My obsession with pink and gold continues in today’s DIY. I had some very plain cushion covers from H&M that were a bit boring so I decided to introduce them to some gold paint and a bottle of bubbly to liven them up.

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{You will need}
  • Plain Cushion Cover
  • Fabric Paint. We used Metallic Gold from Dylon
  • Champagne Cork
  • Scrap Paper
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    1. Wash, dry and iron your cushion cover to make sure you’re working with a clean surface
    2. Next take the gold paint and a champagne cork and dip into the gold paint
    3. Take a piece of paper to practise on first. I thought it would be easiest to put the cork directly on to the fabric and push heavily, however I found the best technique was to gently press the cork down and rotate it from side to side to get even coverage
    4. Once you’ve nailed the technique then get to work on the fabric
    5. Leave to dry
    6. Drape a tea-towel over the cushion cover and then take a cool iron and quickly run over to fix the paint in place.


    I’m considering using the same paint and a small brush to customise another version soon, perhaps adding a slogan motif. I’d love to know if you’ve created anything similar or are tempted to try? My sewing skills are so limited so I would be very impressed if anyone has made their own cushion covers recently! As always we love to see your creations so don’t forget to drop @rockmystyleblog a mention on Instagram or Twitter.