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A Guide To Hanging Curtains {With Laura Ashley}

Author: Lauren Coleman

Window treatments in general are always a tricky state of affairs. There are so many options and so many different styles. It wasn’t until we moved into our last cottage and I started to hang sheer blinds and curtains at most of the windows that I realised there’s a definite knack to hanging them. I spent a long time battling with wonderweb and developed some very strong arm muscles lifting curtain poles repeatedly on and off the walls. In our current house I finally feel I’ve cracked it. I feel curtains sometimes get a bad rep for being fussy and old-fashioned but in my house I love a pair or two; they add cosiness, warmth and I feel they really finish off the room.
We’re really excited to be teaming up with Laura Ashley to give you the low-down on curtain hanging and hope to share a tip or two along the way.

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