Time definitely does fly. It doesn’t seem like five minutes since Kitty was gracing the pages of Rock My Wedding with her spring wedding and now they’re gallivanting off to the capital to celebrate the second anniversary of becoming Mr and Mrs. Over to Kitty…

We’re staying near The O2/Docklands at end of May for our anniversary and seeing Fleetwood Mac but are staying a couple of days. Al loves a good burger and is keen to try a burger place (we figure there must be loads on offer in the capital) and I am hankering after an authentic tasting ramen as I’m having withdrawals from our trip to Japan last year. Again, I know there must be ramen bars around but ideally would like it if they were close by and I always look for a good recommendation.

We’re staying on this super yacht hotel – the Sunborn. Believe it or not it was actually cheaper than the closest Premier Inn to the o2 through a deal/comparison site! Would love to hear RMS reader recommendations and London tips.

First of all, big congrats on the upcoming anniversary, and second, a yacht?! How flipping fancy. You are going to have such a good time.

I asked a few of my friends who live in their capital for a few recommendations. They weren’t particularly forthcoming on the Japanese suggestions but had a lot to say about meat!

Ellie suggested taking the Docklands Light Railway south to Greenwich for a mooch around the market and a sample of the street food. You could even combine the ramen with the burgers at ‘Pimp my Ramen’. In Greenwich you’ll also find the Meantime Brewing Company which serves a hearty burger, and you can have a brewery tour too!

If you venture into the heart of the capital, my friend Lindsay loves the gourmet burgers (and great chips too) from Patty and Bun (54 James Street, W1U 1HE).
For a pricier treat she suggests Goodman at Canary Wharf (3 South Quay Square, E14 9RU). Think steakhouse with leather seating and dark wood panelling with low hanging pendants. Back towards the centre of London Lindsay said she’s heard great things about Flat Iron in Soho (17 Beak Street, W1F 9RW) where you can grab steak for a tenner.
If you’re willing to travel further afield then I have heard a lot of folks rave about Roxie (with locations in Putney, Clapham, Fulham and Earlsfield). This small chain specialises in meat with a South African twist.

So folks, can you help Kitty get her ramen fix in London? I’m conscious I may have got carried away on the the meat element and gone down the steak route so feel free to suggest some burger joints or any culinary mentions for places around the Docklands.