s my fourth wedding anniversary this may so it was time for me to move on! And congrats on the pregnancy, little girls are just the best!

    1. Hi Emily! Love your Gravatar! I also wear liner and quite a few coats of mascara, when I wear a bright lip I tend to only do a thin line/hardly wear anything on my skin so I don’t look “overdone”. Congratulations on your 4th wedding anniversary! x

  15. I have a really thin top lip so have to be careful with statement lips as it always ends up on my top teeth. I have an amazing Yves Saint Laurent bright pinky coral shade which is amazing to spruce up an outfit otherwise i tend to go with lip gloss but this weekend I plan to give the new nude trend a go.

  16. I’m a total lipstick junkie but I’m going through a nude lip stage as am mummy to twins so unfortunately don’t get to don a dress and go dancing too much anymore!!

  17. I like to mix it up with a nude lip in the daytime and a bright pink or red when glamming it up. It took me ages to find the right red (I need one with a hint of pink) I just found out they have discontinued mine! Argh!! X

    1. Hi Louise, what is it with brands discontinuing great products?! totally does my head in. MAC have discontinued a few of the best lipsticks over the years. What was the right red you speak of? might be worth trying ebay to stock up x

  18. So fun! I only started wearing lipstick recently, and it was inspired after a break-up because my ex hadn’t been much of a lipstick fan. I discovered a matte neon pink shade from Urban Outfitters and I’ve been hooked since! I’ve found bold colors are easier to pull off in a matte finish, so now I always look for those or I’ll dust a matte powder by Tarte on to dull the shine. I’m trying to find a good nude shade for everyday, but since I’m so pale I’m afraid that they’ll just wash my face out. I just need a personal makeup consultant to tell me what to try!

  19. I’ve always been a red lipstick girl. When I had much blonder hair, I would always team it with a bright red lip (mostly along the lines of Ruby Woo). Now my hair is a little darker I much prefer a deep red, almost burgundy. I pretty much make it work with everything possible on evenings and weekends (and only venture to the nude lip for work if I wear any lippy at all, usually a tinted lipbalm is as far as I go then!)

  20. Oh I love that shade in the main picture. … I’m a scarlet lips lady all the way but trying to get into neutrals and nudes for my wedding next month…. but I feel naked without a nice red. Mac apres chic and Russian red are my favourites!

  21. Love all lipstick colours but bright red lips are my fave especially love matching my nails to it and contrasting it with an LBD ❀️

  22. I’m definitely all about a bright lip! Lipstick or gloss, day or night there will be a pop of colour on my lips! I don’t tend to buy that much make up anymore as I completely stocked up when I used to work at Selfridges – god bless that 35% discount card! xx

  23. Bright red all the way!! I have big lips but dark brown hair so the red lippy lifts my face so I don’t look washed out. Also reminds me I’m young and should have fun πŸ˜€

  24. I love bright lips – orange, fuschia and red for summer, they’re the colours of happiness. However, I also enjoy a deep lip for winter, it seems so much more appropriate with the dark weather and more somber colours.

    Nude lips are only for dark eyes in my book. But, then I have olive skin and can really carry off strong shades and hues!

  25. I confess I am a BRIGHT lips kinda person. All day, everyday! My go to lip colour of choice is a true blue red chanel – no 24 i think?! Although recently (to stop my lips drying out so much) I have taken to colouring them in in the bright red lip pencil and using my lip balm on top. It softens the colour a little and cares for my lips – bonus. Nights out I vamp it up by either adding dramatic eyeliner or deepen the colour. I love the darker colour but boy the one I have is sooo drying it can only be worn every once in a while so a new alternative would be a lovely treat.

  26. I used to just be a ‘nude’ lip kind of girl as I’ve always played up the eyeshadow and smokey eyes. But recently I’ve been experimenting with scarlett/red colours and simple eye makeup and I love it! I always will love my smokey eyes but it’s great for a change of style once in a while!

