I often get asked about my barnet. Usually the colour – many a girl has approached me whilst out shopping as to where I get it “done” or what I use. I endeavour to take this graciously as a compliment (yet often end up mumbling like an imbecile) and answer as best I can.

I don’t have some swanky hairdresser on speed dial or a special combination of colourants to perfect my ashy hue, just a selection of tried and tested products that I’m religiously faithful to (my relationship with my locks is far more monogamous than the one I share with my cosmetics collection.)

Oh and straight up bleach – I have a partial foil every 4 months or so, I’ve been having more in recently as I like the texture it creates i.e. ever so slightly pouffy and um…well, a tiny bit candy floss-esque if I’m honest, it just styles better that way. And definitely has more volume. Honestly, I haven’t used conditioner since about 2001, it just weighs my fine hair down, even if I use the specific “body boosting” types.

To maintain the silvery tone I use Touch Of Silver Weekly Treatment most washes (I know, I’m such a rebel). I’ve tried other fancier brands but I always come back to this, it works and it’s as cheap as chips (It might even be cheaper than bloody chips, the chip shop by me is super spendy!)

Styling wise I’m allergic to most sprays and things (it’s my eyes – they go all red, itchy and generally unattractive) so I use this 3 More Inches mousse religiously, I won’t bore you with the merits of this wonder product as I’ve gone on about it before, it’s so ace I dedicated a whole feature to review it in fact. The same goes with dry shampoo, my scalp and peepers are not fans. I think it does wonders for eradicating grease and that whole dishevelled/just-got-out-of-bed-yet-look-hot look so after a rather long mission to find an alternative, I discovered Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder. You kind of shake it on (do you remember shake “n” vac? sort of like that, only on your bonce instead of the carpet) and then rub it in rather haphazardly. It lifts your roots and gives a decent amount of oomph. Love it.

I also like a good bun. Not the scraped back uber neat ballerina variety (my head looks like the moon) but a backcombed-within-an-inch-of-your-life MAHOOSIVE bun. I pull a pony through the biggest donut I can find and pin separated lengths at random around it to cover the netting. It’s one of my “go to” styles for feeling like I’ve made an effort. Also good with a bright lip or a metallic eye. And to take the emphasise away from the fact I’ve probably got baby drool down my front.

Other daily essentials include my Parlux hairdryer (this gets so hot sometimes it feels like it is actually frying my brain). I even take it on holiday, the hairdryers in hotels are notoriously naff and I want instant results. This gives them. Hence why I put up with any associated over heating. Oh and a tangle teaser, I use this whilst my hair is still damp to remove knots and evenly distribute the aforementioned mousse.

I confess to not actually “brushing” my hair for at least ten years, I use the Mason Pearson nylon bristle number for back-combing as it’s the best. Fact.

What are your hair heroes?

Anything that you use religiously that we need to know about?

Anyone have as many allergies as me and managed to find a setting spray that doesn’t make you want to scratch out your eyeballs?

Do share in the comments box below.