I have to confess I’ve asked Lottie’s husband Edd to help me with this post. He’s far better at this gardening lark so today’s tips are from a real life expert. Oh and the glorious garden you see? That’s Charlotte’s. Yep, this post is a bit of a team effort.

If you haven’t already managed it, now’s the time for a general garden tidy up before the winter months. It’s also a great time to start thinking about colour and flowers to see you through the winter and spring.


  • You need to be getting your winter bulbs to ensure you have colour in your garden through those dreary months. Try planting the bulbs in layers and colour combinations to give variety at different times. For example plant three layers of bulbs in a pot, ensuring you put the bulbs that flower last at the bottom. You could try planting white tulips, followed by white and blue hyacinths and finally muscari at the top. You will then get the pretty blue muscari first, followed by the hyacinths and then the tulips. They will flower between January and late April and at times you will have a mix of all three. The planted pots can be kept outside. For more tips of spring bulbs check out Rebecca’s recent planting tips.
  • For best results for early flowering sweet peas sow them now in pots and keep in the greenhouse or in the house ready for planting out in April.
  • Helibores can be planted in to the ground or pots for early winter flowering and are perfect in shadier spots.
  • Get your spring bulbs in the ground. Go for a good mix of daffs and narcissi in different colours and sizes. Layer them up to create a beautiful effect when they flower. Again great in any beds or shady spaces.
  • This is your last chance to deadhead and prune back so check all your flowers and plants and give them a bit of TLC. Prune any roses or rose bushes ready for next year. Careful of the thorns!
  • Veggies

  • Keep picking the last of your root veg if you have grown it.
  • Plant garlic out in the ground or raised bed.
  • Plant your broad beans ready for next year either in the ground or in pots.
  • Prune back fruit canes.
  • Trim fruit trees by removing overlapping stems/branches.
  • General Maintenance

  • Give any perennials (plants that grows each year) a good tidy and prune to ensure they are in a good state for next years growth.
  • Start to remove any non hardy plants ahead of first frost.
  • Rake or sweep any leaves from the lawn or patio.
  • Give the lawn a last mow if it’s not too wet and a treatment of moss remover too.
  • Storage

  • Put away all garden tools and hose pipes.
  • Store any glazed pots inside to avoid them cracking during a frost.
  • Put your garden furniture away or cover over for the winter.
  • Wrap insulation around outdoor taps and pipes. It’s meant to be a cold one this winter and frozen pipes aren’t ideal.
  • Wildlife

    Make a hedgehog house or space for hibernating animals. This can be made out of a cardboard box or create a pile of leaves or log pile in the corner of the garden. Make sure these are protected and where they won’t be disturbed. The RSPCA have a lovely little guide here on caring for hedgehogs.

    Is anyone else tackling a few gardening jobs this month?