  27. I never wear make-up during the day, and now with 2 small children find I am not venturing out much during the weekends either, so my make-up application is now non existent. I am getting married in May and have decided to get a good friend to do my make-up, so now on a purchase frenzy, where I am overwhelmed with choice…. might just stick to the nude colours, as haven’t got the bottle to go any further with my lack of experience…. oh dear!

  28. I love a bright lip, but tend not to stick to one style. At the moment i love a super bright Estee Lauder Coral one. Definitely a valentines red will be out!

  29. I adore lipstick – a quick swipe across your lips can brighten your face and your whole day up!! For me it’s all about the red pout and my staple go to is benefit’s lipstick called frenched – makes me think if French kissing and the mess it would make on Mr H’s face teehee!!

    ’tis not online at the minute so I am hoping they haven’t discontinued it and I can still get it in store xx

  30. I’m a big lip balm user and generally stick to safe nude colours on a night out. Generally because I go big on the eyeliner and don’t like to mix the two. My mum wears proper coral red lipstick and it really suits her skintone so maybe I need to be brave, take the plunge and be like me maaa!

  31. I always WANT to wear bright corals, but they just doesn’t work with my pale, pink-toned skin. Deep scarlet for me! I think a slightly gothic lip just makes any old look more interesting.

  32. EARTH & NUDO what a beautiful set, colours that will complement so many complexions, is very on trend at the moment and can be taken from day to night not to mention wedding makeup as the season is beginning.
    I love this colour combo. FAB FAB FAB

  33. I love all colours but nude is in at the moment so that would be my choice. I like to have a nude lip and dark eyes, a bit vampy without worrying that I have to touch up my lippy every 2 minutes!

  34. I love a deep scarlet/red lipstick, it’s such a perfect way to go from work to a night out and makes me feel so glam! I’ve never tried with a lip liner so that’s something I need to buy soon!

  35. I really to mix up my make-up looks and love to play with colours, especially on the eyes (yesterday I experimented with a rainbow blend but that was because I was working from home and only my husband would see me. He did comment that it was make-up a unicorn would wear but that wasn’t an insult!).

    Lips wise, I’m definitely a fan of the brights and love a bright red every now and again. I really recommend ‘Diva’ by Rimmel. I don’t feel like it’s too blue-based, but it does make teeth look super-white. Pared with a white top or blouse and minimal eye make-up it looks dramatic and striking. I prefer to wear a red lip when I’m wearing black or white as I think it looks ‘clean’. Although I don’t recommend wearing it with a slicked back bun unless you don’t mind ‘Robert Palmer video-girl’ comments from work colleagues!

    To Ciara who is considering her lip colour for her wedding – I went for soft peach during the day but slicked on my bright red for the night. It changed my head space for the party and looked good in evening-light photos.

  36. Definitely Nude for me! I love bright lipstick……on other people. I have tried but it just doesn’t seem to suit me plus the hubbie doesn’t like much make up at all. I tend to make my eyes quite dark with a gloss on the lips but i’d love to give this nude a try!! πŸ™‚

  37. After my best friend nagging me to wear red for a change and not stay safe with nudes….I did! And it’s the best pick me up! Finally found one that didn’t make my teeth look yellow (which some do). So at 43 I’ve finally found my colour and loving it!! (But I do only wear it when I go out in the evening!) I’m still not that brave for day!!

  38. I too am blonde and pale skinned. I find I can only get away with smokey eyes and nude gloss lips or minimal eye make up and dark lips – I still find the latter quite scary!!

    I think it comes down to not wanting to stand out, in fear of looking a bit of a wally. I need to be brave, I need to be brave……

  39. Deep Scarlet all the way, since I was about 15, saw Courtney Love bought a plaid shirt and bleached my hair. It’s been that way ever since.

  40. eeeek! New make up brand! I like it!
    I used to never wear lipstick, maybe because I thought it was for older ladies πŸ˜‰ But now I love it. I usually don’t wear any during the day – but always something bright at night, when I go out. My favourites are red (any red, really), coral… and I recently discovered purple!
    So to answer your question: bright πŸ™‚

  41. I love the Deep Scarlet colour! I am definitely a bold lip colour girl. It makes me feel fantastic and I girly and fun and powerful, all in one. And a bonus is, I find that it compliments my eye colour too. So an overall win. πŸ™‚ Love finding new brands and colours to try.

