There was a request on one of Lisa’s autumn fashion posts recently for some maternity equivalents so I thought I’d put together a few of the things on my wishlist and also share their non-bump versions too.

Black Coated Leggings

It’s a fact that the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe is my black leggings but I’m not the biggest fan of leaving the house wearing them as they seem a bit too casual, and my top never quite seems to come down as far as I like. I spotted fashion muse The Frugality wearing these black coated leggings with pocket detailing from Next during her pregnancy and have ordered a pair which I’m hoping will make me feel a little bit more put together if I miraculously happen to go out for dinner. For non maternity Next also have these in about 15 million colourways and lengths.

  • Next Black Maternity Coated Leggings
    Next Black Maternity Coated Leggings
  • Next Pull-On Coated Leggings
    Next Pull-On Coated Leggings

Leopard Print Dress

I’ve started to look out for items that are feeding friendly and picked up this very autumnal leopard dress from New Look which also comes in non-maternity and there’s a similar plus size one too.
I love New Look for this as I’ve found that most other stores have an entirely different collection for those in the family way.

  • Maternity Red Camo Leopard Print Midi Shirt Dress
    New Look Maternity Red Camo Leopard Print Midi Shirt Dress
  • Red Leopard Print Midi Shirt Dress
    Red Leopard Print Midi Shirt Dress


I know there are maternity cardigans available but they seem like a bit of a swiz to me. I suppose you might need one if you’re tempted to button it up but if you’re planning on wearing loose then just buy a standard. I’ve just bought this grey coatigan from Next in my regular size which also comes in rust and navy which I plan to wear over jeans or leggings with a cross body bag. I’m not sure the shot Next are using does it justice to be honest.
I also bought a khaki one in Primarni last weekend that was £3 when I got to the checkout. Does anyone find when this happens you get super friendly with the assistant, just in case they work out they should have charged you significantly more?!

Breton Stripe

Some ladies can get away with wearing non-maternity larger tops but as I’m carrying quite upfront, I really don’t like the bunched up material that seems to gather if I go up a size or two. This striped top from H&M has been a staple in my wardrobe and is thicker than my usual bretons. Lisa mentioned the thinner variety in her recent post but if you want a similar style in non-maternity, this knitted one from Mango could be worth a look.

  • H&M MAMA Fine-knit stripe jumper
    H&M MAMA Fine-knit stripe jumper
  • Mango Striped linen sweater
    Mango Striped linen sweater

New Balance Trainers

It’s about time I bought myself a new pair of trainers. My converse really aren’t supportive and after a shopping trip in mid heel boots the other week, I think I need to admit defeat. I’m liking the New Balance 373s but can’t decide between black or burgundy.

  • New Balance 373 Trainers Black
    New Balance 373 Trainers Black
  • 373373373373373373373 373 New Balance 373 Burgundy Silver
    Office New Balance 373 Burgundy Silver


I’ve been after a new pleather jacket for about two years now but have found them all to be a bit too zippy if you know what I mean. I ordered the Noisy May one from Asos and found the collar to be a bit too oversized. This H&M buckle one clearly isn’t getting fastened but fits really nicely and is the best imitation one I’ve seen in a while. I bought the black version but it also comes in grey and dark brown too.

  • H&M Biker Jacket
    H&M Biker Jacket

I’ve spoken before about how good I’ve found George at Asda maternity swimwear to be and they’re also worth checking out if you need a maternity coat. As Bebe Jim is due early November I’m hoping to be able to get away with my normal coat and a huge scarf but to any of you due after me, George are worth checking out for their parkas. This blazer is also very nice and is stocked in a non-maternity version too.


I’d like to find a plain black natural fibre long sleeve knit which I haven’t had much luck with yet. If anyone has any ideas then I’m all ears.
Also have had serious underwear issues during my pregnancy; whether it be bra straps cutting me in half due to my new larger size (I’ve had to go for lounge bras with a cross back to alleviate the strap issue), or the serious lack of good briefs out there which are VPL free, don’t cut in around the ahem, muffin top and accommodate a bump. Any I find recommended on the internet seem to be out of stock so please do feel free to share any of your finds.

Oh and before I forget, the wardrobe image in the header above? Watch out for a stunner of a home tour coming up very soon.