Much like this post I wrote back in September last year about an anniversary trip to London, I’m shamelessly using today’s slot to ask for your recommendations as to where to go over the Bank Holiday weekend coming up at the end of this month.I really hope you don’t mind…

Your help was invaluable last time round and both Ste and I covered off pretty much all your suggestions shared in the comments at the bottom of the post and had a whale of a time to boot. Thank you so much for taking a moment to make your suggestions. So I’m looking for your help again except this time it’s a new location – Windsor – and we’ll have a two and a half year old in tow which obviously brings some restrictions in a way that a solo adult trip wouldn’t. No nights of drunken boozing for us….(sob!).

We’ve been organised enough to book both our accommodation which is situated in Egham, Surrey and we have a plan for the first day travelling which is to stop off at Bicester Village, tire out Hector and have a spot of lunch at The Farmshop before travelling down to our hotel in the afternoon. The hotel itself is pretty self-contained in that it has expanses of gardens including kitchen gardens, formal walks and even secret hideaways and there’s an outside pool to keep Hector and Ste entertained whilst I sneak in some chapters from my new book. Neither of them know this yet but it’s SO going to happen…

But apart from that we’re a bit stumped for what to do whilst we’re there on the Saturday and Sunday. We want to make the most of the local area and I’ve always dreamed of visiting nearby Windsor Castle despite the fact that we’re not overly keen on anything touristy or gimmicky but wondered whether this would be appropriate for Hector? Have any of you been? Would you recommend booking in advance? And do you know of any really lovely places to grab a bite to eat and drink whilst we’re there?

We’ve also had lots of recommendations to visit nearby Legoland – however are we completely INSANE to even consider venturing there on a bank holiday weekend. Is it going to be more a case of winding, hot, sticky queuing and fending off wasps than laughs aplenty?

We’re completely open to suggestions. All of us love being outside, exploring new places and embracing exciting experiences. Given Hector’s age-related attention span we’re more likely to nip into spaces and then out again having whetted our appetite for something new without hanging round for too long. Ideally we’d like to find a compromise for keeping Hector entertained but adding a little style into the mix for this mama too whether that be through a stylish afternoon cocktail or a rather beautiful garden/house.

So what would you recommend? This is where I bow to your wisdom and ask for your help on the matter. What are your top eating/drinking/visiting tips for the Surrey area? Admittedly it’s a large county so preferably within a 30 minute radius of Egham would be ideal? Anywhere you might recommend for brunch on the Sunday? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.