Our First Beach Holiday Abroad as a Family of Four {Costa Teguise, Lanzarote}

Author: Lisa Soeno

I know I probably say this every time but OHMYGOSHTHATWASTHEBESTHOLIDAYEVER. You know when everything just clicks and the hotel is great and the flights are do-able and the food is nice? That. Well that was our holiday in a nutshell, so if you’re in a rush you possibly don’t need to read any more. But if you’re searching for holiday inspiration, read on …

The Hotel

We stayed at Lanzarote Gardens in Costa Teguise, which is part of the H10 hotel group. I’d never heard of H10 before and at first I was dubious – it just doesn’t sound like a very enchanting hotel chain does it? I mean, it’s no ‘Hotel Du Vin’ or ‘Four Seasons’ is it?

More fool me.

It turned out to be the nicest, most kid-friendly hotel we’ve ever stayed in.

The whole complex was only three storeys high, and we were on the ground floor, so no having to lug a buggy up and down the stairs. Winner. As you can probably see from the photos, the décor wasn’t beautiful or particularly insta-worthy, but it was ultra-modern and spotless. We had a big balcony which overlooked the pool but was far enough away to feel private. The balcony was so lovely and sunny that most of our daytimes were spent out there, and we didn’t feel the need to go and sunbathe by the pool (not that the kids would have let us sunbathe, but, y’know).

There was one restaurant within the hotel which was a buffet set up, and all the kids’ food was served from a pretend boat. The hotel had thought of everything you could possibly need if you have little ones … even disposable bibs … and the best thing about it being a buffet was that there was always guaranteed to be something to please the fussiest of kids/most teethingest of babies.

Lyra and Rich spent ages in the swimming pools. There were three: an excellent-but-tiny baby pool, a kids’ pool complete with slides and a pirate ship, and an adults’ pool (which we ended up calling ‘the warm pool’). This would be my one criticism … if you’re gonna have kids’ pools, surely these should be the warm ones?!

The kids’ activities were brill, especially for Lyra’s age (3-4 years). On one of the days we were there, the pool bar was transformed into a craft lover’s dream, all glitter and pipe cleaners and PVA glue, and we had to decorate Easter eggs and then create baskets to pop them into. And the entertainment staff were fantastic: essentially a bunch of twenty somethings who ran the kids’ clubs during the day, and danced and sung their hearts out in the shows at night. OH the energy those guys must have. It looked like so much fun that I almost wished that I was 20 years old and looking for a summer job again. There was a different themed show every night (Lyra was utterly entranced by the Disney show), as well as a baby disco and a kids’ disco.

The Area {Costa Teguise}

We were only away for four days, so other than venturing to the beach, a five minute walk away, we didn’t do much exploring. So apologies if you were hoping for a review of all of the tourist attractions that Lanzarote has to offer …

But what I will say is that the beach is fab and once again, family-friendly. Lanzarote is a volcanic island, but the beach at Costa Teguise is made up of lovely imported golden sand from the Sahara (Rich didn’t believe me when I told him that the sand had been imported. Cheers for that!).

Costa Teguise itself isn’t huge, just nicely big enough to explore in a couple of hours, and I’ve never been to a holiday resort so safe and clean. Think low storey, pristine white-painted buildings and palm-tree lined streets.

On our last night we had our one and only non-hotel meal. (#Rocknroll). We went to a restaurant called El Maestro where the tapas and steaks were delicious. However, whilst meandering the streets afterward, we came across an even more child-friendly restaurant in Iguana Cocktail Bar which overlooks a playground so you can sip your mojito whilst the kids knacker themselves out after dinner.

The Highlights

I will leave you with our highlights.

My highlight? Definitely the hotel staff. As well as the aforementioned entertainment team, you could tell that everyone who works there – from the restaurant staff to the person on the front desk to the cleaners – genuinely cares about kids. Lyra received numerous high fives and Jenson’s toes were tickled daily.

Rich’s highlight? The poolside ambience. There was nearly always something fun or interesting going on poolside: be it yoga, a kids’ competition, or a chilled Ibiza-vibe DJ set.

Lyra’s highlight? The little Lindt chocolate bunnies that the cleaners left us one day.

Jenson concurred with Lyra.

Have you stayed in a H10 Hotel before? Anywhere you’d recommend?

Do you have any must-see/must-do tips for Lanzarote?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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18 thoughts on “Our First Beach Holiday Abroad as a Family of Four {Costa Teguise, Lanzarote}

  1. Ahhh it sounds wonderful! So glad you had a lovely time you all deserved a good break and a bit of Lindt bunny / mojito spoiling xx

  2. I love Lanzarote and am heading back with my two little people in a few weeks. A friend with similar aged kids recommended it a few years ago and I was a bit sceptical (I’d heard it referred to as Lanza-grotty), but I couldn’t have been more wrong! We stayed in Playa Blanca which has lovely clean beaches, with golden sands and warm African sea water. The town is equally spotless with no high rise hotel complexes (apparently over 3 stories is banned?) or dodgy nightclubs. Just nice family restaurants, a few cocktail bars with live music and plenty of parks to keep the kids amused. We rent a villa when we go, as it works out cheaper than a hotel and you get your own pool.

    Last year we made the mistake of going to Menorca instead as we thought we wanted a more insta-worthy holiday. It was beautiful and there were lots of gorgeous beaches, but it was cold and it rained, and half the restaurants were closed, and we missed Lanzarote! This year’s holiday was booked within a few weeks of getting back!

    It may not be insta- cool, and if you’d told my 20 something self that I’d be off to Lanzarote rather than hitting SE Asia I’d be horrified. But it’s easy and it works, and we relax…which is all I want with a 2 and 4 year old in tow! x

    1. Sara I found myself nodding along to your comment. Whoever coined the term Lanza-grotty can’t have visited Costa Teguise or Playa Blanca by all accounts. Will definitely be considering Playa Blanca for future holidays.

      And yes, my 20 year old self would be appalled at me too! x

  3. Love features like this as real struggle for holiday inspiration now we have a baby! Would love to know what charlotte thought of sani

  4. Love this feature, I’m quite daunted by the idea of taking young kids abroad so it’s great to get recommendations! So glad you enjoyed it! How long was the transfer from the airport? X

    1. Sarah this was one of the best things about it – the transfer was only 15 minutes. Go for it! The travelling bit is a pain but the holiday is so worth it. X

  5. We went to Lanzarote for our first holiday abroad with our son and whilst pregnant with our daughter. We stayed in an eco resort in a yurt! Our son Freddie loved it, they had animals and you could go and get your own eggs in the morning (we were never up early enough!), a sunken trampoline, pool and play area for the kids. Hubby would have preferred more home comforts though. We hired a car and drove across most of the island, very easy to get around and the weather was perfect. I would say though that the flight was a challenge for a very active 2-3 year old! This year we’ve hired a villa on Ile de Re and I can’t wait!!

    1. This sounds brill! I did not know Lanzarote had eco resorts?!

      Just googled Ile de Re. It looks incredible! Have a lovely time x

  6. Love this Lise! I never would have considered Lanzarote for reasons mentioned above, but have definitely popped this on my list for a short summer break, thanks!

  7. Loved reading this Lisa! I have been looking for holiday inspiration for ages, we have a little boy who is 3 & this sounds like a great place 🙂

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