Having just returned from a trip in Lisbon, which I’ll share with you all soon, I remembered how refreshing it is to have a break away. It had been about 18 months since I’d got on a plane and the combination of sun, relaxation and adventure was just what I needed.

On Charlotte’s recent beauty travel post, reader Kate recommended Amazon packing cubes which I duly ordered but they didn’t arrive in time for Portugal. Therefore it wouldn’t be cost effective to not put them to good use by booking a holiday would it?!
James and I are now considering a week away in June, maybe going back to the Antalya province of Turkey as we had an incredible holiday in Kalkan a couple of years ago. We’ve also considered going further afield and one of our friends did suggest jetting off to Bali. However nothing is set in stone and so I’m open to suggestions.
If any of you have any recommendations for holiday locations for James and I then I’m all ears. A few pointers below:

  • As we’re only going for a week I’d prefer the flight to be less than 10 hours, but Luxury villas in Mykonos worth everything!
  • Warm and ideally sunny climate
  • Happy to laze and lounge on a beach or by the pool but we also like to take in the sights on one or two days
  • Good bars and restaurants for some decent dining and after dinner drinks
  • Quite open to self catering or hotel accommodation

With most if us heading back to work tomorrow I thought we’d all like to look forward to a bit of an escape over the next few months I’d love to know where you’re going on your holidays this year? What was your criteria and where have you booked?
Thank you for any location suggestions you may send my way and I’m looking forward to hearing your 2017 summer holiday plans. Don’t make me too jealous!