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Get Your Glow On {Quick Cheats}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I do NOT have that “pregnancy glow”. I have dry flaky patches and sporadic outbreaks of rosacea. And my epidermis is so darn dull.

I’m not going to waffle on endlessly about applying this that and the other to fake that just-been-for-jolly-lovely-brisk-walk sheen, I’m going to tell you some quick cheats that actually work. For when you feel like a sack a potatoes (or have just eaten one – that’ll be me then. All. The. Carbs.) or just want to appear that little bit more perky.

Discolouration around the eyes is going to make you look tired, and I don’t necessarily mean simply dark shadows and puffiness, I mean redness and when your eyelid skin is all a bit transparent and vein-y. If I’ve mentioned it once I’ve mentioned it a thousand times but seriously, Estee Lauder Brush-on glow BB concealer is he bomb. Dab it on your lids and blend, dot it on the inner and outer corners of your eyes and blend, then swipe some over your blue-ish circles and TA DA! Eight hours sleep/and or a day at the spa. Another brightening eye trick is to put a little gold/champagne shadow underneath your lower lash line. I use Urban Decay Blunt but it now appears to be discontinued (cue massive eye roll) but Half Baked is similar as is MAC Ricepaper.

For your face I know there are hundreds of highlighters out there (I probably own about 50% of them) but sometimes you just need to daub a pretty potion all over without too much thought on application. But without the end result being too glitter ball-esque or sweaty. I can heartily recommend Glamglow Glowstarter in “Nude”. An illuminating cream “tinted” moisturiser that some normal to oily complexions may feel they can use instead of their regular emollient. Personally I layer this on after my regular moisturiser has sunk in. It looks fabulous on collar bones and décolletage too.

For extra make-up staying power and a believable bill of health, Becca’s backlit primer is a constant sell-out for a reason, it really really works and bestows a lit-from-within gleam. I save this for evenings out when I don’t want my powder to slide off yet still want to appear fresh-faced and not as though all I want to do is lie down and have a kip (which is often the truth these days).

What quick glow tips do you keep up your stylish sleeves? tricks, advice and product recommendations most welcome in the comments box below!

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8 thoughts on “Get Your Glow On {Quick Cheats}

  1. I’m a fan of Urban Decay Blunt too – didn’t realise it had been discontinued, boo. And whilst everyone seems to love that Becca primer, for some reason I just don’t get on with it. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it that I can pinpoint, only that it doesn’t seem to work the miracle on my skin that everyone else reports! However, I do love the No 7 Instant Radiance Highlighting Stick – a quick sweep on cheek and brow bones and the inner corner of the eye definitely improves the appearance of my skin.

    Pregnancy skin is a pain. I have super dry hands at the best of times, but for my whole pregnancy they have been AWFUL. In the last week I have developed a bizarre purple/red rash on my chin, the cause of which is baffling me. My skincare routine currently consists of prescription Doublebase and Aveeno cream. All the glam. 🙂

    1. I went to buy it Tracy and couldn’t find it anywhere, why do they insist on discontinuing the good stuff?!

      I also find pregnancy skin baffling, I currently have a weird rash around my right eye that has come from absolutely no where. I’m using so much concealer today! x

  2. I recently bought Benefit’s ‘shy beam’ which is a more matte highlighter.. I let the counter person put it on me when I was on my way to work, about six people told me how well I looked so I went back to buy it at lunchtime!!

  3. Laura Mercier radiance primer was the product behind my “pregnancy glow”. Fake it until you make it – or rather, fake it until you stop feeling nauseous / being pregnant / being the mother of small children / get your life and/or sleep back (does that ever happen? Someone please tell me it does!)

    1. Laura I don’t know if this ever happens, and as I’m about to embark on the newborn stage all over again all I can say is thanks for the radiance primer tip 🙂

  4. I’m yet to find anything illuminating/highlighting that I can use to my benefit without massively magnifying my already horrid oversized pores/ice pick acne scars across my cheeks. I love a bit of charlotte tilbury highlight at the VERY top of my cheekbones swept up into the temple area, or mac strobe cream if I’m after a more dewy look but I’m yet to find something non “glittery” that draws attention to the pot holes. Any recommendations would be welcomly received xxxx

    1. Amy I don’t have particularly noticeable pores but so many of the highlighters I’ve tried make them look really obvious, which is silly – I thought these products are supposed to make you look better?! The silicone based primers with light reflecting filters in smooth pores AND make you look fresh. The Becca one I mentioned above doesn’t emphasise my pores and the Laura Mercier one recommended above by Laura sounds similar x

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