  42. I like all 3 colours depending on what I’m wearing – a lovely shade of nude if I’m wearing a red dress, a bright colour pop shade if I’m wearing a bold coloured dress (for example my gorgeous cobalt blue embellished midi dress) or pastel shades or a deep scarlet hue to brighten up a black ensemble. and don’t forget matching nails to complete my look <3

  43. When I find the time to put make up on properly (the joys of active babies). I love a burgundy or blue based red. Always lipstick never lip gloss as it feels more polished and grown up (I’m 30 in November! )

  44. Red, always red! So classic and universally flattering! On a day when you’re dressed down it polishes the look, a la Alexa, or when you’re dressed up to the nines and need a finishing touch, a la Dita Von Teese… Go red and you never go wrong in my opinion!
    Sarah xx

  45. I’m very much a deep scarlet girl although they all look beautiful!!

    I have to use the foundation – lip liner – lipstick – blot method to get it to stay on most of the day but it definitely works!

  46. I’m mostly a Carmex girl to be honest and am currently in a mild panic about my wedding in Sept as I’d like to go a bit bolder… But without scaring the life out of hubs to be/the flower girls/poppy the wedding dog by showing up not looking like ‘me’
    I guess I need to be brave and try bold/bright but I might need a bit of a run up to it! The blog is looking fab by the way x

  47. I’ve always been a lipstick girl. I have quite large lips and lipgloss makes me look like I have a giant trout pout, so it’s not for me! For work, I’ve been using Dior “Bare” for a few years, but I’m starting to get a bit bored by it. Apart from that, I’ll wear whatever colour I feel like that day! At the moment I’m using a metallic plum shade by Elizabeth Arden, and I’ve found it actually stays better than the more expensive Dior. I have blonde hair, so I think that scarlet lips were made to go with it :). I’ve tried loads of different shades with different undertones, high shines, metallics, etc, but my ultimate favourite is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Somptueuse. It’s a gorgeous matte shade and it doesn’t dry your lips out! Complete win/win situation.

  48. I realise I can’t enter but I’d like to stick in my two pennies – bright lips all the way for me. My eyes are too small for a bold eye so I like to go glam on the lips x

  49. Use to be afraid of deep and dark lip shades but after some guidance from my fab friend and make up artist I now love rocking deep scarlet lip shades!

  50. I love pretty pinks and nudes, but it’s the rich reds that really suit me. However, I’ve yet to discover the perfect red lipstick that’s not too heavy on the lips, maybe Lord & Berry’s scarlets are the answer!

  51. LOVE a bit of lipstick chat.

    If I wear any lipstick it’s usually a bright red. If I can’t be bothered putting on a full face of make-up a red lipstick works wonders. Layer a red lipstain underneath (Maybelline Superstay 24 Color is awesome) and it lasts a full day of eating / drinking / gossiping.

    Sometimes I’m partial to a slick of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine for a hint of colour.

    Love the idea of a nude lip with smokey eyes but I can’t find one that doesn’t make me look like i’m wearing concealer on my lips!!

  52. On another note, anyone tried the Lip Voltage plumping lipgloss stuff? You decide how many drops to put in depending on how plump you want your lips. Having tried the usual suspects like Too Faced, DuWop etc and being left less than impressed I boldly went with 3 drops. At one point I thought my WHOLE FACE might fall off.

    That stuff really does work!

    1. Did your pout last long? If so, I want some!

      Scarlet lips all the way! They suit everybody, especially blondes (that’s for you, Charlotte!), and they always give you a ‘lift’ xx

      1. Yip, I’d say a good 6 hours. My lips were huge, I wouldn’t recommend 3 drops unless you have a fairly high pain threshold!

  53. I’ve always loved a bright lipstick- feels like a special day when I’ve got a beautiful lip colour. How can you not be in a good mood? Plus bright colours make your teeth look white πŸ˜‰

  54. Nude for me although I do love the look of brights/red lips – just not bold enough to pull it off myself! Hopefully one day though…!

