Reader Nicola has scored a new job and needs a case for carrying the laptop that comes as part of the deal.

{Nicola’s Request}

Help! Having just secured my dream job, it means I’ll have a laptop for work that will need to travel with me to other offices. I don’t have a laptop of my own so no laptop bag – I need something that does the job but I want it to be stylish too, I hate scratchy nylon! Preferably not totally bank-breaking would be nice too! Do you have any suggestions?

I know exactly where you’re coming from Nicola, it took me ages to find a case for my macbook that offered sufficient protection but was sufficiently aesthetically pleasing too. In the end I bought my incase case with a dark blue denim outer, bright orange inner and useful pocket via their US website. They don’t do that particular design any more but click here to check out their current designs.

Mi-Pac, £21.99, John Lewis

My favourite find while putting this post together is Mi-Pac, makers of backpacks, rucksacks, duffel bags and, yay, laptop cases. There are four different designs currently available at John Lewis, to fit a laptop of up to 15″. You can buy the leopard print design here, the star design here, the space design here and the peacock print here.

Herschel, £35, ASOS

If I didn’t already have an Eastpak rucksack for when I’m on my bike, I would definitely have a Herschel one, I’m getting kinda obsessed with their designs. You can buy the plain black one for a 13″ laptop from the slider above at ASOS here. There are more colourways and sizes on the Apple website here. There are even more designs on the brand’s US website here but, annoyingly, they don’t ship internationally. Time to get in touch with that US-based rellie or colleague?!

Jack Wills, £19,

Liking the red, white and blue design for 13″ laptops at Jack Wills. Liking even more that it’s in the sale. There are four more designs to choose from here (not all of which are in the sale, however).

Marc by Marc Jacobs, £50, Selfridges

The Marc Jacobs diffusion line has consistently come up with some of the funnest (is that a word?!) tech cases in recent years. At the more classic end of the range is this black neoprene case for 13″ laptops which is covered in a monogrammed logo print. More than I imagine you would want to spend for work, but worth the investment if you’re considering getting your own laptop down the line.
You can buy it here

Paradise Fields, £24, Cath Kidston

Definitely the prettiest laptop case I found on my internet search, this flower-covered case for a 13″ laptop is currently reduced, from £30 to a very reasonable £24. One for you if you live in the city but, secretly, you’d really quite like to escape to the country. You can buy it here.

Another couple of places worth looking. Knomo have a nice selection. And, as you would expect from Moleskine, they have a range of classic designs here.

This was a tough shopping challenge! I was surprised to find that none of the high street stores, even those that have a strong bag offering, stocked any laptop cases (at least none that I could find). Anyone out there found any other stylish laptop case brands? Do share below.