With just one simple instruction, namely “Drill a hole” you can transform the beautiful fairylights available form Cable & Cotton into a totally unique bedside lamp. Now, I can’t take all the credit for todays DIY delight! The idea was sewn all those months ago when Rock My Style First Launched (Serioulsy where have the last 3 months gone?).

Who remembers Laurens trolley styling post? Well for her bar themed trolley Lauren had the genius idea of drilling a hole in a vintage soda syphon and threading fairly lights through with a dazzling effect. I thought the soft glow of fairly lights would create the perfect ambiance for a bedside light and the colour combinations that Cotton & Cable have available means that this idea could fit into any bedroom colour scheme.

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What you Need
  1. Some Fairy lights from Cotton & Cable
  2. A power drill
  3. A 6mm tile cutter drillbit
  4. A sweetshop style glass jar


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What you Do
  1. Drill a hole toward the base of the glass jar
  2. remove the plug from your fairy lights and thread
  3. Replace plug
  4. thread fairy lights into the cotton lanterns


A few helpful hints and safety notes!

I was apprehensive about drilling the glass but actually it was easy. I was imagining shards of glass flying about all over the place but if you use the correct tile/glass drillbit the only mess created from the drilling is a very fine white powder. Despite this when working with glass and drills you should always wear goggles and take appropriate safety measure.

The drilling is very slow going – I advise drilling slowly and don’t apply pressure – let the drill action do the work… You’ll get there eventually. I took about 12 minute to drill through my glass jar. A 6mm drill bit worked well for this application.

You will need to unscrew, remove and rewire the plug in order to thread the light cord through the jar. Cotton & Cable fairly light cables use transparent cable to I suggest marking the end of one cable with a marker pen so that you ensure rewiring without mistake.

I bought my jar from TK MAXX home for about £5.00 brining this project in at under thirty pounds. I had more fairly lights than lanterns (I couldn’t fit all the lanterns into the jar) so I doubled up and put two lights into most lanterns. Seemed to work pretty well… What do you think?