Last week the entire Rock My team got together for two days in Birmingham to discuss future plans for Rock My Style, Rock My Wedding and super-exciting Rock My… soon to be launched (in the not too distant future) shiny new blog. It was an inspiring two days, and not just on the blog front. There was some excellent hairspiration going on, specifically braidspiration.

On morning two, three members of the team arrived wearing their hair in very different hairstyles, all involving some kind of plait. Rock My Wedding editor Fern had her long dark hair tied back in a single loose, chunky plait, casually pulled over one shoulder. Founder of all things Rock My, Charlotte – who always gives good hair – had her long locks pulled back into a messy (in a good way!) gravity-defying up do, complete with a few teeny-tiny barely-there braids. Whereas Rock My designer Becky had her mid-length blonde hair up in two French plaits with the ends casually pinned up at the back. It looked complicated, but she swore it only took her five minutes.

And then on Sunday, when I went to watch my sister run the Hackney half marathon, I noticed that lots of the female runners were wearing their hair in double French or German plaits instead of the perky ponytail usually favoured by longer haired long distance runners. Proof if it were needed that braids can be practical, as well as pretty. On Monday Charlotte posted a picture from her holiday working a super-cute plaited do on her Instagram feed. Hershesons are launching pop up braid bars in Topshop stores around the country (find out if there’s one near you here). And increasingly on my commute I’m noticing women with all different lengths of hair sporting all kinds of plaited styles. Braids, plaits, whatever you want to call them, they’re having a moment. I know we’re not even halfway through the year yet but I’m calling it, 2015 is the year of the braid.

There’s braidspiration all over the internet. Two of my fave stores Free People and Urban Outfitters are increasingly using braids in their summer 2015 imagery (see some of my favourites in the slider above). Barefoot Blonde aka Amber Fillerup Clark is quite possibly the queen of braids in the blogosphere and provides regular braidspiration that even those of us with shorter hair (er, that would be nearly everyone one the planet) can be inspired by. And, of course, we have a Rock My Style braid board, Braids For Days, on Pinterest.

I’d kind of assumed I’d left braids behind in my twenties but having fallen back in love with the look lately I’ve been plaiting my shoulder length locks in favour of tying them back in a low pony or a messy top knot (even though you can plait short styles, I’m kinda of glad I went very long bob, as opposed to very short bob when I got my hair cut earlier this year). To get my fine hair to stay in a plait I spritz it with a texturising spray like bumble & bumble surf infusion before plaiting which has the added benefit of keeping the waves in place for longer when I take the style down and shake my hair loose. I’ve not yet got to Becky’s level of braiding expertise and so far I’m favouring a single French plait but I’m determined to nail the double French braid up do she was sporting last week before summer’s out, I reckon it’s the perfect holiday hair do.

Anyone else loving braids right now? Already working the look? Any tips for improving my plaiting skills? Spotted any great braidspiration? Favourite celebrity braider? What are your tried and tested products for keeping your plaits in place? As ever, leave a comment below!