Expensive make-up that's worth the investment
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Expensive make-up that's worth the investment

The Most Expensive Things In My Make-Up Bag

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Hold onto your plastic ladies, I’m about to reveal the most luxe items currently in my make-up bag.

If you don’t want to be tempted to part with your hard earned cash on frivolous cosmetics then I suggest you look away from the blog. NOW.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Tweezers £22

Spendy for tweezers isn’t it? I originally bought them to style a shoot as you know, pink. But then I actually used them and haven’t looked back. SO precise. They keep going missing and then I find them in my husband’s collection of toiletries – it appears he likes them too. A lot.

I’ve used Tweezerman for years, these are better. I can’t find the pink online but they have chic black at Cult Beauty.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush £38

I am very very particular with my blush. I want subtle luminosity not obvious glitter (whatever “glow” enhancing fibs you are told by brands, as soon as they shove sparkles in a make-up product your pores will be emphasised. Fact). I definitely want a natural sheen – nothing worse than a flat dry powdery finish on the apples of your cheeks. I also want good pigmentation and a blush that lasts for hours and hours without touchups.

I have the Hourglass Ambient Lightening Blush in Radiant Magenta which is a just-flushed pink that is buildable and pretty without any obvious shimmer. The compact is gorgeous too.

I get a decent 6/7 hours wear without having to reapply.

Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush £35

On the subject of Hourglass I’ve had an issue with travel-sized brushes of late and this luxe number is AMAZING. Comes with it’s own velvet pouch (so decadent but actually, so hygienic – and it means your powder doesn’t go all over the inside of your make-up bag) and gives a professional smooth finish. I really like the dimensions – the head feels “full size” yet the clever short handle means it’s perfect for taking anywhere and everywhere. I bought mine from John Lewis.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipstick £26

I’ve mentioned this formulation before, it almost competes with my beloved Charlotte Tilbury but it’s the colour “Potent” that is an absolute winner for me. A dreamy wake-up-your-face peachy pink coral that would suit many skin tones. It’s creamy and easy to apply with an opaque coverage. I also like that even after the main product has worn off, you are left with a satisfying stained lip.

Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzing Powder £72

Thought I would leave the most eye-watering until last. Not least because this summer I seem to have become somewhat obsessed with bronzers (this is possibly the third I have recommended this year). Now then, this is EXCELLENT. A talc free and oil free powder than promises 10 hours of wear. I have it in “Terra” which is a cool toned absolutely NO orange “velvet” matt. Meaning it’s not in the least bit disco ball, but has a very realistic no-make-up “healthy” finish. £72 is ridiculous but it is bloody huge – you get 15g (a normal compact is usually about 8/9g) so price per application is not as spendy as you might initially perceive.

Out of all the bronzers I own this is the easiest to apply, I feel I could do it in the dark and it would still look good, it’s practically mistake proof.

Also I’m pretty sure the reason I bought this in the first place is because a few of you recommended it in the comments section, so don’t blame me blame yourselves – dirty dirty enablers.

Do let me know what is your most blow-the-budget make-up item is in the comments box below. I’ll try really hard not to purchase one for myself.

  • Precision Tweezers
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
  • Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush
  • TOM FORD Ultimate Bronzing Powder
  • Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipstick
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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23 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Things In My Make-Up Bag

  1. Charlotte I have lusted after the Tom Ford bronzing powder for A-G-E-S and always always always use the tester if I am going through a department store (I linger for so long I get funny looks). BUT SEVENTY TWO WHOLE POUNDS???? I’m just not sure I can justify it. Can I? CAN I????

    1. Nancy I know. I KNOW. But it will last you ages (powders are fine for up to two years). You can buy the smaller one (£52) but less value for money. The price makes me feel ill, but then I use it and all is well again 🙂 x

  2. Charlotte!!!! What are you doing to me – only just bought Chanel blush, Malice, and now I want the Hourglass one!
    I have now purchased ALL the blushers you have recommended, so it would be wrong if I didn’t keep this up.
    Great post – love it x

    1. Ashu I am obsessed with blush. I think I might have a problem. Definitely think you may need to check these out though. SO pretty! x

  3. Ah Charlotte – thank you! I’ve been debating the Hourglass blush for so long, good to hear its a worthwhile product as well as beyond pretty.

