A pinch and punch for the 1st of organic month. Yep, September is organic month people and to mark organic month, team Rock My Style were the lucky recipients of some organic goodies to try.

I have to admit I don’t buy organic food very often. The main exception is meat, which I only buy very occasionally, and sometimes milk, although recently I’ve been trialling almond milk, which took a bit of getting used to but I quite like it now. I can never remember what’s in the dirty dozen and what’s not (click here if you can’t either, or don’t know what I’m on about) and, quite apart from the extra expense my closest supermarket isn’t well stocked with organic produce. However, after taste testing some of the products we were sent, I’ve added a few to my store cupboard.

Amy’s Kitchen Soups

Adam is already a big fan of these soups. We were sent three soups to try, the Chunky Tomato Soup, which tastes more tomato-y than anything I’ve ever eaten, even some tomatoes, the Lentil Soup, which is the perfect soup for a quick meal on a blustery day which we’ve had way too many of lately, and the Spanish Rice and Red Bean Soup from the Hearty range, which is so hearty it will keep you going until your next meal even without a bread roll on the side. Admittedly they are more expensive than a tin of Heinz but they do count as three of your portions of veg for the day and they’re cheaper than a sandwich from Pret, making them a great option for a work lunch.

Wild Thing Sauvignon Blanc

Lauren was the lucky Rock My Style team member who got to take this home. Her verdict? Lovely, very crisp and fresh without the woozy head afterwards. Which sounds like a very good reason to drink organic wine to me. Wild Thing wines support the Born Free Foundation, protecting threatened species of wildlife around the world. So it’s a feel good purchase too. There’s also a Wild Thing Prosecco. Just, you know, fyi, should you be interested…

Super Seeds Organic Original Life 9BAR

My physiotherapist sister often has a 9BAR in her gym bag for post exercise refueling but they weren’t my go-to snack as I prefer my nuts and seeds without the addition of chocolate, or in this case carob. However the bars recently got a whole new look and new recipe too and the carob coating has been removed from the Super Seeds Organic Original Lift bar. It’s stuffed with seeds and sweetened with honey and is great to bridge the gap between meals and cardio classes if, like me, with the best will in the world you will probably never actually get around to making your own seeded bars at home.

Ombar Coco Mylk Buttons

I had to buy a second packet of these ahead of the shoot because I polished off the original pack in one of those after-dinner-need-something-sweet moments. The second pack was polished off seconds after the shoot by the team whilst Charlotte was upstairs doing something or another, which tells you how moreish they are. They’re creamy and coconutty, unfortunately they’re not cheap but they are most definitely a RMS approved tasty treat.

Nairn’s Organic Oatcakes

These are a store cupboard staple chez O’Shea and since the shoot chez Eason too. They’re great on the side of a tin of Amy’s Kitchen soup or as a snack topped with cheese and pickle, smashed avocado, onion tomato and lime, or whatever your fave savoury topping might be.

KromLand Farm Organic Rooibos Cinnamon & Orange Tea (not pictured)

I’ve only ever tried rooisbos tea once before and I didn’t really like the taste so I was hesitant about giving these a try. I needn’t have been, the cinnamon and orange are the two main flavours here, making this a warming, comforting kind of drink, that’s caffeine free so you can drink it through the afternoon and evening without worrying about it affecting your sleep.

Are there any organic staples in your fridge or store cupboard? Do share in the comments section below. For more on Organic September click here.

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