  55. I have been so desperately trying to pull off the bright coral look for some time now but just can’t find the product for me. But these certainly look worth a try.
    However I am going to go for a deep scarlet look today as I am thinking and working up to pulling the look off for my wedding in LESS THAN TEN WEEKS!!

  56. I have a confession. I’m 26 and until Christmas I have been wearing Vaseline my whole life! I plucked up the courage to get Coral Bliss lippy by MAC recently, but in all honesty it’s not the best shade for me, so it’d be good to try out some others! My sis gets away with everything, the wench!

  57. I’ve always been a bright lipstick girl but I used to save it for nights out. Having just hit my 30s I decided that I was going to play with wearing lipstick during the day… I was completely amazed at the reaction I got from the boys in the office… every single one of them commented on it (I think it may have scared them a little!!).

    I love an orangery red with a smudge of lip balm over the top – the Nars lipstick pencils are my current favs. My skin instantly looks brighter and I feel ready to face the day.

    Embrace the colour girls!

  58. Oooh, lipstick!
    Until recently, I was a “Palmers cocoa butter lip balm only” kinda gal. All that changed on my trip to Goodwood Revival, where I experimented with a classic 40’s/50’s red lip.All I can say is, WOW! I felt like a totally different person (in a very good way!). My hubby loved it, and although I’m still not brave enough to go for this look during the day/for work, I have recently discovered the joys of experimenting with colour. I am now the proud owner of a pale pink/nude (tame, for work), a ruby red (MAC, obvs: for when I’m feeling brave), and a coral/peach for all the times in between! I feel lipstick could be my new bank balance downfall…

  59. I’m a bit of all three depending on the occasion. Typically people always opt for nude during the day and the more brighter lip for the evening and social occasions.
    Life is too short to wait for an occasion!
    Therefore if I had to pick I would go for a bright lip all the way!

  60. I’m an out and out red lip girl all the way..

    Having realised the error of my bare/pale lips a few years ago now I’m barely seen without my red lips.

    Brighter is perfect for a daytime glam look or for a night out the darker the better…

  61. I would always refer to them as my “cracker lips” (the plastic lips you used to get in Christmas crackers as kids), but a deep scarlet all the way! Perfect to finish off my outfit on a night out! Every lady needs some cracker lips in their lives! πŸ˜‰

  62. Hmm love all three but usually will stick to nudes for work and bright/deep colours for evening with the obligatory eyeliner flick πŸ˜‰ That said I have just treated myself to a nude/pink Tom Ford lipstick and I am in LOVE, looks great with dark/smoky eyes x

  63. red red red all the way!!

    I wore the deepest, most red-dy red when I got married (which was MAC and NARS mixed together btw – lush colour and did.not.move)

    must admit though, may have purchased c78 different coloured lippies in the run up to w-day, you know, as trials πŸ˜‰

  64. I would say nude but I do enjoy experimenting with different shades even if I don’t dare wear them out!

  65. Jeepers I love me a bold lip! A matt scarlet red is so beautiful this time of year. I found a fantastic Topshop lip lacquer called Velveteen Ribbon. I’m not sure if they do it anymore, but it is fabulous. However – daytime has to be about the nude lip – or even a little tinted lip balm. I do have a lovely Tom Ford nude which is my typical go to.

  66. All shades of rainbow for me! I can’t think of a colour that I wouldn’t try to rock, from nudes to almost black gothic shades. As I’m absolutely useless with eyeshadow, a coat of mascara and gorgeous lipstick is my signature look. Haven’t heard of Lord & Berry, but Cupid look delicious, so I’ll have to check them out πŸ™‚

  67. Hello! Came here via rock my wedding (I’m obsessed) to get some beauty tips and inspiration, getting married abroad in September and being scared of make up as I am, could really do with some help in this department! Loving the blog, I am very pale with blonde hair and would usually go for a nude shade but have been persuaded by friends lately to go for brighter shades and am loving the change, big confidence boost!!! Will look for Lord & Berry on my next shopping trip xx

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