Ahhhh breakfast. The meal that trips me up so much it’s infuriating. I can whip up a healthy dinner easily and lunch is often just leftovers of said healthy dinner. But breakfast is usually a last-minute consideration in amongst the school bag preparation and ushering of kids out to school. After having Finn, I found myself in a terrible rut of just making a cup of tea and scoffing hobnobs from the cupboard amidst the chaos. 

After coming to the realisation that breakfast was, in fact, the cornerstone of my diet and that said hobnob scoffing often resulted in a day laden with poor food choices, I decided that enough was enough. I started making a concerted effort to have a healthy breakfast, which, for me, usually means low carb, high in protein and healthy fats. I was a bit late to the comments on my mental health routine post, where a few of you requested the vanilla and banana smoothie recipe. So rather than a tardy reply buried in comments, I thought it best to place it in this post.

In order to make my breakfasts both healthy and equally importantly, quick… I have found myself opting for either one of the following two smoothies or the make-ahead meals that I’ve linked to below. Each of these breakfasts have been tried and tested on quite a few occasions now, so let this be your reference point if you’re looking for delicious but quick brekkie ideas (that aren’t ye ole faithful porridge). 

Vanilla & Banana Smoothie

I spotted this recipe on the Jillian Michaels app. As a side note, I love this app. Her exercise routines and recipes are all very easy to follow. This is hands down one of the sweetest, tastiest smoothie recipes I have ever tried. 
Ingredients (makes 3 servings)
3tsp vanilla extract (not essence, that stuff is nasty)
1 cup coconut milk
1 & 1/2 frozen bananas (or one big banana, no jokes) 
3 tbsp almond butter (I swap this for whatever nut butter I have handy)
3 tbsp hemp seed (I actually substitute for milled linseed instead as it’s more widely available)

Directions: Blitz in a blender.
I usually look for a bunch of bananas when I’m shopping that have started turning a bit brown then peel and freeze at home. If you don’t have frozen bananas, just chuck in some ice to make sure the smoothie is served nice and cold. Sprinkle with tasty things and enjoy. 

Green Smoothie

If you’d like a serious vitamin boost in the morning and a smoothie that’s got a lovely flavour but is not super sweet, then this one based on a recipe from Pete Evans’ The Complete Gut Health Cookbook is amazing. I actually feel like I’ve had a caffeine shot after this bad boy. Perfect for if you feel you need a body reset. 
Ingredients (makes 1 breakfast serving or 2 small servings)
1 cup of frozen mango (or two mango cheeks if you’re using fresh)
1 cup of baby spinach
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground turmeric
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 avocado
1 tbsp powdered collagen (omit or sub for protein powder if your vegan or just don’t fancy it)
250 ml water (or as much as you’d like to reach the consistency you like)

Directions: Blitz in a blender! 

Make Ahead Breakfasts

If I can, I usually try to set aside a bit of time on a Sunday to make at least one of these. Make ahead recipes are the way to go for midweek breakfasts if you ask me. It really does make it as simple as grab and go, without all the hidden bad stuff of convenience foods. 

  • As recommended by lovely reader Sara, these Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Muffins from The Body Coach are incredibly tasty. A great, filling, protein bomb that’s so easy and quick to make ahead. 
  • I love the Shutterbean food blog, but one of my absolute favourites of hers (aside from her bacon fried rice) is her Hippy Banana Bread. I made a batch of this last Sunday and with a bit of butter and a cup of tea, it’s such a great and filling breakfast. I directly substitute the plain flour for gluten-free plain flour and the recipe still stands up. 
  • Another low carb but bread-like favourite in our house is Jamie Oliver’s Superfood Protein Loaf. Honestly, this is delicious and you would never be able to tell it’s gluten-free. I love this smothered in avocado or better yet, toasted with butter and blackberry jam! Although it’s quite savoury bread, this somehow works. 
  • And finally, I’ve mentioned these on the blog before but they’re worth mentioning again. Morning Glory Muffins from Raising Generation Nourished. I could eat a batch of these in one go. They’re so tasty. 

Weekend breakfasts are a completely different ball game. When I’ve got time on my side I do love a bit of kitchen faffery. Perhaps I can follow up this post with some of those recipes too? 

I would love to know any of your own recommendations for quick healthy brekkies. 
Also, quick poll… If you’re putting jam on toast, do you butter it first? Or just opt for jam. Gavin and I disagree on this regularly. He’s a jam only guy and I’m a love-the-salty/sweet-combo of butter and jam kind of girl ☺️