    1. Pleasure! I promise it is a lovely product as well as looking amazing. I’ve used it loads and it still looks brand new so I assume it will last for ages x

  4. Charlotte did you buy the Hourglass blush online or in person?
    I REALLY want some and an Hourglass bronzer and I don’t know if I should just pop them in my basket, checkout and be done with it or go to a counter and make sure I don’t make an expensive mistake?!
    I’ve currently got the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in my basket too, which I have heard is great, but pretty small for the price but I’m hoping it will last as I’m not into loads of contour, just a bit more shape.

    1. Hi Jane, I went into Libertys to try everything at the Hourglass counter a while ago, it was only really the Magenta that was pigmented/pink enough for me blush wise. I then ordered it online from John Lewis (they don’t seem to quibble when you return something because it’s crap/you have an allergic reaction). I am very interested in the Kevyn Aucoin the sensual skin enhancer, I’m not entirely sure I know what it’s for but it sounds magical! x

  5. Oh that blush sounds exactly what I need! My new decadent item is a Yu ling jade roller. It isn’t hugely pricey (£28) but it isn’t a product or make up item so something I’d usually not spend on. However I have noticed a huge difference to my skin, using it after I’ve applied a few drops of racial oils. I have very dehydrated, non glowy skin and I feel this is my chance of getting glowing skin! Although that blusher could definitely help too…

    1. Anna I am so glad you have written about this?! I have it but it’s still in the pouch (embarrassing to admit I know). My husband massively took the mick when I showed it to him and tried to explain what it did so it’s been hidden ever since. Do you have the one with the eye roller bit on it? How long do you use it for? x

      1. It’s so pretty though isn’t it? I have the medium one. I watched a few YouTube videos and the general consensus seems to be a few minutes at a time and as long as you go outwards then you’re doing the trick. My skin goes all pink and glowy afterwards in a way I wish it looked all of the time. I’ve only had it a week but I look much brighter (and I’m 40 weeks preggers with a 2 year old so pretty tired!)

  6. Oh Charlotte, how I love your make up proclivities! Though I must say, reading your beauty posts is always an expensive pastime for me.

    So, now I need the hourglass blush and the tweezers. I would pay almost anything for a decent pair – I think they’re a beauty kit essential. Personally, I’ve never rated Tweezerman. I don’t think they’re precise enough. The tweezy bits are too thick or something. Will definitely be purchasing the ABH ones.

    But, £72?!?!? For a bronzer? You’re really outdoing yourself there! 😉 I thought £45 for the new Chanel one was spendy. I love the Tom Ford range and it’s beautifully packaged but I must say I think the prices are verging on the ridiculous. Which isn’t to say I haven’t succumbed a few times…closes eyes and attempts to forget about said bronzer. x

    1. But Tracy it’s 15g, which I bet is twice as big as the Chanel one…making the Chanel one more expensive per gram 🙂

      Ha ha ha! But yes RIDICULOUS. And I tried the TF blush and didn’t rate it at all – far too shimmery. So not all of the range is epic.

      Plus blame Lynsey below, pretty sure it must have been her that made me buy it… x

      1. Stop it with the enabling! I literally do not need any encouragement.

        I’m with you on your dislike of shimmery blush. I want to to look healthy and luminous, not like a 12 year old going to a youth club disco. Shimmery bronzer is almost worse – since when did getting a tan give you sparkly skin? 😂

        PS if I buy the Tom Ford, it’s completely your fault – and maybe Lynsey’s too… 😂

  7. I have the same Hourglass blush and TF Bronzer(although mines is in a dark compact to match my soul) 100% TF enabler here! 🙋🏼

  8. Dior rosy glow blusher, so worth it! Also currently obsessed with the YSL tinted balm lipsticks, I have four and the husband just realised they are almost £30 each, oops!

    1. Nikki I’ve not heard of these balm sticks, how could that be 🤔

      Is the Dior blush the one that’s kind of “one” colour? I feel I had it and it got lost fairly soon after I bought it (I am terrible at leaving make-up in hotels or on trains) x

      1. Yes it’s the one that apparently adjusts to your skin. First time I used it, I ignored the ‘one sweep’ edict and walked around with bright pink cheeks all day! Oh the balm tints are amazing! And they are so pretty too!

        1. Bummer that I lost mine, I am so useless. maybe when I use all of my hourglass (and the other 56 blushers I own 😉 …I’ll re-purchase)

          Definitely going to check out these balms though! x

  9. Hi, can I ask where you bought the tray that all of your items sit on please? I’m looking for something like that!

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